The Christian Agenda: Eradicate the Gays!

In the video above, Tony Perkins speaks at the Oak Initiative Summit.  Perkins is the president of the Family Research Council, which the Southern Poverty Law Center has put on its list of hate groups.  In 1988, the FRC, then helmed by Gary Bauer, merged with James Dobson’s ultra-rich Christian ministry of hate, Focus on the Family, and rapidly became a high-profile lobbying group that hauled its big bag of anti-gay, anti-woman, anti-sex, anti-human hatred to Capitol Hill, where it began to influence America’s political leaders.  The two groups severed their legal ties in 1992 when the FRC’s political activity threatened Focus on the Family’s precious tax-exempt status.  But the relationship had built the FRC into a rich and powerful entity that still wields a great deal of influence — and money — in the nation’s capitol.

Perkins is heavily involved in the merging of mainstream Christianity with dominionism and the increasingly popular “7 mountains theology.” “7 Mountains” sounds kind of pleasant, doesn’t it?  Like a ride at Six Flags, or something.  But it’s not.  It is the belief that Christians will wrestle from Satan and his minions (or liberals — same thing) total control over seven major aspects of American life:  Business, government, media, arts and entertainment, education, family and religion.  There’s another term for this:  Totalitarian Christian theocracy.  The Muslims dream of their caliphate, the Christians of their “7 mountains.”  The Oak Institute is an extreme right-wing Christian group that, along with other groups like them, is very active in this movement.  Together, these groups are forming an army with the stated purpose of taking over the United States government and turning this country into a totalitarian Christian theocracy.  They are doing it openly and in full view of everyone.  And at the top of their agenda is the eradication of homosexuality in America.

In the video above, Perkins says that the attempt to give equal rights to gay Americans has “undermined national security” and “undermined the future of our country,” all for the sake of “a very, very small percentage of America.”  Of the “homosexual community,” he says:

“They’re very aggressive.  Everything they accuse us of they are in triplicate.  They’re intolerant, they’re hateful, they’re vile, they’re spiteful.  But I understand that, and we certainly — our response to them should be one of love and of compassion.  But let me tell you what, it’s not love to be silent in the face of those who are advancing an agenda that is both destructive to our society and, more importantly, destructive to the individuals involved.  To me, that is the height of hatred — to be silent when we know there are individuals that are engaged in activity and behavior and an agenda that will destroy them and our nation.”

“Love and compassion” — remember those words.  It is with “love and compassion” that Perkins points out that a minority group of human beings — “a very, very small percentage of America,” he says — is destroying America because of its sexuality.  “Love and compassion” are the banners these Christians fly as they work to limit the rights of gay Americans, as they talk about the “gay agenda” and compare gay people to sexual predators and Nazis.  They slap the label of “love and compassion” on their relentless campaign of hatred and expect us to believe them, and when we don’t, they claim their right to express their religious beliefs is being violated and they are being persecuted.  In order to believe them, one must pervert the words “love and compassion” to a point where they are so bent and twisted and black that they bear no resemblance to their original meanings.

I wish I were a wealthy person with lots of money to spend.  One of the things I’d spend it on would be a team of private investigators to stay on Tony Perkins until they catch him with a cock in his mouth.  No one ever spends this much of his life expressing so much vitriol toward homosexuals unless he’s so deep in the closet that he’s finding forgotten decade-old Christmas presents.  But for the time being, all we’ve got is Perkins’s tireless public efforts to hatefully demonize gay Americans.  And he is not alone.  In fact, this particular activity — actually, it’s more of an industry in America today — is enthusiastically engaged in by so many prominent Christian leaders and their followers that to cover all the information available, I would have to write a book rather than a simple article.  The best I can do now is a small sample.

At this years National Day of Prayer event in Rapid City, South Dakota, commentator from the national Christian radio show Point of View Penna Dexter said, “Despite the sense of satisfaction in our country now because our guys just got a really bad guy, there’s still a feeling that the ship of state is sinking,” referring to the killing of Osama bin Laden.  Now that the world’s most wanted terrorist kingpin is sleeping with the fishes, what did Dexter identify as “the greatest threat to America?”  She said it is “the advancing homosexual agenda.”

Clenard Childress is a rabid anti-choice leader who believes legal abortion is a sinister plot to bring about the genocide of black people.  He is the founder of and a prominent leader in groups like the Genocide Awareness Project and the Life Education and Resource Network.  When he’s not hating a woman’s right to choose what to do with her own body, he’s busy hating homosexuals.  On delusional, paranoid lunatic Alan Keyes’s website, Childress wrote an article about why homosexuality is wrong, cleverly titled “Why Homosexuality is Wrong.”  Childress writes:

“Physiologically speaking the male body is not designed to be penetrated.  Anal sex is the overwhelmingly practice for gay men.  Quoting from Dr. John Diggs, an African American doctor who has done extensive studies homosexuality:”

Then he quotes Diggs’s book, The Health Risks of Gay Sex.  Who is Dr. John Diggs?  Writer Alvin McEwen, author of Holy Bullies and Headless Monsters: Exposing the Lies of the Anti-Gay Industry, describes Diggs in an article titled “Imp in Training: John R. Diggs’s Lies.”  McEwen writes:

“He recently published a study called The Health Risks of Gay Sex and it is featured on many religious conservative web sites as a thorough analysis of homosexual sex.  While Diggs is an M.D., he is also co-chair of the Massachusetts Physician Resource Council, which is a part of the Massachusetts Family Institute, another so-called traditional values organization.  Despite his credentials, Diggs’s real aim is to smear gays and lesbians.  The Health Risks of Gay Sex is a distortion-ridden research propaganda piece in the vein of Protocols of the Elders of Zion (the legendary piece of propaganda that claimed Jewish people were attempting to take over the world) that seeks to exploit fears and stereotypes about gays and lesbians.”

Remember that reference to Protocols of the Elders of Zion.  It will come up again.  Childress goes on to quote the tired old anti-gay propaganda rehashed in Diggs’s book.  Like other anti-gay Christian bigots, Childress claims that sex between a man and a woman is the only sex intended by nature because it produces offspring.  They completely ignore the fact that homosexuality occurs in nature.  A 2004 National Geographic article titled “Homosexual Activity Among Animals Stirs Debate” asks why animals would engage in homosexual activity if it does not result in reproduction?

“ … they could just be enjoying themselves, suggests Paul Vasey, animal behavior professor at the University of Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada. ‘They’re engaging in the behavior because it’s gratifying sexually or it’s sexually pleasurable,’ he says. ‘They just like it. It doesn’t have any sort of adaptive payoff.’

“Matthew Grober, biology professor at Georgia State University, agrees, saying, ‘If [sex] wasn’t fun, we wouldn’t have any kids around. So I think that maybe [they] have taken the fun aspect of sex and really run with it.’”

Sex for pleasure — imagine that!  While it’s true that heterosexual sex is required in order to reproduce, reproduction is not required in order to have fun engaging in sex.  Of course, Childress and others like him never address this because it would throw an enormous wrench into their theories, all of which are based on superstitious and heavily tampered-with Iron Age writings compiled in a book that, along with prohibiting homosexuality, advocates slavery, torture, child abuse, rape, incest, cannibalism, murder and genocide.  None of those things seem to bother these Christians, though.  They’re too busy demonizing homosexuals to worry about issues like torture and child abuse.  In fact, if given the choice, they would much rather demonize gay people than try to ensure the safety and well-being of children and teenagers in America’s schools.  An example of this is Alan Chambers.

On his website, Chambers’s “one-line bio” reads, “I am a Christian executive with a beautiful wife, a son and a daughter.”  That’s a little like saying Darth Vader is a “Jedi politician with a contented staff of interns.”  Chambers claims to be a former homosexual who was “cured” of his sexuality by prayer and a relationship with Jesus Christ.  He’d probably like to sell you a slightly used bridge, too.  He is the president of Exodus International, a group that claims it can “cure” homosexuality.  According to the Exodus International Website, the group’s mission is as follows:

“Mobilizing the Body of Christ to Minister Grace and Truth to a World impacted by Homosexuality.”

Aside from revealing a shaky grasp on the use of capital letters, what does that mean?  Frankly, nothing.  It’s Christian gobbledegook.  It’s bullshit.  It’s like “genuine imitation leather,” or the word “natural” on packaged foods.  It’s nonsense.  What does Exodus International claim to do?

“Exodus presents a redemptive, biblical worldview on sexuality, which communicates a message of love and acceptance to those that are struggling with unwanted same-sex attractions.”

More bullshit.  But it’s revealing bullshit.  Notice the use of the words “love and acceptance.”  They’re awfully close to Tony Perkins’s “love and compassion.”  I am particularly amused by the phrase “unwanted same-sex attractions.”  This suggests, of course, that homosexuality is chosen by some because they want to be gay.  Who would want to be gay in a society dominated by bigoted bullies like Tony Perkins and Clenard Childress and Dr. John R. Biggs and Alan Chambers and all their gay-hating buddies?  According to an article on the website of the Southern Poverty Law Center, gays are the minority most targeted by hate crimes.  If given the choice between being straight or gay, what idiot would raise his hand and shout, “Oh, pick me, pick me!  I want to be part of that minority!”

According to the website’s FAQ, Exodus believes “that the decision to leave homosexuality is not about one particular method, but ultimately about a relationship with Jesus Christ and a resolution to live in congruence with biblical teaching on sexuality.”  More revealing bullshit!  The real mission of Exodus International is not to “cure” homosexuality — something that has been debunked, discredited and dismissed by the psychiatric and medical professions — but to win souls for Jesus Christ (a man, it must be noted, who never married and spent all his time with twelve other guys).  It is nothing more than a Christian outreach program.  If you want to stop being gay, you must have a relationship with Jesus Christ.  That means that homosexuals who are Jewish or Muslim or Hindu or atheist cannot be “cured” of being gay — which means no one can be “cured.”  Gay people can’t be “cured” of homosexuality any more than straight people can be “cured” of heterosexuality.

One of the methods of “curing” homosexuality endorsed by Exodus International is “conversion therapy.”  Here’s what Exodus has to say about this method:

“It is a therapeutic, clinical process that operates under the premise that men and women dealing with same-sex attraction are attempting to restore broken familial relationships in an insufficient, unhealthy way.  The therapy attempts to re-direct this drive towards healthy, nonsexual relationships with same sex peers and to explore other underlying personal issues in the counseling process.  Some within the Exodus network have found this type of therapy to be beneficial.”

The fact is “conversion therapy” often involves exposing the subject to electrical shock and/or nausea-inducing drugs while showing them homoerotic images.  It’s
not so much therapy as it is punishment.  It has been rejected by the American Psychiatric Association and every professional association of mental health practitioners and researchers in the United States.  But thanks to Christian anti-gay groups, it is going on in the United States today, in 2011.

The Exodus International FAQ poses this question:  “What’s the ‘success rate’ in changing gays into straights?”  What is Exodus International’s answer?  “Let’s rephrase that question.”  The group can’t even answer a straightforward question that it asks ITSELF.  The truthful answer to that question, of course, would be, “Really, really bad.”  So the question must be rephrased.  How does Exodus rephrase it’s own question?  Like this:

“Is there realistic hope that men and women who experience same-sex attraction can overcome those temptations and lead a life of sexual integrity?  Can they reasonably expect a time when same-sex attraction will no longer dominate their existence, determine their behavior, or define their identity?  The answer to those questions is yes!”

All of that, of course, is predicated on the notion that homosexuality is bad because the Holy Horror Novel on which Christianity claims to be based says it’s bad.  The second you lose sight of that, their whole perverse circus tent collapses.  The fact is that Exodus International is a vicious hate group and Alan Chambers is its chief hatemonger.

The hatred toward gay people that is so constantly stirred up by Chambers and others like him has resulted in such severe bullying of gay teens and the children of gay parents that it has become necessary to create anti-bullying programs to combat this problem.  One such program is the “It Gets Better Project.”  On Tuesday, May 3, 2011, during an episode of the TV series Glee, an It Gets Better spot promoting the browser Google Chrome aired on the Fox network.  It featured Anne Hathaway, Lady Gaga, Cathy Griffin, Adam Lambert and the cowboy character Woody from the Toy Story movies, all of whom assured teenagers that, in spite of the pain of being bullied, life will get better for them, so they should hang on.  This upset Alan Chambers.  He told The Christian Post:

“Children all over the world, including my two children are fans of ‘Toy Story’ and to see a character like that endorsing something that at this point children have no need to know about, it’s disappointing. … For organizations like Exodus International, which has thousands of men and women like me who have lived a gay life, it obviously didn’t get better living a gay life for them.  I would say that today it has become radically better. … I think that we have to promote the stories of people who have found an alternative to homosexuality … ”

Instead of telling bullied children that life will get better in the hope that, unlike so many others like them, they will not choose to kill themselves, Chambers would rather we promote the lie that they are bad people for being gay and they can stop being that way if only they’ll turn to Jesus like Chambers did — which is just another way of saying, “Get back in the closet, go all the way to the rear and hide behind the coats.”  And as always, this contemptuous attitude toward children in pain is delivered with a saccharine smile, with “love” and “compassion” and “acceptance.”  Except it’s none of those things.  It is pure hatred, plain and simple.

According to the Suicide Prevention Resource Center, gay, lesbian and bisexual youth are one and a half to three times more likely to consider suicide, and one and a half to seven times more likely to report attempting suicide.  This is not because they are gay, lesbian or bisexual — it is because of how they are treated for being gay, lesbian or bisexual.  The researchers say, “It would be difficult to overstate the impact of stigma and discrimination against LGBT individuals in the United States,” and that “stigma and discrimination are directly tied to risk factors for suicide.”  In addition to this, a 2009 study by GLSEN, the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network, found that nearly nine out of ten gay and lesbian students are the victims of harassment in school.

But Christian groups have no problem at all with these statistics and want things to remain just as they are, no matter how many kids are tormented or pushed to suicidal despair.  In fact, they are working hard to protect the bullies who make life miserable for those gay kids by actively opposing the anti-bullying programs that American schools have been trying to implement.  They have a few methods of attack.

First, they claim that these programs are indoctrinating their children into homosexuality by suggesting that gay young people be shown the same respect as everyone else.  Ever since Christian singer, orange juice queen and hateful shrew Anita Bryant said, “Since homosexuals cannot reproduce, they must recruit and freshen their ranks,” in the late 1970s, the idea that homosexuals are lurking around every corner waiting to recruit children has been prevalent among American Christians.  They believe that anti-bullying programs are part of a conspiracy to turn America’s school system into one giant network of homosexual re-education camps.  This is part of what Christians refer to as the “gay agenda,” what they believe to be a massive conspiracy by homosexuals to destroy family values and abolish Christianity in the United States.

Secondly, Christians claim that these attempts to protect a minority of students who are vulnerable to mockery and violence give these students “special rights.” Tony Perkins claims the programs “single out homosexuals for more protection than others.”  This deceptive rhetoric clouds the issue and paves the way for the next tactic used by Christian groups.

Thirdly, Christians claim they are being victimized by anti-bullying programs, which they say will make their religious beliefs illegal and force their children out of public schools.  Tom McClusky, the Vice President of Government Affairs for the Family Research Council says these anti-bullying programs are “bullying by the federal government and by a homosexual agenda that seeks to make children hide their Christianity and their religion in the closet and to silence those who would speak out against what they don’t believe.”  Of course, none of these programs force anyone to believe or not believe anything and they in no way diminish the vigorous efficacy of the First Amendment of the Constitution of the United States.  They simply try to protect some kids who are mercilessly picked on.  But that’s not acceptable to these Christian groups.  All of these efforts by Christians only serve to justify the behavior of the bullies who have made these programs necessary.  What these groups are really fighting for is the right to harass and demonize gay people with impunity.  Once it becomes unacceptable to marginalize homosexuals, American Christianity loses a lot of footing.  That alone — more than anything else — should tell you everything you need to know about American Christianity.

Remember, these are the same people who have every intention of taking over this country’s government and legislating their religious beliefs.  They plan to control every aspect of life in the United States.  They intend to make this the “Christian nation” they have been wrongly claiming it to be for so long.  If they succeed in doing that, what do you suppose they will do about the “gay agenda” that they believe is secretly trying to destroy them?  What do you think they will do with the gay, lesbian and bisexual Americans they are working so hard to persecute and demonize?  The answer to that question can be found in Uganda.

In March of 2009, three gay-hating American Christians went to Uganda to spread their message of bigotry at an anti-gay conference organized by the Family Life Network.  First, there was Scott Lively, co-founder of the international anti-gay group Watchmen On the Walls and president of Abiding Truth Ministries (both classified as hate groups by the Southern Poverty Law Center) and author of the book The Pink Swastika, which claims the Nazi Party was created and run by gay people who targeted Jews for extermination because of their opposition to homosexuality.  Lively has been pushing to criminalize the public advocacy of homosexuality since 2007.  He wants to make it illegal just to support gay rights — so can you imagine what he wants to do to gay people?  Then there was Caleb Lee Brundidge, who, with his friends in the Phoenix-based group Extreme Prophetic, goes to mortuaries to raise the dead in Jesus’s name.  (And no, I’m not kidding — click the link and watch the video if you don’t believe me.)  Brundidge also works for International Healing Foundation, another anti-gay Christian organization that claims to “cure” homosexuality.  Among the techniques employed by IHF founder Richard Cohen is “holding” or “touching” therapy, during which Cohen has a man lie in his lap and holds and touches him gently while murmuring positive things to him.  And, ahem, this is supposed to, um, cure homosexuality.  In 2010, IHF “life coach” Alan Dowling was accused of using sexually inappropriate therapy techniques on two separate men, who were asked to strip naked and fondle their genitals in front of a mirror while Dowling watched in order to “help them affirm their masculinity.”  (It’s difficult to tell if IHF is offering a “cure” for homosexuality or a place for self-hating Christian gay guys to cruise dick under the guise of dealing with their wickedness.)  Lastly, these men were joined by Don Schmierer, who heads up a ministry called His Servants and is a member of the Board of Directors of Alan Chambers’s Exodus International.  Exodus — the group that claims to bring a message of “love and acceptance” to gay people.

The theme of the conference at which these three men spoke was the “gay agenda,” and it was a virtual rally of homosexual demonization.  According to the New York Times:

“The visitors discussed how to make gay people straight, how gay men often sodomized teenage boys and how ‘the gay movement is an evil institution’ whose goal is ‘to defeat the marriage-based society and replace it with a culture of sexual promiscuity.’”

An article at the Teapot Atheist website provides a link to audio recordings of these addresses in its article about the conference:

“At that conference, they said that homosexuals routinely rape and physically abuse children, that ‘the hidden and dark’ ‘gay agenda’ is to destroy the American family and outlaw Christianity, and that homosexuality is simply: ‘evil’ (in listening to only about twenty minutes of the linked recordings, homosexuality is described as ‘evil’ or compared to something like pedophilia more than forty times).”

Prior to this conference, Uganda was already in the grip of virulent widespread gay hatred created by the enormous influence wielded there by American Christian groups and evangelists who have long been preaching their hatred in Africa.  These groups and evangelists include Rick Warren, Tony Perkins’s Family Research Council, Lou Engle’s group The Call, Fred Hartley’s College of Prayer International, the New Apostolic Reformation and others.  But no other American Christian group has had more influence there than the secretive and extremely powerful organization known as “the Family.”  More on that in a moment.  These organizations have created a climate in Uganda in which gay people have had to live in fear, in which anti-gay violence has been prevalent.  According to the New York Times, “During the Bush administration, American officials praised Uganda’s family-values policies and steered millions of dollars into abstinence programs.”

One month after the anti-gay conference, Ugandan politician David Bahati, who claims to have a number of evangelical Christian friends in the United States government, introduced The Anti-Homosexuality Act of 2009, which has come to be known as the “Kill the Gays Bill” — because it made being gay a crime punishable by death.  In addition to making homosexuality itself a crime, the bill would send to prison anyone who failed to report homosexuals to the authorities.  In other words, this bill would transform Uganda into a Christian Mecca.

Suddenly, Lively, Brundidge and Schmierer were on the defensive as they became the targets of criticism for encouraging such a bill.  They all released weak, evasive statements claiming ignorance or saying they were duped, that they never intended such a result.

“That’s horrible,” Don Schmierer said of the bill, “absolutely horrible.  Some of the nicest people I’ve ever met are gay.”  Oh, that’s okay, Don — some of my best friends are disingenuous.

But according to an article at the Box Turtle Bulletin, Schmierer knew exactly what he was doing at the conference.  Brundidge gave his testimony and claimed that homosexuality could be cured, Schmierer talked about how homosexuality could be prevented in children, and Lively depicted homosexuals as evil monsters plotting to destroy Christianity and turn the entire world gay.  (Talk about protesting too much — I’d bet good money that Lively’s farts haven’t made a sound in decades, and he probably has at least one Nazi uniform with full regalia hanging in his well-trafficked closet.)  Meanwhile, others gave dire warnings to homosexuals and discussed the possibility of increasing penalties for homosexuality, which was already a crime in Uganda.  At no point did Schmierer disavow Uganda’s stern political stand against homosexuality or Lively’s outlandish lies about it.  Instead, he participated in the conference and implicitly gave his support to that country’s widespread, institutional, Christian-inspired hatred of gay people.  Bahati’s proposed bill and everything that followed could not have been a surprise to Schmierer or anyone else involved in the conference.

Organizations like Exodus International and Family Research Council have tried to distance themselves from all this messiness.  But that’s hard to do when you’re hip-deep in it.  On February 4, 2010, a resolution was introduced by Senator Russell Feingold calling on members of the Ugandan Parliament to reject the Anti-Homosexuality Bill.  The Family Research Council spent $25,000 to stall that resolution.  It’s just a resolution, for crying out loud, but the FRC blew a 25-grand wad to stop it.  That is hip-deep.

In January of 2010, after a long series of death threats, Uganda’s most outspoken gay activist David Kato was bludgeoned to death with a hammer.  A few months earlier, a Ugandan newspaper had put Kato’s picture on the cover below a headline reading “100 pictures of Uganda’s Top Homos Leak” and a banner reading “Hang Them.”

All of this — the anti-gay hatred in Uganda, the “Kill the Gays Bill,” the murder of David Kato — are direct results of the activities of American Christian groups and evangelists.  But no group is more deeply involved or more actively supportive of this than the powerful, secretive Christian group known as The Family.  For a quick run-down on this group, read the July 21, 2009 Salon article, “Sex and Power Inside ‘the C Street House.’” But for a thorough exploration, I urge you to read Jeff Sharlet’s deeply chilling book, The Family: The Secret Fundamentalism at the Heart of American Power.  I assure you it will disturb your sleep more effectively than Stephen King’s best work, because it’s not fiction.

Under the longtime leadership of David Coe, the Family works underground through a vast network of power players and world leaders.  Among its members are America’s leaders and lawmakers.  From the Salon article:

“Today’s roll call is just as impressive:  Men under the Family’s religio-political counsel include, in addition to Ensign, Coburn and Pickering, Sens. Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, and Jim DeMint and Lindsey Graham, both R-S.C.; James Inhofe, R-Okla., John Thune, R-S.D., and recent senators and high officials such as John Ashcroft, Ed Meese, Pete Domenici and Don Nickles.  Over in the House there’s Joe Pitts, R-Penn., Frank Wolf, R-Va., Zach Wamp, R-Tenn., Robert Aderholt, R-Ala., Ander Crenshaw, R-Fla., Todd Tiahrt, R-Kan., Marsha Blackburn, R-Tenn., Jo Ann Emerson, R-Mo., and John R. Carter, R-Texas.  Historically, the Family has been strongly Republican, but it includes Democrats, too.  There’s Mike McIntyre of North Carolina, for instance, a vocal defender of putting the Ten Commandments in public places, and Sen. Mark Pryor, the pro-war Arkansas Democrat responsible for scuttling Obama’s labor agenda.  Sen. Pryor explained to me the meaning of bipartisanship he’d learned through the Family: ‘Jesus didn’t come to take sides.  He came to take over.’  And by Jesus, the Family means the Family.”

Through its members, the Family promotes its anti-gay, anti-woman, pro-free-market agenda with a vengeance.  You probably thought the “religious right” was behind all of that stuff in America.  Well, the Family is behind the “religious right.”  While the dominionists and “7 Mountains” folks talk about taking over America, the Family is using its massive financial resources and powerful players to make it happen.  Its members may be considered leaders in the United States, but when it comes to the Family, they are followers.  They do the group’s bidding.  This is a group that does not like democracy and has every intention of replacing it in America with Christian rule.  At its core, it is a deeply anti-American organization that, if it gets its way, will abolish the United States Constitution.  If you don’t know about the group, you had better bone up on it, because it is — and has been for decades — playing a large role in American government and foreign policy.  The Family nurtures relationships with the corrupt governments of Third World countries and actively supports some of the world’s most vicious dictators.  Although you may be unaware of it, you see the result of the Family’s work all around you every day.

In a November 24, 2009, interview with NPR, Jeff Sharlet carefully outlined the connection between the Family and the virulent anti-gay hatred in Uganda it has worked to foster.  From the interview transcript:

Mr. SHARLET: Well, the legislator that introduces the bill, a guy named David Bahati, is a member of The Family. He appears to be a core member of The Family. He works, he organizes their Uganda National Prayer Breakfast and oversees a African sort of student leadership program designed to create future leaders for Africa, into which The Family has poured millions of dollars working through a very convoluted chain of linkages passing the money over to Uganda. … David Bahati, the man behind this legislation, is really deeply, deeply involved in The Family’s work in Uganda, that the ethics minister of Uganda, Museveni’s kind of right hand man, a guy named Nsaba Buturo, is also helping to organize The Family’s National Prayer Breakfast. And here’s a guy who has been the main force for this Anti-Homosexuality Act in Uganda’s executive office and has been very vocal about what he’s doing, and in a rather extreme and hateful way. But these guys are not so much under the influence of The Family. They are, in Uganda, The Family.

While the evangelical groups named earlier were active in the process, Uganda’s bitter hatred of homosexuals and the “Kill the Gays Bill” that resulted are the direct and deliberate accomplishments of the Family.  That does not lessen the role or the culpability of people like Scott Lively, Don Schmierer, Caleb Lee Brundidge, or any of the other Christians who have so actively supported this travesty.

In a quote from Alvin McEwen earlier in this article, The Protocols of the Elders of Zion was mentioned.  It was the most widely distributed piece of antisemitic propaganda ever published.  It professes to expose a Jewish conspiracy to take over the world that never existed and blames Jews for a host of the world’s ills to which they had no connection.  It is a fabrication, a complete work of fiction.  After taking power in Germany in 1933, the Nazi Party published at least 33 editions of the book before World War II began.  Along with its distribution, Germany was flooded with a wave of propaganda films and literature and commentary blaming Jews for all of the country’s problems.  Seemingly respectable scientists and doctors and other authority figures wrote articles and gave lectures about the “subhuman” Jews and the widespread damage they were doing to Germany and its people.  Economically crippled after World War I, the German people were ripe for scapegoating and eager to have someone on whom to blame their troubles.  As we all know, it became illegal to be Jewish and until the end of the war, the Nazis slaughtered six million Jews, along with millions of Russians, homosexuals, mentally and physically handicapped people, gypsies, and anyone else they didn’t like.  After years of indoctrination, years of being told that Jews were not entirely human and were evil monsters, it became easy for the people of Germany — and even the rest of Europe — to turn their backs and let it all happen.

It seems like such a distant horror now, preserved only in the grainy, black-and-white films of uniformed men in shiny boots marching in rigid unison, an oddly mustachioed man gesticulating violently before massive crowds, and emaciated, ghostly figures with sad, weary faces and stars pinned to their raggedy clothes.  It almost doesn’t seem real.  It seems so alien that it’s impossible to imagine anything like it ever happening again.  But it has happened.  It happened in Rwanda, for example, and it’s happening right now in Darfur.  And the world does nothing.  The world doesn’t even watch.  It simply turns its back.  We turned our backs.

And now, a large segment of the population of the United States believes that a massive conspiracy is underway today, a “gay agenda” to destroy Christianity and turn America’s children into promiscuous homosexuals.  They believe that homosexuals are the enemy, that they are behind much of the decay they perceive in America’s culture, that they are immoral and inhuman.  None of that is true, of course — it’s all a lie.  But it is believed to be true by many because, as Joseph Goebbels said, if you repeat a lie often enough and long enough, it becomes the truth.  You may think I’m overreacting, that what happened in that distant black-and-white world could never happen in the United States.

But it’s already happening in Uganda.  It’s underway right now.  The people of Uganda have been convinced that they should hate homosexuals and they are ready to kill them.  And it’s being done there by people who are very powerful here in the United States.

At the time of this writing, Uganda’s parliament will vote on the Anti-Homosexuality Bill within the next 24 hours or so.  Does the idea of punishing people for their sexuality by throwing them into prison and possibly executing them bother you?  Does the idea of imprisoning people who do not turn homosexuals in to the authorities bother you?  If it doesn’t, it damned well should, and if it does, then you should be worried if you live in America.  I am of the opinion that what’s happening in Uganda is a test run for a program that will be coming soon to a United States near you if the Family and American Christianity have their way.  Behind lies about “love” and “compassion” and “acceptance,” Christian leaders in America are demonizing a minority, offering their followers a scapegoat on which to blame their many problems in these tough economic times.  And it is working.

A petition is being circulated that will be sent to Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni urging him to veto this bill.  Please add your name to it.

Don’t make the terrible mistake of thinking that because this is happening in Uganda, it’s not your problem.  We live in a small world today, and it’s getting smaller fast.  And if you live in the United States, where the roots of Uganda’s problem are deeply embedded, it is already your problem.  And that problem may worsen in the future.

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30 Responses to The Christian Agenda: Eradicate the Gays!

  1. william wallace says:

    You’ve got to keep in mind religions /the main being
    christianity / their leader called Jesus / are but big
    buisness with the yearly turnovers of $billions / key
    point all humanity born via SIN /thus all but sinners.

    Then they hit you with their key card/ claiming their
    leader Jesus not born of SIN /but born unto /a virgin.

    Then it gets more interesting / because their leader is
    born free of SIN ( taking for granted you accept a born
    of a virgin spin) they then claiming Jesus as being born
    of virgin he being blessed /where abled in removing the
    SIN of others // with the removal of SIN ones qualified
    enter a place called HEAVEN where God/Jesus / living.

    And where is HEAVEN ?? One just go beyond the clouds
    in following the “Yellow Brick Road” till reach land of Oz.

    The problem with Christian organizations / they be guilty
    of appalling fraud // thus take attention from themselves
    by turning the focus on others// as such the case of gays
    they being a easy target as it being to do with SEX / SIN.

    Why any should wish to make life a misery for others / is
    done through reason // as with christian organization / it
    but to reflect the truth that they are appalling fraudsters..

    Many young people’s life are made a misery with nonsense
    that coming from christians. //Many youngsters in causing
    themselves abuse /self harm / wrongly feeling guilty as to
    their sexual preference / where such is only a part of their
    genetic structure / beyond their control in having an choice.

    More as more youngsters given such a bad time / if be gay
    it but record numbers / in attempts / as turning to suicide.

    Be it church leaders or just those whom just sit in the pews
    they should hang their heads low / if be guilty in preaching
    malice as hate against very young very vulnerable people’s.

    The basis of christianity intended in being love in an opening
    of heart / a light of understanding. /Not that of an lynch mob.

  2. Sayingwhatneedsaying says:

    Oh, ”Load” Geebus…………… Save us from your followers!!!!!!!!

  3. Thanks for speaking out strongly and marshaling the facts about this appalling agenda of the right wing Christians. Your parallel to the buildup to slaughtering Jews in Nazi Germany is chillingly apt. People in this country are at a high level of discontent and looking for someone to blame. The first stages in Germany were not to put Jews in concentration camps but simply to badmouth Jews, cast scorn on them, stir up fear about them. This is the necessary precursor to the greater evil of taking away the freedom, and then the lives, of the hated group. Good Germans faced a choice, early in the game, of whether to sit by silently while their Jewish friends and acquaintances were demonized, or to speak out strongly against it. If enough people had stood up and said, “This is wrong,” the world might have been spared the Holocaust. Democracy is especially vulnerable to this first stage of demonization because the Constitution properly reveres freedom of speech. The answer to hateful speech, is speech and actions condemning such speech. If we fail to do this, then the haters win and advance to the next stage. So, again, Ray, thank you for speaking up. Let’s all who agree do the same.

  4. Brandy says:

    Ok I signed the petition. Really hope it helps to prevent this bill from passing. On a side note, ” gay christians” also piss me off. How any self-respecting and openly gay person can join the mob that clearly hates them or believe in a book that has it’s believers stoning their kind to death is baffling. I realize that every christian I know has their personal beliefs of what god is and what he wants of us but gawd-damnit! Stop callling yourself a christian if you are going to completely disregard your own religions “teachings”. Form a new one! Or call yourself spiritual! These people are perpetuating something that is really bad for human-kind but refuse to call themselves anything but christian. I have said it a million times… believe wholly in your book or throw it away.

  5. ChuckA says:

    Thanks for your usual, excellent, ‘light shining’ on another totally outrageous ongoing subject. All those relevant “C Street”/Family jerks, currently ‘roosting’ in our government, like De Mint, et. al, need to be exposed BIG-TIME,,,and WAY more often…for their totally asinine and outright vicious complicity in this mostly overlooked INTERNATIONAL disgrace.
    Rachel Maddow, last night, had a segment RE the insanity…who’s probably the only major broadcaster paying any significant attention to the subject.

    OK…RE an above (new?) commenter…
    Who let “Tonto” in? Was it you, Ray?
    (I’m kidding, of course. william wallace’s above comment kinda reminded me (showing my age?) of the Lone Ranger’s classic radio sidekick; ala his “speech mannerisms”.
    “White(?) man speak with forked tongue!”
    ["Now...somebody, please pass the knife and spoon..."?]
    Also, I’m reminded of an old (long deceased) fellow musician’s 1980′s rapper style critiquing jibe:
    The question:
    “By the way,…what’s your college major?”
    “I be’s majorin’ in English!”

    To “william”: I do hope you can take some kidding…I think we all get your message, though. We atheists, IMHO, are quite used to all kinds of unusual banter from every conceivable direction. ;)

    [ it just dawned on silly old that just an example of what extensive "Twittering" is doing to the English language?]

  6. Dana says:

    Excellent post, Ray. I am sharing it. Liberally.

  7. Mark says:

    First the Nazis came for the gay and crazy people…I said nothing since I was not gay or crazy.
    Than they came for the intellects…I said nothing since I was not an intellect.
    Than they came for the Jews…I said nothing since I am not a Jew.
    Than they came for me…and there was no one left to help me.

  8. The time and work that goes into such an in-depth piece like this really impresses the hell outta me. They are all too familiar villains. May all the hemorrhoids these guys have grown from being such tight asses rupture. If the Rapture comes and all these people are gone-THEN and only then would we have heaven on earth.

  9. Sayingwhatneedsaying says:

    I’ve been a happy Heterosexual man for almost 67 years…. but do you know what???? If I had to make a choice between being a homosexual or a christian…. I’d choose being a homo! Being a christian is like being a worm.

  10. william wallace says:

    Chucka / You should not pass a harsh judgement
    upon yourself .// Athist an very developed stage
    upon the path towards your > EnLiGhTeNmEnT.

    The next stage of journey your gonna like an lot.

    As most like you cant contain your excitenment.

    Thus I give the directions your ADVISED take.

    Firstly let me remind you of the basics upon life.

    (1) Enlightenment not gained in a life // it being
    gained over many lifes // that gained in spiritual
    development in a life / is added to your spiritual
    account // such account cant be lost or stolen / it
    be only yours / which being carried life unto life..
    ( that being you understand it always best being
    balanced in judgement as in your actions /deeds
    thus at the end of a day as the end of an life /you
    can stand proud / where knowing you gave your
    best /your name not being put in the black book.

    (2) Your next stage is that of practical spiritual
    experience // such done / via meditation /your
    learning of the art / inturning the senses inward
    thus bringing ones unfolding of the spiritual self.

    How & When Can You Start //your QUESTION
    Answer /it starts whenever your willing to start.

    On PC search put ( words of peace ) on site being
    a large selection of videos / of which Prem Rawat
    talks of meditation / of turning the senses inward
    thus achieve a unfolding of ones spiritual self / not
    based on ideas /beliefs / but in a knowing of truth.

    PS. Prem Rawat not only a spiritual teacher/ he
    the teacher of teachers // of the highest ranking
    thus your gifted /in getting the //best of the best.

    At such stage of development a spiritual teacher in
    aiding a clarity of guidance is of utmost importance.

  11. MacJew says:

    I love how these fuckers don’t think twice about condemning others, yet their own hypocrotical actions go unnoticed by their followers.

  12. Sayingwhatneedsaying says:

    Does this mean that the Planet might have to endure many incarnations of “Khrixstians” returning? In that case……….. I’d rather be in ‘Hell’!

  13. R Boyer says:

    Nice work.
    Didn’t appreciate the sweeping generalization of Christians, especially as Alvin McEwen and Box Turtle Bulletin are pro-gay AND very much focused from a positive Christian perspective. As well, Kathy Baldock’s excellent “Canyon Walker Connections” blog recently ripped apart faux-Christianist Michael Brown’s dreck-tome “A Queer Thing Happened to America.”
    Strong, positive allies – and content (not smug) in their Christian understandings of things. Nor do they proselytize. They’re also blessed/gifted/naturally possessed (whatever the appropriate term) with twisted senses of humor and absurdity about “the whole hot mess.”
    An analogy: I would not characterize atheists by focusing on Stalin, Hitler, and Ayn Rand to the exclusion of Bertrand Russell, Stephen Fry, Thomas Paine, and Mark Twain.
    Meanwhile, in today’s news, the Presbyterian Church USA became the fourth major denomination to take a major step forward in ordaining “non-celibate” gays and lesbians.
    Oh, and Osama bin Laden and Generalissimo Francisco Franco are still seriously dead.

  14. Ray Garton says:

    R. Boyer, I wrote an article about the demonization, marginalization and persecution of gay people by Christians. I didn’t write an article about every Christian on the planet and therefore feel no need to say, “But there are some good Christians out there, so you should try to find them!” I am not on the PR staff of American Christianity. I am under no obligation to present a positive picture of a religion in which I can see nothing positive. When Kathy Baldock no longer has to write her blog, I’ll reconsider. But as long as that blog is necessary, your religion will get no false, undeserved praise from me. Frankly, I don’t understand people like Kathy Baldock. I would never want to belong to a club that didn’t want to have me as a member.

    You wrote, “the Presbyterian Church USA became the fourth major denomination to take a major step forward in ordaining ‘non-celibate’ gays and lesbians.” You want me to congratulate them for taking “a major step forward” in this? How about if I wait until they enter the twenty-first fucking century before I even notice? Then there’s you, R. Boyer. As far as I’m concerned, the fact that you could read the article I wrote containing all of the information it did and respond only to criticize me for offending your delicate sensibilities by making what you call a “sweeping generalization” about Christians means you’re part of the problem. Your barbaric, fundamentally immoral, willfully ignorant religion will never become an organization worthy of any positive commentary as long as there are people like you around to coddle and defend it in the face of its evil work.

    I figured there would be at least one person who’d get his or her panties all knotted up over the fact that I compared what’s happening in Uganda and the United States today with what happened in Germany back in the 1930s. If my comparison were unwarranted or even forced, you’d have reason to complain. But it’s not. It’s right on the money. The fact that you don’t “characterize atheists by focusing on Stalin, Hitler, and Ayn Rand to the exclusion of Bertrand Russell, Stephen Fry, Thomas Paine, and Mark Twain” does not deserve praise because doing that is irrational and idiotic, and I did nothing of the kind with Christians in my article. By the way, Hitler was not an atheist, he was a Christian. And when your religion produces people of the caliber of Bertrand Russell, Stephen Fry, Thomas Paine and Mark Twain, you will see me lauding them. But I’m not going to hold my breath. Your religion produces enablers — like yourself.

  15. Sue Blue says:

    So not every christian is a raving megalomaniacal lunatic. Not every German in 1940 was a Nazi, either. But enough seemingly nice, ordinary, working-Joe Germans supported the batshit ideas of Hitler that the Nazi party swept into power. Those same nice, ordinary Germans, who never broke a Jewish shop window or harmed a fly, somehow managed not to notice the ash settling on their windowsills from those funny chimneys. Never saw or heard a thing while millions of people were incinerated right under their noses, and would have been shocked – shocked! I tell you! – to learn what was going on. Of course, no real German could be capable of such a horror. It was just a few crazies, that’s all!
    Ordinary, “nice” christians – enablers all. Every kid who dies from appendicitis not cured by prayer, every woman who dies because she can’t get an abortion, every gay person beaten to death or driven to suicide, all the human misery caused by believing that your god makes your shit somehow smell better than anyone else’s shit – all your fault. You who smile and look the other way while the ash piles up.

  16. ChuckA says:

    Pardon me folks (and Ray?), if I ramble on a bit here…

    Hey william wallace?…
    Apparently (and obviously?) you’re not that familiar with this Site…”Atheist Oasis”…previously called “God is for Suckers” or “GifS”; so you would know nothing about me.
    I’m not going to repeat a whole bunch of shtick that I’ve said here, many times; over some five plus years.
    Basically, however, I’m a 71 year old “Soft” atheist who was indoctrinated right from birth into Roman Catholicism; and subsequently became, first, during Catholic college (late 50s, early ’60s)…an agnostic; then (in the 1970s) an Edgar Cayce/”Seth Speaks” style “New Ager”…and eventually, in my very late forties (in the late 1980s), an “agnostic atheist”. The book, by the way, which helped me to personally break through into atheism (non-belief in ANY gods) was Lloyd M. Graham’s “Deceptions and Myths of the Bible”. I highly recommend that somewhat obscure text; especially for anyone who’s immersed in the New Age brands of the esoteric. Graham explores the “Involution/Evolution” concept quite extensively; whilst, IMO, demolishing any and all Biblical claims to any literal truth value. And, of course, read Dawkins, Hitchens, etc.
    Moving right along…
    It ‘sounds’ to me, william wallace, like you’re kind of a “New Ager” yourself. Reincarnation, of course, is a subject most Westerners steeped (heavily indoctrinated) in the usual Abrahamic doctrines, pay almost NO attention to, as a possible reality; and any of the Buddhist doctrines about Reincarnation (ala Tibetan Buddhism) are pretty much harshly dismissed by most atheists.
    [The current brand of Eastern Hinduism is more related to a theory of "Transmigration" than any New Age style Reincarnation scenario; and is pretty whacko to most Western "One Life" sensibilities.
    You"If you're a nasty fucking asshole in THIS life, your next life might possibly be as one of some 40,000 vicious species of...erm...spiders, or perhaps as a cockroach, or zama-zama...IOW...
    check out the Science Channel's new "Monster Bug Wars" series? Also, BTW, a good argument against all the "Intelligent Design" bullshit!
    What!..."Insidious Design"? ;)
    Of course...bottom-line...there's absolutely no proof of any variation of the the Reincarnation doctrine; only purely anecdotal stories...interesting, perhaps (see Ian Stevenson's shtick?), but that's it. It's sort of akin to the Scientific, Quantum related, String Theory, f' this point, pure speculation; but, UNLIKE Science and the "Scientific Method"...esoteric Reincarnation Theory lacks any universally observable Scientific, mathematically backed data.
    [By the way; probably the best stuff RE any "Out of Body" shtick is the Robert Monroe material (in 3 books; look him up?); which is now carried on by, Physicist, and "My Big Toe" advocate...Thomas Campbell.]Zama-zama?]

    My general bottom-line, however…especially here on AO:
    I have no intention (after this little blabbing spurt) of getting into any endless argument, with anyone, RE all that stuff…or any esoteric, or ultimately cosmological subject. I spent WAY to much of my life doing just that. It just goes around in endless circles. Much like arguing with hard-core “fundies”.
    As to ANY notion…yes, they’re ALL NOTIONS…of “before life”, afterlife (after-strife?), yada-yada…absolutely NOBODY, ultimately, KNOWS.
    Belief…ANY belief…is definitely NOT knowledge!
    And that, BTW, william wallace, includes any so-called “teacher” (like Prem Rawat?), as you ended your comment implying that I…what!…need?

    We’re ALL here, on this tiny little spec of a Milky Way planet, floundering about, trying to survive the best we can; and contrary to the “Declaration of Independence”…we’re not “created”…there’s no Creator…we evolved; and OBVIOUSLY…not equal!
    It (y’all know the statement) should have, IMO, been written something like:
    “We TRY (but not quite enough?) to treat ALL humans equally UNDER THE LAW!”
    “Of course, if you have a LOT of money…
    can we talk?” :shock:
    Remember the old joke?…
    “All men are created equal…
    some are just more equal than others!” ;)

    OK…I’m done blabbing!…

    Oh…and “good luck(?)”, william wallace, with all your (never ending?) “developmental stages”…?

  17. william wallace says:

    Chucka / I’m not the Almighty just a simple servant
    of course I meant no disrespect. All that having gone
    before is but a chapter on the the journey upon your
    spiritual development. Moving from one stage in ones
    development can be daunting / that be because your
    trials tribulations are / basic teachings /such learning
    can be tough going / the brain if not exercised it goes
    to its off mode/ where ones awake /yet still sleeping.

    The stage of meditation in turning the senses inwards
    be another ball game altogether / this being not basic
    teachings as in basic preperations /such stage is ones
    having real spiritual experience // in the unfolding of
    your spiritual self. /Of course such it does not happen
    overnight / but a gradual process of development in
    spiritual experiences /bringing clarity/understanding.

    Thus in truth I am but passing some information as
    unto your next stage of development/be your 71yrs
    or 171yrs what you are in essence having no age / it
    being the essence of creation // it only while being in
    a human form that one can go through / as advance
    in their spiritual development /such be the purpose
    of creation / that it sustain the human form // that
    via /heart / brain / comes spiritual development in
    understanding / as experience/thus /enlightenment.

    Thus I’m just the humble messenger/not the master
    if you have complaints then put them to the Almighty
    the Almighty will inform me // then I can stroke your
    name of the list // I do not have the authority in doing
    such myself. // If I were to just do as I please / there
    would be no place throughout the universe to be found
    in hiding from the Lords // wrath as anger// no stone
    to hide under // no cave in finding shelter. Thus I hope
    you understand my situation /the moon only reflecting
    the power of the sun / as I be but a humble messenger

  18. ChuckA says:

    ^ Like I said, william, I’m done; and please don’t waste my (or our) time here on this Site with your esoteric style preaching; which, BTW, is not only off the topic of Ray Garton’s current Post; but also contrary to AO’s policy…that being ANY kind of religious/spiritual style preaching or continual proselytizing.
    Read/click on the above Site ‘gadget’: “On commenting”; and substitute your god-bothering oriented terminology for “Jeebus”.
    You ‘sound’, to me, a lot like the typically deluded New Age “automatic writing” proponents; with your referencing of:
    More totally subjective, made-up religious-sounding BS, in my atheist experience.
    Proof? There is none! Did you read my previous comment RE evidence, etc.?

    I, right back at you, suggest (for just one particularly good source) doing some article reading at the following Site link for well articulated views which are MUCH more, IMHO, inline with AO’s (and particularly my) atheist orientation:

    You’re sounding much more like the long deceased ‘channeler’, Jane Roberts’ “Seth” of “Seth Speaks” fame (whom I referred to in my last comment).
    As ‘they’ say: “Get a grip on yourself, william!”? Or maybe it’s more like:
    “You’re meditating (medicating?) WAY too much!”

    Also…who’s doing the moderation these days? Where’s…erm… Stardust?…KA?…Jimmer54?…Ray?…Ron?…Naomi666?…
    SEAN? Oh; that’s right; he’s with…
    Seth…? :shock:
    IOW, william wallace; stop (immediately!) being my, absolutely uncalled for, ‘personal adviser’.
    Or What!…ala Monty Python:
    “HELP…HELP…I’m being repressed!” ;)

  19. Christoph says:

    Love your posts, Ray. You make a tremendous and undeniably valid point when you point out the Christian apologists tendencies to defend themselves against these horrible truths with their standard “BUT” argument. You know, the one where they go, “Well what you say may be true, BUT Mrs. Jones is a Christian and a nice lady, so there! Why don’t you focus on her instead of the bad ones?” Unfortunately, these terrible Christians/believers would not get away with espousing these views and potentially making them a reality for everyone without the coddling and cover provided by the “nice” Christians/believers. These “nice” believers, when push comes to shove, would more often then not, rather not rock the boat on controversial issues and be associated through their silence with believers the likes of Tony Perkins, Pat Robertson or Pope Benedict, then they would be associated with non-believers who may very well be on the correct side of the ethical divide. A great parallel of the difference would be that Ayn Rand may have been an atheist, but a huge number of atheists detest her social/political views and have no problem publicly denouncing her for them. By contrast, you will never find a fervent Catholic denouncing Pope Benedict on anything – even the protection of pedophiles.

    And finally, will Christian apologists ever stop trying to unleash the canard of Hitler being an atheist. There is no question at all that the man was born a Christian, raised a Christian, was a fervent supporter and collaborator with the Catholic Church, and proclaimed his reliogiosity straight up to his death. The Nazi regime could never have gotten and maintained the stranglehold it had in Germany and Europe without the assistance of the Church and its numerous believers, who looked on Hitler as one of its favorite sons. The Catholic Church never excommunicated him for his crimes and even aided enemies of the Allied forces in the aftermath of the war by spiriting his lieutenants and supporters away from justice with their “rat lines”. The Vatican expended more energy demonizing Sophia Loren and Carlo Ponti for a divorce that allowed them to marry then it ever did on Hitler, whose crimes against humanity are uncountable. They provided cover for this monster and his minions that persists to this day – does anyone reasonably believe they did this for an atheist? Of course not, they did it for one of their own!

  20. Neil says:

    Great piece Ray, and if I may say so a quite fair response to R. Boyer’s criticism.

    Not once did you demonize ALL christians in the article, or anything even close… yet look how easily some will assume it! You wrote about a very specific set of powerful and influential chrisitans and their goals, yet it upsets some folks that you don’t immediately include some good words about the few…the very, very meager, barely influential few…who dare stand up to their fellow believers in any real, visible way.

    And then R. Boyer has the incredibly ignorant and mind-boggling gall to say that this is analgous to characterizing all atheists by focusing on people like Hitler, as if there is any comparison. You never characterised “all chrisitans” in the first place, and even if you had, those that you wrote about are people who are generally implicitly supported, and often explicitly supported- but almost never actually opposed- by average American christians.

    Thank you, R. Boyer, for demonstarating in such a clear way just how deeply christian privilege is embedded in our culture. Bang up job!

    It’s funny, I’ve heard “moderate” or “liberal” believers who were unbigoted enough to defend the basic rights of gays….yet even among these relatively enlightened folks, nobody is automatically expected to sing the praises of gay fellow christians as a matter of course, or favorably mention the gays that have done great things for humanity….and they generally don’t unless it’s part of their argument for tolerance. If you’re a christian, allowing sinners to live in peace is seen as quite tolerant enough, no extra perspective, respect or credit is due…but if you’re an atheist writing about even the worst, most morally depraved of christians, you are expected to reasssure those poor, persectuted, “reasonable” christians that we certainly aren’t talking about THEM!

  21. william wallace says:

    ChuckA / Many still believe there truely was a moon landing.

  22. Ray Garton says:

    William, you are nuttier than a fuckin’ Christmas cheese log.

  23. Mark says:

    william wallace says:
    (ChuckA / Many still believe there truely was a moon landing.)

    You are a friggen nut…why don’t you spend a little more time reading some science books instead of listening to what your preacher tells you to con you out of your cash.

    The Hubble telescope has taken pictures of the stuff we have left on the moon. And do you think the Russians, our enemies at the time would not have exposed this landing had it been a lie? They did not hesitate to expose the U-2 spy plane when the US denied having it.
    Of coarse I doubt you know that much of our history since you time is spent reading stories written by men who thought the earth was flat and one would fall off the edge if they ventured to far from their home.

  24. Mark says:

    BTW… Wallace, since you people believe that the world will end on the 21st of this month…Can I have your stuff?
    If you don’t give your stuff away this means you do not truly believe the prophecies, which you would than believe that the Bible was not written by your magical God.

    So which is it? Believe you religious prophecies and give us all your stuff, including your computer…or keep it all and admit your magical book was written by a small bunch of crazy cliff dwellers that were so disdained in their time that they were ostracized from the current civilization and forced to live in holes in the desert.

  25. Mark says:

    BTW… Wallace, how come the well documented invasion of Egypt by Alexander the Great makes no mention of the cliff dweller’s ancestors and their large armies that were suppose to be kicking everyone’s ass during the same time period, 300BC? Because they didn’t exist since Alexander’s large real army passed right through their territory and for sure would have taken them on.

  26. Adolph Hitler’s Wehrmacht troops marched off to war with three words on their belt buckles: Gott Mit Uns. If, in an alternate universe, Hitler had been an atheist, saying so would be as relevant as trying, in this universe, to damn Christianity by pointing out that Hitler was a Christian. But we can’t reasonably hope that Christian fuzzy thinking will go away any time soon. Fuzzy thinking is the whole point behind the indoctrination Christians unwittingly give their kids from the time they can speak, and well before they have developed any critical thinking skills. The future of Christianity depends on that indoctrination. Without it, the truth is too easy to see.

  27. Stardust says:

    Thus I’m just the humble messenger

    William…I find that people who appoint themselves as “humble messengers” of an imaginary sky daddy are in need of feeling important, special. Narcissistic. Get over yourself. You are just another human being trying to find a way to cope with reality…one of the many who are using an unreal and invented belief system in order to float your boats and create a way to deal with the hard time you are having with the FACT of your own mortality and the things of the world and universe you do not understand. There are many belief systems in the world, most religions, if not all, are destructive to sanity and peace on this planet.

  28. Troglodyke says:

    So not every christian is a raving megalomaniacal lunatic. Not every German in 1940 was a Nazi, either. But enough seemingly nice, ordinary, working-Joe Germans supported the batshit ideas of Hitler that the Nazi party swept into power. Those same nice, ordinary Germans, who never broke a Jewish shop window or harmed a fly, somehow managed not to notice the ash settling on their windowsills from those funny chimneys. Never saw or heard a thing while millions of people were incinerated right under their noses, and would have been shocked – shocked! I tell you! – to learn what was going on. Of course, no real German could be capable of such a horror. It was just a few crazies, that’s all!
    Ordinary, “nice” christians – enablers all. Every kid who dies from appendicitis not cured by prayer, every woman who dies because she can’t get an abortion, every gay person beaten to death or driven to suicide, all the human misery caused by believing that your god makes your shit somehow smell better than anyone else’s shit – all your fault. You who smile and look the other way while the ash piles up.

    This is wonderful. Not too long ago, I would have said it was too harsh. I’ve been an atheist for many years, but have always tried to be tolerant in every way. I never wanted to come off as the “angry atheist.”

    I’m done with that. I have realized, as Sam Harris pointed out in “Letter to a Christian Nation,” that progressive, liberal Christians are just as bad, in the end, as the fundies. Oh, they don’t get in your face, or yell at you, but they subscribe to a bullshit belief, and they (especially they) know better. I believe 100% that fundies believe everything they say about their religion. But I have long opined that the progressive Xtians KNOW it’s not real, but “go along to get along.” That’s bullshit.

    I’m done with tolerance of Xtianity for its own sake. I will speak out against it as often as possible, and I will not mince words.

  29. ScottDogg says:

    Exodus International: Helping gay men take their homosexual attractions and redirect them towards Jesus Christ since 1976.

  30. Ray Garton says:

    Exodus International is just another Christian lie about how sexuality is a choice and if you don’t want to be gay, they can “cure” you. It’s vile, self-hating bullshit.

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