Jon Stewart To Fox News: ‘Nothing Obama Does Will Ever Make You F*cking Happy’

It’s true. Fox News and conservative news media in general will never be happy with anything Obama does. Conservatives have been in a tizzy about Obama choosing to go to a taping  for an appearance on the daytime tv show The View instead of showing up to speak at the 100-year Boy Scout Jamboree in Virginia.

Link: The story

As stated in this article,  if Obama had chosen to speak at the Jamboree instead, then Faux News  and other conservative media sources would be jumping in his shit for not attending an open forum to discuss important issues to women on a national television program. He just can’t win.

I love the point that Jon Stewart makes in response to those who say that Obama’s presence on The View is “undignified”.  Stewart shows a clip of Dubya and Laura Bush doing an interview with Dr. Phil, as well as a couple of other programs.

Here is the video clip from July 29th Daily Show.

I never watch the view, but have watched clips of the President’s appearance and it seems that he was asked some serious questions and gave some very candid answers in a casual setting.

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3 Responses to Jon Stewart To Fox News: ‘Nothing Obama Does Will Ever Make You F*cking Happy’

  1. keddaw says:

    It could be that the President has decided against helping out an organisation that discriminates against gays and atheists – it’s in their handbook! Just hoping…

  2. John Marley says:

    keddaw: as cool as that would be (and it would be very cool), it’s beside the point. Which is that the far-right nutjobs will take literally any excuse to bash Obama.

    I also really liked “And by the way, do you idiots have any short-term memory at all?”
    The answer is “No” of course. At least half of the stuff the blow a gasket about, is the sort of thing every President since Reagan (if not before) has done. The other half seems to be blaming Obama for stuff that was left for him to clean up.

  3. keddaw says:

    You’re right John, and surely it’s time for the President to realise that you cannot get a consensus when the other half are foaming at the mouth when you do anything, even stuff they used to do (criminal trial for underwear bomber vs. shoe bomber; Bush delay in visiting New Orleans vs Obama visit to the Gulf; etc.)

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