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What Has Religion Done For You Lately?

What has religion done for you lately? Well I’ll tell you what it has done for or more appropriatley to me. It has made me laugh my ass off. From the blog , This Scientific Life by grrlscientist We have … Continue reading

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When religious tolerance goes too far

I know everyone is sick to death of hearing about this mosque “controversy”, but this must be brought to the attention of those who may not be aware that New York Gov. David Paterson made a proposal that if the … Continue reading

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Boo-fucking-hoo…Dr. Laura goes into persecution mode and ends her show . . .

. . . then Dr Laura Schlessinger cries that her 1st Amendment rights have been violated because people criticized her for her “N” word rant, making racist comments on her radio program. No one pulled her plug, she did that … Continue reading

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Pat Condell- “The faith of idiots”

Pat really lays into those non-thinking fools who support their beliefs with “God said it, I believe it, that settles it.”

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Scream A Little Scream Of Persecution…

(Hat tip to the Freethinker for this one) The Christian Legal Center. Nice ring, no? To those of us who are acquainted with the capacity of faitheists to fabricate and holler about injustice, it’s a red flag. So get this … Continue reading

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Atheist sues for grant refund from landmark cross

Most people consider this a big waste of time, even some atheists. But is it really a waste of time to fight against this when an Illinois state grant has been issued toward its restoration? I agree with Rob Sherman … Continue reading

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Saudis Want ‘Mecca Time’ to Replace GMT

The Christians have claimed our official calendar dates with the “year of our Lord”, and now the superstitious Islamic folks want control a whole time zone. For folks whose holy books say to live in the world but not be … Continue reading

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Alaskan citizen confronts Palin

Sarah Palin is beyond annoying in this exchange with a schoolteacher from Homer, Alaska who had displayed a banner reading “Worst Governor Ever” at a shooting location for Palin’s TLC reality series. (or as one commenter at YouTube put it- … Continue reading

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Christopher Hitchens Talks About Cancer

Interview with Christopher Hitchens on CNN with Anderson Cooper. As a commenter asked, “Have you ever seen a man with more dignity?” I love Hitchens’ response to Cooper when asked about when he is alone in privacy might he “hedge … Continue reading

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Iranian woman facing stoning speaks

This is a very disturbing story, and is a too common real-life occurrence in some Islamic nations. In the case of Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani, her crime was adultery. She was sentenced to stoning, however the man she had the affair … Continue reading

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