Humpty Trumpty – New Fascism, Same As The Old Fascism

CPyXEtmWEAQ2aYkBy now, everyone’s heard about this nonsense – an aspiring thug-in-chief, is further disgracing the Republican party (an act I never thought possible):

‘Get ’em out!’ Racial tensions explode at Donald Trump’s rallies.

GOP front-runner Donald Trump cancels a Chicago event citing “growing safety concerns” created by thousands of protesters inside and outside the arena.

ST. LOUIS — Protesters and supporters of Donald Trump clashed in sometimes-violent fashion here and in Chicago on Friday, the latest in an escalating series of confrontations that have come to define the front-runner’s rowdy campaign rallies even as he gets closer to securing the Republican nomination.

In the evening in Chicago, Trump canceled a rally at the University of Illinois at Chicago after brawls broke out at the event site.

Trump’s camp issued a statement saying that “for the safety of all the tens of thousands of people that have gathered in and around the arena, tonight’s rally will be postponed to another date. Thank you very much for your attendance and please go in peace.”

Inside the Peabody Opera House in St. Louis earlier in the day, protesters interrupted Trump eight times, prompting catcalls and chants from the crowd as security officers removed them. Scores were injured or arrested in clashes between Trump supporters and critics outside the venue, where thousands had gathered in an overflow area to listen to the event over loudspeakers.

Trump is known for his massive, raucous rallies — part campaign events, part media spectacles, part populist exaltations for his most loyal supporters. But the events have also become suffused with the kind of hostility and even violence that are unknown to modern presidential campaigns.

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s campaign canceled a campaign rally in Chicago on March 11, 2016, amid growing security concerns. (Victoria Walker/The Washington Post)
The candidate himself often seems to wink at, or even encourage, rough treatment of protesters.

“Come on, get ’em out, police, please. Let’s go!” Trump shouted here on Friday, complaining that protesters could not be removed more quickly because “nobody wants to hurt each other anymore.”

In incidents around the country this month, local police officers and security personnel frequently have been unable to keep anti-Trump protesters safe when their largely peaceful, if noisy, demonstrations have been met with physical attacks. The confrontations have only grown as Trump events have become a regular destination for liberal demonstrators, who are increasingly organizing large contingents through social media.

The clashes almost always feature an uncomfortable racial component as well: Many of the protesters are black or Latino, while Trump’s crowds are almost entirely non-Hispanic whites.

In Fayetteville, N.C., on Wednesday, local police were escorting a young black protester out of a Trump rally when an older white man suddenly punched him in the face — and the officers threw the victim to the ground rather than the assailant.

At a recent event in Louisville, a young black woman holding an anti-Trump sign was violently shoved by several white men while people around her called her a n—– and a c—. Security seemed unable to stop them.

And in Orlando, two protesters — one black and the other Latino — tussled with the crowd after shouting at the candidate a few feet away from his lectern. The audience, thousands strong, broke into chants as a man attempted to tackle them: “USA! USA! USA!”

At the March 10, 2016, debate in Miami, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump was asked about fights at his events. Here are some examples of the physical altercations that have occurred at Trump rallies in recent months. (Monica Akhtar/The Washington Post)
The brawling has cast a shadow over Trump as he gets closer to becoming his party’s standard-bearer. His detractors feel they are being censored through the threat of force, while his supporters — and the candidate himself — say protesters are intentionally stirring up trouble to characterize him negatively.

On Wednesday, Rakeem Jones, 26, and several friends visited a large rally in Fayetteville at the Crown Center Coliseum to see the real estate mogul. They began shouting, “Bigot!” shortly after Trump took the stage. The next events happened in quick succession: First, Jones and his friends were led toward the exit by officers. As the officers and protesters moved along, a man slipped past security and punched Jones. Suddenly, Jones was pinned down by half a dozen police officers.

Trump had taken the stage just five minutes earlier. He made several comments and then proceeded as usual, underscoring the extent to which such disruptions have become routine.

“Why are they allowed to do things that we’re not allowed to do? Really a disgrace,” Trump said as Jones and his friends were led out.

The man arrested and charged in the assault on Jones, John McGraw of Linden, N.C., said in an interview with CBS’s “Inside Edition” after the incident that “you bet I liked it,” and he justified hitting Jones because he might be a foreign terrorist.

“We don’t know if he’s ISIS. We don’t know who he is, but we know he’s not acting like an American and cussing me . . . and sticking his face in my head,” McGraw said, according to a video of the interview. “He deserved it. The next time we see him, we might have to kill him. We don’t know who he is. He might be with a terrorist organization.”

When asked during Thursday night’s GOP presidential debate whether he is creating a tone that encourages violence, Trump said, “I truly hope not” and “I certainly do not condone” it.

“We have some protesters who are bad dudes,” Trump added. “They have done bad things. They are swinging. They are really dangerous, and they get in there and they start hitting people.”

Trump’s remarks Thursday stand in contrast to statements he has made during campaign rallies.

“Get him out! Try not to hurt him. If you do, I’ll defend you in court,” he said earlier this month as a protester was escorted out of a rally in Warren, Mich.

“You know what they used to do to guys like that when they were in a place like this? They’d be carried out in a stretcher, folks,” Trump said after a protester interrupted a Las Vegas rally in February.

“I’d like to punch him in the face, I tell ya,” he added moments later.

Here in St. Louis, he said the protesters “are so bad for our country, folks, you have no idea, you have no idea. They contribute nothing.”

More than an hour before Trump was set to arrive in Chicago, tension was already high in the arena at the University of Illinois at Chicago, where several thousand protesters eager to denounce his message waited alongside several thousand Trump supporters eager to hear him speak. Outside, thousands more gathered. At first the altercations were verbal, with protesters yelling at supporters and vice versa. In an arena section dominated by protesters, a black man dramatically ripped a Trump campaign sign in half and then quietly held up the two pieces.

“God! Why do you create fools?” an exasperated Trump supporter said, as he watched a young Latino man yelling at a small group of Trump supporters and flashing his middle fingers.

The crowd was notified by a loud announcement that the rally had been postponed. The protesters immediately erupted into cheers and chants of “We stopped Trump,” while many Trump supporters stood stunned, many having waited hours to see the candidate. Soon, shoving matches broke out between the two groups, and police tried to break up one scuffle after another. Everyone moved outside, and the crowd grew in numbers and the altercations continued. Five people were arrested, a Chicago police spokesman said.

“You can’t even have a rally in a major city in this country anymore without violence or potential violence,” Trump said in an interview on MSNBC. “I didn’t want to see the real violence, and that’s why I decided to call it off.”

These incidents, and the candidate’s own rhetoric, would almost certainly become an issue in the general election if he becomes the nominee. Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton said during an MSNBC interview this week that she is “truly distraught and even appalled by a lot of what I see going on” at Trump events.

“You know, you don’t make America great by, you know, dumping on everything that made America great, like freedom of speech and assembly and, you know, the right of people to protest,” she said.

Trump’s rivals for the Republican nomination on Friday criticized the front-runner for creating the environment that fueled such explosive confrontations.

Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) told Megyn Kelly of Fox News that Trump was finding out that his “words have real consequences,” before suggesting that the protesters share the blame. “This is Chicago; protesters are an industry [in the city],” he said.

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Tex.), speaking in Rolling Meadows, Ill., took a harsher tone. “Any candidate is responsible for the culture of a campaign. And when you have a campaign that disrespects the voters, when you have a campaign that affirmatively encourages violence, when you have a campaign that is facing allegations of physical violence against members of the press, you create an environment that only encourages this sort of nasty discord,” he said.

Ohio Gov. John Kasich also blamed Trump for the turn of events. “Tonight the seeds of division that Donald Trump has been sowing this whole campaign finally bore fruit, and it was ugly,” Kasich said in a statement.

President Obama, for his part, noted that Republicans have allowed the race to devolve into “fantasy and schoolyard taunts and selling stuff like it’s the Home Shopping Network.”

Speaking at a Democratic fundraiser in Austin, Obama said: “The notion is, Obama drove us crazy. What they really mean is their reaction to me was crazy, and now it has gotten out of hand.”

In interviews, several protesters who have been assaulted during a Trump rally said they think that racial bias and a mob mentality are at play.

“I’m not going to say Donald Trump is responsible for this. But the undertone of his campaign is very racist,” said Isaiah Griffin, 38, who attended the Fayetteville rally with Jones. “He’s bringing out a lot of the things that America tries to sweep under the rug that we know are still here. It’s racism.”

Friend Ronnie Rouse, 32, added, “Everybody wants to keep their Second Amendment right, but they don’t want to let you keep your First.”

Other presidential campaigns have certainly had their share of protesters and clashes, but the regularity and the hostility of incidents at Trump events around the country is striking. The conflicts come at a time of heightened racial tensions in many cities and protests centered on the Black Lives Matter movement against police shootings.

Kashiya Nwanguma, a student at the University of Louisville who is black, attended a Trump rally in Louisville this month, she says, to better understand the Trump phenomenon. She said in an interview this week that she suddenly felt the crowd’s attention turn to her after Trump saw the anti-Trump sign she was holding and asked that she be removed. Someone promptly snatched it out of her hand. Next, she was being roughly shoved by several white men.

“I think a lot of it has to do with ignorance that’s rooted in fear of the other,” said Nwanguma, 21, when asked about the incident Thursday. “None of the people who were attacking me even knew what was on my sign. I obviously stood out in the crowd based on my appearance.”

One question that hangs over would-be protesters is whether the real estate mogul will be able to prevent instances of violence if they continue growing. He has often spoken dismissively about the incidents on the trail.

“See, if I say, ‘Go get them,’ I get in trouble with the press, the most dishonest human beings in the world,” Trump said during the Louisville rally. “If I say, ‘Don’t hurt them,’ then the press says, ‘Well, Trump isn’t as tough as he used to be.’ ”

There were signs of the potential for chaos during a campaign rally in New Orleans, three days after the incident in Louisville, when dozens of protesters were escorted out of the New Orleans Lakefront Airport hangar.

Trump, struggling to be understood through a muffled sound system, shouted for security to get the protesters out.

As the demonstrators shouted, “Black lives matter!” another group of attendees began shouting, “All lives matter!” The latter has become a slogan for conservatives who reject the Black Lives Matter movement as identity politics. Several individuals began to shove one another, and one man, who held a sign that accused Trump of being associated with the Ku Klux Klan, attempted to bite a Trump supporter before he was led out.

The Trump campaign has not responded to requests for details on how it coordinates security at its events. Trump has a Secret Service detail, but protesters have largely been handled by local police officers or by members of Trump’s staff. Campaign manager Corey Lewandowski has been spotted helping escort demonstrators out of events. The campaign also plays audio at the beginning asking supporters not to harm protesters.

In Fayetteville, local police were initially unable to locate McGraw, the man accused of assaulting Jones, in part because they rushed to tackle the protester instead. After video of the incident emerged on social media Thursday, the police department launched an investigation and charged McGraw, 78, with assault and disorderly conduct.
During an event Saturday at the University of Central Florida in Orlando, which was interrupted by protesters at least a dozen times, Trump looked on while a man in the crowd grabbed a young Latino man who was with a black man yelling at the stage. One of Trump’s top campaign staffers, George Gigicos, was the first to reach the two protesters, with security officers directly behind him, according to video from the audience posted online.

As the incident unfolded, those in the crowd yelled things such as, “Get ’em!,” “Get ’em out!” and “Beat their a–!” Then there were chants of “Trump! Trump! Trump!” and then “USA! USA! USA!”

After the protesters were removed, Trump said: “You know, we have a divided country, folks. We have a terrible president, who happens to be African American. . . . I’m going to bring people together, you watch. I’m going to bring people together.”

UCF police spokeswoman Courtney Gilmartin said that nearly every officer was working that day, along with many officers from other agencies. As with all private events, she said, the officers inside the arena were “working at the discretion of the campaign.”

Many supporters say the altercations are unrelated to Trump. Katy Lollis of Fayetteville said before the North Carolina event that she is supporting Trump largely because he is self-funding his campaign and because she trusts his business record. Lollis, who is white, said she does not worry about his tone and does not think he is stoking racial tensions.

“It doesn’t give me pause, not for one second, because everyone’s so politically correct you’re afraid to say anything anymore, and he’s finally saying what’s on people’s minds,” she said. “I don’t think he’s doing it in a way that he’s trying to attack anybody. . . . I don’t think that when he’s saying that, I don’t think it’s in a broad stroke. I don’t think he’s racist at all. I do not think so.”

Alvin Bamberger, 75, one of the men who was identified shoving Nwanguma in videos that circulated online, later issued a written apology through the Korean War Veterans Association and said he overreacted after being pushed himself, according to radio station WSCH in Lawrence, Kan. He also said his actions were not based on her race.

“I physically pushed a young woman down the aisle toward the exit, an action I sincerely regret. I have embarrassed myself, my family, and Veterans,” he wrote. “This was a very unfortunate incident and it is my sincere hope that I can be forgiven for my actions.”

For her part, Nwanguma hesitated to say Trump bore responsibility for the incident.

“I can’t say that he caused it. I’m not going to go on record saying he caused it. I will just say that there were racial slurs thrown at me by some in the crowd,” Nwanguma said.

“Protesting is an American tradition,” she added later. “When you don’t believe in something, we have the right to say we don’t believe in this. . . . No matter what all of the people around you believe, you should be able to go into a space . . . [and] not be attacked for having a different belief.”

Un-fucking-believable. I’d expect this sort of shit at a sports event , but this? Let’s face it folks – this assclown is a thug who should be arrested for incitement to riot. All the stupid monkeys that support him are only doing so because he’s been on TV.

He’s a racist, misogynistic fascistic shithead – and anyone, let me repeat in caps ANYONE who advocates (or hints at) violence is not someone anybody should want at the helm (or nuclear button) in any way shape fashion or form.

Civil dissent is at the heart of our so-called democracy. So we’re all Americans in this country, but some people are just lousy at it.

The only good news? Humpty-Trumpty is bound to make the GOP party fall. As it is, even the clowns in the  clown-car that is the Republican Party are appalled.

Till the next post, then.

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More On The Madness Of Muslims: The Bloody Hands Of The Boko Haram

bhrealenemyFeel the white-knuckled outrage:

Boko Haram carnage in Nigeria: over 60 dead, «the children were burned alive»

At least 65 people were killed in the attack committed by militants of the Islamist group Boko Haram on the outskirts of Maiduguri in northeast Nigeria.

According to the armed forces of Nigeria, were attacked the village of Galore, located a few kilometres East of Maiduguri.

AFP referring to escaped the massacre of the bacoor Alumina eyewitness reports that the militants threw the incendiary bomb hut, and inside were heard the cries of the dying, including children.

According to him, the massacre lasted about four hours.

It concluded that in the crowd of inhabitants who had fled to a neighboring village, exploded three suicide bombers.

The real number of victims may far exceed current estimates, as are murdered in the surrounding Bush where they were hunted by extremists.

Boko Haram («Western education is a sin» in the Hausa language) — an Islamist group operating in the North and North-East of Nigeria. The militants also attacked the neighbouring countries of Niger, Cameroon and Chad, reminds «Interfax».

Boko Haram is seeking to establish an Islamic Caliphate and the imposition of Sharia (Islamic law) throughout Nigeria. It is against Western education, democracy and the principle of separation of powers, and also against wearing Western clothes and all the other elements of the «alien» culture. The extremists frequently attack Christian communities and churches and educational institutions.

In March 2015 the group has sworn allegiance to the terrorist organization «Islamic state» (banned in Russia).

Mad dogs all. Xenophobic psychopaths who hide their inhumanity behind religion. Bloody handed bastards who have abdicated reason for the crazy voices in their heads telling them to wash away the ‘sins’ of others in blood, to ignore the cries of the innocent dying, to revel in wrongness because ‘Allah’ (peanut butter and jelly be upon him) had some pedophiliac illiterate dictate astonishing nonsenses.

The desert does not create great men: it parboils their brains and puts sand up their asses, driving them insane, giving them crazy ideas about how to conserve bodily fluids.

The Boko Haram are rabid animals, unworthy of the designation ‘human’.

Till the next post then.

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Religious Fascism In The U.S–Adults Getting Married Is Their Business Only

judgejudyHere now is a perfect example of hypocrisy – the Christians always gibber about ‘free will’, but when the choice is the unwanted one, the choice is inevitably not ‘free’:

Virginia Court Official Tells Atheist Couple They Have No Right To Get Married Because They Don’t Believe In God

Marriage is a right that belongs to any consenting adults. But an over-religious court official in Virginia has a message for atheists and any other non-Christian: you have no right to get married if you don’t believe in God.

Bud Roth is a court appointed officiant in Franklin County, Virginia. He performs wedding ceremonies for couples who go to the courthouse to get married. Atheists, however, have no right to get married as far as he’s concerned.

When Morgan Strong and Tamar Courtney contacted the county courthouse to seal their love for each other after six years together, they were directed to Roth. Roth refused to perform the ceremony at the courthouse and only agreed to marry the couple if they tied the knot at his church. A deal was struck and the cost and date were set. Strong and Courtney would go through the legal part of the ceremony at Roth’s church. That’s when the whole situation turned ugly.

Roth asked the couple about their religious beliefs and upon hearing that he would be performing a ceremony for an atheist and an agnostic, turned the couple away. Why? Because they “didn’t know where God was.” That’s right, Roth refused to marry the couple out of sheer religious bigotry. Disappointed, Morgan and Courtney decided to discuss the situation with Roth and they kindly recorded the conversation.

Upon asking why Roth denied them their right to wed, he replied:

    “Because she’s agnostic and you’re an atheist. I will not marry you. You don’t believe in God… I just don’t marry anyone who does not believe in God [or] believes that there is a God someplace. So I’m not going to talk the issue over with you and I’m not going to argue about it, okay? I’m just not going to marry you. Correct?”

The couple contacted the county clerk, who was floored by their story. She suggested they contact the judge who appointed Roth in the first place. So they wrote a letter to Judge William Alexander who didn’t see any problem at all with a court officiant refusing to marry a couple simply because they don’t share his religious beliefs. The judge referred the couple to the other court appointed officiant who agreed to perform the civil ceremony this coming Monday.

But this incident raises serious concerns. First, a civil servant is supposed to serve the public. That means anyone. As long as a couple has a marriage license, there shouldn’t be any problem. Second, religious discrimination is wrong no matter the venue, but for it to occur at a courthouse by a court official is totally unacceptable. People go to get married at a courthouse to avoid religious pomp and circumstance and because it’s quicker. They don’t go there to have religion shoved down their throats. That’s why my wife and I married at a courthouse. Not because we didn’t believe in a god, but because we didn’t want religion to dominate our day.

Roth was wrong to refuse to perform the ceremony just because Morgan and Courtney don’t share his beliefs. He was also wrong to require them to get married at his church. He’s a COURT-APPOINTED OFFICIANT, for crying out loud! He’s a courthouse employee. Therefore, anyone who wishes to marry at the courthouse should be married at the courthouse. Even if he’s the one asked to perform the ceremony. He’s paid by taxpayers to do this task. He’s not paid to drag couples to church or to refuse to marry a couple because of his own religious beliefs. Separation of church and state is clearly being violated here by both Judge Alexander and Roth. If Roth were a private citizen, then he could refuse to marry anyone. But in this case, he’s NOT a private citizen. The people of Franklin County, Virginia should be embarrassed and outraged by this and they should demand a change be made. Because once religious discrimination infects our courts, anyone is at risk to have their rights and freedoms trampled on by self-righteous pricks in the name of Christianity.

I usually find that being a self-righteous prick and being a Christian usually go hand in hand. Always the automatic assumption of superiority (being told your ideology is the only real ‘truth’ usually causes this) –shortly followed by a litany of liturgical nonsenses that have no impact on anyone but the fellow believer, that only confuse the weak of mind.

The short version is that Bud Roth is a stupid, fascistic asshole, who should lose his job post haste, because not only is he violating the Separation of Church and State, but it’s downright un-American to discriminate based on belief or on non-belief.

Yes this story is a couple of years old, but it still remains topical as this is still a huge problem in this country.

We are constantly hearing about how people are being forced to obey laws that violate their ‘conscience’ (read: they disapprove – like it’s any of their fucking business).

The short version of the reply is: If some aspect of your job ‘violates’ your belief, ‘conscience’, or what-the-fuck-else you wanna call it, then you shouldn’t have taken the job in the first place, and you should go find work elsewhere.

And mind your own fucking business, and the rest of us will mind ours.

Till the next post then.

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More On The Madness Of Muslims– Pakistan, Land Of The Pedophiles

Moslem-Child-brides-Islamic-PedophileBecause there are fewer crimes more disgusting than this:

Pakistani clerics block ‘un-Islamic’ child marriage bill

Pakistani lawmakers have withdrawn a proposal to impose harsher penalties on those who arrange child marriages after it was scuttled by a religious body who branded it “blasphemous” and against Islam, sources told AFP Friday.

The proposal, which would also have raised the legal age of marriages for females from 16 to 18, called for “rigorous” punishment up to two years in prison for those who organize child marriages, still common in some parts of Pakistan.

Marvi Memon, a member of the ruling Pakistan Muslim League (Nawaz), had moved to amend existing child marriage legislation in the lower house but was forced to withdraw her bid after it was rejected by a parliamentary committee on religious affairs, a source familiar with the development told AFP.

A representative from the Council of Islamic Ideology (CII) had dubbed the amendment to the Child Marriage Restraint (Amendment) Bill 2014 as “anti-Islamic” and “blasphemous” during the committee meeting, the source said.

The CII was formed in 1962 to advise parliament on the compatibility of laws with Sharia.

Its recommendations are non-binding, and it has drawn widespread criticism in the past for other rulings — including in 2013, when it suggested making DNA inadmissible evidence in rape cases, instead calling for the revival of an Islamic law that makes it mandatory for a survivor to provide four witnesses to back their claims.

“Marvi wanted deletion of the word ‘simple’ punishment for those involved in arranging child marriages to ‘rigorous’ or ‘two-year’ punishment in the actual legislation,” the parliamentary source, who did not want to be identified due to the sensitivity of the matter, told AFP.

“Marvi also wanted the age for girls’ marriage to be raised from 16 years to 18 years, which does not in any way violate the teachings of Islam,” the source said.

The original law stipulates the age of marriage at 16 for women and 18 for men but Pakistani religious scholars believe it is not in accordance with Islamic teachings.

They say there is no specific age limit for marriage in Sharia as an individual can marry when he or she reaches puberty and puberty cannot be defined by age.

Rights activists strongly criticized the rejection of bill.

“It is a pity that the committee came under the pressure of the council’s unjust ruling,” leading rights activist I.A. Rehman told AFP.

Branding the decision “absurd”, he warned the council was paving the way for its own disbandment and calling its stance a setback to efforts to safeguard human rights in Pakistan.

As if there’s not enough sick old perverts getting their hands on children, they also get religious sanction? Seriously, this is one fucked up religion. Not bad enough that women get treated like shit over there, now the children are subjected to the sick desires of some ancient  pedophile who is incapable of courting a full grown woman – oh wait, they all get married off at puberty. Can any of these deviants get off on another adult? Probably not. And the real reason behind this horrific nonsense is that some mullah or sheik or whatever gets tired of their current ‘squeeze’, so they go out and marry another child.

And don’t give me any of that moral relativist bullshit – don’t care that it’s part of their religion or culture or whatnot. Messing with kids is the act of a coward – a psychosexual crippled braindead set of nerve endings that has to rationalize the ugliness with religion.

Short eyed shitbags. Sickening.

Till the next post then.

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Ding Dong The Dipshit’s Dead– Scaly Scalia Has Left The Building.

lewisblackevolutionI believe in an America where the separation of church and state is absolute, where no Catholic prelate would tell the president (should he be Catholic) how to act, and no Protestant minister would tell his parishioners for whom to vote; where no church or church school is granted any public funds or political preference; and where no man is denied public office merely because his religion differs from the president who might appoint him or the people who might elect him. – JFK

Yeah, it’s bad form to piss on somebody’s grave after their demise. Some people claim that this guy had a ‘fine legal mind’. He was a fucking homophobe and Young Earth Creationist – two qualities that shouldn’t be allowed near ANY political office.

Understand this: I could give a fuck what someone believes. You want to live a life of delusion? Who am I to tell you not to? I can’t tell you what to think say or do – and that works both ways, even if you think you have to force your shit down my throat because you believe some Iron Age campfire stories told by lost shepherds in the desert are real. It gets you through the night? Fine.

Despite the fact that I despise Catholicism, I rather liked JFK (as per the quote above). Because he got it. Regardless of his ideology, he understood this.

Scalia didn’t get a lot of things – it’s not the religious conviction that bugs me the most, it’s the intellectual lobotomy that occurs. The special pleading. All the facile and specious ‘arguments’. And of course, the false moral superiority exhibited by these clowns.

Whenever I have voiced this particular opinion, I always get some fucknut claiming that I only want to elect people who agree with me. Actually, it grates on my nerves it does – what a stupid accusation it is.

If your faith is going to come first, then you can’t be trusted to make an objective opinion on decisions that affect millions of lives. Same thing in medicine: if your ‘faith’ or ‘conscience’ forbids you to administer effective care, you’re forcing your beliefs on others. THAT is the ethical dilemma, not how you feel about it, but it how it impacts others. Some poor woman being denied contraceptives because she’s had a dozen children already and everyone in the family is broke and starving – fuck your god’s will. Free will? Whadda laugh. Can’t use birth control because somehow your absentee deity might object? Gay people can’t get married? Fuck these people. This isn’t YOUR country, it’s OUR country, learn to share and leave people alone, or get the fuck out and found a theocracy somewhere else.

And I don’t care if Carson IS a neuroscientist, I don’t care if everyone is applauding Scalia’s so-called ‘brilliance’ – denying evolution is just denying reality. It consists of denying not oodles, not a hillock, but entire MOUNTAINS of forensic evidence. It’s the pathetic equivalent of clamping hands to ears and shouting “NO! I WON’T LISTEN!” Only the feeble-minded see this sort of stubbornness as a virtue, rather than the willful ignorance it truly is.

As ugly as this sounds, I’m glad this assclown passed. We can only hope someone who is more progressive and objective will replace the stupid anachronisms that Scalia and his cronies perpetuate and propound.

Till the next post then.

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More On The Madness Of Muslims: The Evil Of Honor

jesusandmorespectI have said this many times here, and on the old blog: the litmus test of any civilization (or an ideology, let’s add that too) that determines its worthiness, is the treatment of women and children. And it’s not enough these mad dogs take children as sex slaves, but that they slaughter other adults to enforce their barbarism.

Case in point;

Her Father Shot Her in the Head, as an ‘Honor Killing’

WHETHER it wins or not, the Oscar nominee with the greatest impact — saving lives of perhaps thousands of girls — may be one you’ve never heard of.

It stars not Leonardo DiCaprio but a real-life 19-year-old Pakistani woman named Saba Qaiser. Her odyssey began when she fell in love against her family’s wishes and ran off to marry her boyfriend. Hours after the marriage, her father and uncle sweet-talked her into their car and took her to a spot along a riverbank to murder her for her defiance — an “honor killing.”

First they beat Saba, then her uncle held her as her own father pointed a pistol at her head and pulled the trigger. Blood spewed, Saba collapsed and her father and uncle packed her body into a large sack and threw it into the river to sink. They then drove away, thinking they had restored the family’s good name.

Incredibly, Saba was unconscious but alive. She had jerked her head as the gun went off, and the bullet tore through the left side of her face but didn’t kill her. The river water revived her, and she clawed her way out of the sack and crawled onto land. She staggered toward a gasoline station, and someone called for help.

About every 90 minutes, an honor killing unfolds somewhere in the world, usually in a Muslim country. Pakistan alone has more than 1,000 a year, and the killers often go unpunished.

Watching the documentary about Saba, “A Girl in the River: The Price of Forgiveness,” I kept thinking that just as in the 19th century the central moral challenge for the world was slavery, and in the 20th century it was totalitarianism, in this century the foremost moral issue is the abuse and oppression that is the lot of so many women and girls around the world.

I don’t know whether “A Girl in the River” will win an Oscar in its category, short subject documentary, but it is already making a difference. Citing the film, Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif of Pakistan has promised to change the country’s laws so as to crack down on honor killings.

Saba’s story underscores how the existing law lets people literally get away with murder when honor is the excuse. After doctors saved Saba’s life — as police officers guarded the door so her father didn’t return to finish the job — she was determined to prosecute her father and uncle.

“They should be shot in public in an open market,” she told the filmmaker, Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy, “so that such a thing never happens again.”

The police arrested Saba’s father, Maqsood, and the uncle, Muhammad, and their defense was that they did the right thing.

“She took away our honor,” Maqsood said from his jail cell. “If you put one drop of piss in a gallon of milk, the whole thing gets destroyed. That’s what she has done. … So I said, ‘No, I will kill you myself.’”

Maqsood said that after shooting Saba he went home and told his wife, “I have gone and killed your daughter.” He added: “My wife cried. What else could she do? I am her husband. She is just my wife.”

Perpetrators of honor killings often are not prosecuted because Pakistani law allows families of victims to forgive a killing. So a man kills his daughter, the rest of the family forgives him, and he’s off the hook.

Tremendous pressure was applied to Saba by community elders to pardon her father and uncle. In the end, her husband’s older brother — the head of her new family — told her to forgive and move on. “There is no other way,” he said. “We have to live in the same neighborhood.”

Saba complied, and her father and uncle were released from prison. “After this incident, everyone says I am more respected,” her father boasted. “I can proudly say that for generations to come none of my descendants will ever think of doing what Saba did.” The families still live near each other, although the father insists he will not try again to kill Saba.

The way to reduce honor killings is to end the impunity. Saba tried to do her part, and let’s hope Prime Minister Sharif does indeed end the legal system of forgiveness.

“I wanted to start a national discourse about the issue,” says Obaid-Chinoy, the film’s director. “Until we send people to jail and make examples of them, honor killings will continue.”

Since 9/11, the United States has spent billions of dollars reshaping Afghanistan and Pakistan with the military toolbox; I suspect we would have achieved more if we had relied to a greater extent on the education and women’s empowerment toolboxes.

A starting point would be to encourage governments to protect teenage girls from fathers who want to murder them. Chipping away at this broad pattern of gender injustice is in the interest of all of us. It is our century’s great unfinished business.

Yep, keep adding to the list of mad dogs who should be taken out back and shot in the head. That’s all these two psychotics deserve.

The foremost item is the hypocrisy: both Christianity (free will? HA!) and Islam (not supposed to compel religion, bone up on the fucking thing sometime) is that regardless of their words and teachings, imans and priests (ministers too, if you’re being pedantic) regularly force others in one way or another, to conform to the ‘norm’ or face harsh penalties. And the people in charge of these things tend to be hairy-eyed squalid lunatics, eyes full of an imaginary glory and afterlife.

Butchering and raping women and children is NOT the heroic act of some ‘divine vessel’ – it is the act of a disconnected mentally unhinged individual (or more). If these buttplugs had been doing this in the name of the Almighty Bob, they’d have been castigated and imprisoned. But because they hide under the umbrella of religion, there are no consequences.

If you kill women and rape children, I could care LESS why. You did it. And everyone should get equal treatment. So this makes you a savage, regardless of the WHY of it. A voice told you to? Get help, or get out. A book told you? What, are you a gullible child, to blindly follow it, and cause mayhem and slaughter to those around you?

No more free passes for these psychos, boys and girls. Different culture? Don’t care. Different country? Don’t care. There is no afterlife, so we have to correct this. Here. Now.

And don’t give me that ‘violence doesn’t solve anything’ crap. Yeah, and Hitler was soooo amenable to reason and rationality that Chamberlain managed to avoid World War II.

Till the next post.

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Allegories Gone Wild: Bye Bye To Beck, Good Riddance To Bad Rubbish

glenn-beck-fired4Hey guess what people? Glen Beck, rhetorical idiot extraordinaire, is deporting himself!

Beck says he’s getting ready to flee to Israel for end times

Glenn Beck hosted a studio audience on his television program last night, where he revealed that he has ordered his staff to find a location outside of the United States from which he can continue to broadcast his programs once American society collapses and the government shuts down his network.

What a surprise he’s in for: ain’t gonna happen.

Beck fielded a question from a woman who had relocated her family from California to Texas based upon Beck’s warnings of a coming social collapse and wanted Beck’s advice on how best to prepare her children for what is to come, to which Beck responded that he and his wife are going to start reading the apocalyptic “Left Behind” series to their own children in preparation for the End Times.

Talk about the blind leading the blind! And they’ll probably praise the ditch and claim that it’s a sign from their imaginary friend.

Beck revealed that he recently had conversations with two different people who warned that the American economy and social structure are on the verge of total collapse, which prompted him to tell his staff to get to work finding a location in Israel to which they can flee when it happens.

Which two people? Don’t these assclowns love name-dropping?

“We have to pick up our pace on finding another place to broadcast,” Beck told his staff. “I need to know if I can get to Jerusalem, where they won’t shut this down and we can be able to broadcast into the United States. This could end quickly.”

Or, to quote Malcolm from Firefly, “That’s a long wait for a train that ain’t comin’.”

Beck’s young daughter happened to be in the room when he made that declaration and was understandably upset by it, but Beck said that we cannot shield our children from the realities of the world because “they’re the giants that are going to fix this, they have to know.”

Newflash: your supernatural rubbish has absolutely no basis in the real world.

As such, Beck and his wife are going to be reading the “Left Behind” series to their children because “they have to know that this might be the time … You have an army on earth now that says they are the army of the Antichrist, they are the army of Armageddon.”

Shee-it, even an atheist like me knows that the ‘Rapture’ is just another made-up story cobbled together from other disjointed fables. That’s okay: if his family is normal (supposition), they’ll likely be telling how their dad thought the world was gonna end when it didn’t, and rub his stupid nose into it. That is if they’re normal.

Beck, of course, is doing all that he can to prevent this from happening, which is why he has endorsed Ted Cruz for president.

It’s like a bad movie. According to the Christians, it’s going to happen. And their imaginary pal would likely be somewhat upset that his ‘plans’ were thwarted. But then, we know the delusional make a point of changing goal posts at a moment’s notice.

“This is why I’m endorsing Ted Cruz and I’m going out this weekend” to Iowa, he said. “If I could change one mind, I am not going to sit at home because I know what the consequences are.”

Yeah Beck, the only minds you’re going to change are feeble ones.

But, to butcher a saying by old Billy Shakespeare, “Nothing became his country but his leaving of it.”

It’s always hard to separate the histrionics from the publicity stunts. I’m guessing the former here, and will gleefully laugh when again, Glen Blecch!, proves what an idiot he is. Which isn’t hard to do.

What would be fun, is if Congress passed a bill banning this blithering loudmouth from coming back from Israel. Hell yeah!

Till the next post then.

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