Alaskan citizen confronts Palin

Sarah Palin is beyond annoying in this exchange with a schoolteacher from Homer, Alaska who had displayed a banner reading “Worst Governor Ever” at a shooting location for Palin’s TLC reality series. (or as one commenter at YouTube put it- “another piece of video featuring Mrs. Palin in which a stream of content-free, incoherent word salad comes out of her.”) Palin is such a ditz. She and her daughter give each other looks that obviously show their opinion of the woman’s occupation when she states she is a school teacher, and then Palin denies her denigrating expressions later on her Facebook wall even though the video below is out there for all to see for themselves. Then she goes on to say how “flattered” she is by every negative thing the teacher says about her (in that sing-song voice of hers that makes her sound like she has been taking too many happy pills). Also, she denies her celebrity status, saying she is flattered that the woman thinks she is a celebrity.🙄

Palin is a liar. As far as politics goes (thank goodness for all of us) she is a bullshitter and a quitter. And she can deny it and lie about it all she wants, but the truth is that Palin is after celebrity recognition and money and will try to get it any way she can. She doesn’t give a shit about America or the people she says she is “fighting for”.

News story on The Upshot at Yahoo

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19 Responses to Alaskan citizen confronts Palin

  1. hogarm says:

    Palin’s claim to be fighting for freedoms protected by our Constitution is unconscionable. Or more likely just stupidity. Here are just a few of our Constitutional liberties she opposes.
    1. The 14th amendment’s guarantee of equal protection under the law. The Calif. Judge overturning Prop 8 cited it. If the state legally sanctions marriage, it has to do so for all marriages.
    2. Freedom of speech is guaranteed by the 1st amendment and includes American flag desecration. She supports a constitutional amendment to take away that freedom.
    3. Freedom of a woman from the state controlling her reproductive tract. The courts cited the 5th amendment’s privacy guarantee, the 9th amendment’s un-enumerated rights, and the 14th amendments protection of liberty in Roe v Wade. She would prefer to ignore the constitution in laws concerning abortion.
    4. She wants prayer in public schools in violation of the 1st amendment’s protection against establishing religion.
    And on and on. She is more anti-constitution than pro-constitution.

  2. Stardust says:

    hogarm, Excellent examples of how Palin is fighting AGAINST our freedoms. The woman is a typical fundie conservative liar.

  3. ChuckA says:

    Yes, hogarm…”And on and on.”
    Everything you enumerated PLUS all those “on and on’s” should be clearly listed, and brought up often, not just in comments threads, of course, but in the major broadcast media.
    Yeah…”fat chance”?
    Let’s hope, of course, that’s not entirely true!

    It’s actually quite scary, IMO, to consider that it’s…ONLY…because of the outrageously, even blatantly dumb and rationally obnoxious choice by the ever-greedy for power, 2008 Fundie Right Wing Rethuglican assholes of a relative numb-skull like her to potentially become the Vice President…repeat…
    YIKES!!!…(What!…cue the old “Get Smart” line: “…missed it by THAT much!”?)
    that ANYONE has…and continues…paying attention to the likes of her…and the other lying, totally irrational, numbskulls like Michelle Bachmann, Sharron Angle, etc.
    The truly intelligent, ACTUALLY knowledgeable women who are simultaneously running for various offices get almost NO attention by the media.
    “Fucks” News, of course, eats all that kind of shit up; having added Palin to their already bat-shit insane crew, with the likes of the, literally insane, hard-core Mormon (Moron) idiot, Glenn Beck. Imagine that THAT total fucktard, according to Forbes magazine, purportedly made $32 million in 2009. AND…since the fucktard (lying, ever-smiley-bitch?) Palin abandoned, mid-way, her Alaska job, she’s made some (only?) $12 million.
    What!…after a hard day’s Alaskan helicopter, “Grizzly-Mama”, Wolf…
    perhaps even “Rocky and Bullwinkle”(?) hunting…it’s time for:

    Let’s face it…there’s a WHOLE lot of mullah to made from continually sucking the wallets of the rather astounding number of Constitutionally ignorant, lifetime bigoted, assault weapon loving, absolute literalist Bible indoctrinated, American idiots.

    If it weren’t, I think, for a few somewhat prominent media voices, like Keith Olbermann, Ed Shultz, and Rachel Maddow, hardly anyone would pay much attention at all to what’s being set up, BIG TIME, for propelling this country ever closer to a Christian Theocracy…in the up-coming, already loony-tunes, mid-term elections…
    AND, of course…I shudder to think…
    in 2012.

  4. jimmer54 says:

    Did you notice how quickly she reframed the situation and made it about how she herself is so wonderful and fabulous. Just like a great used car saleswoman.

    We need to make sure she doesn’t get another chance at the White House. We do not need another Quitter in Chief. How tough could it really have been in Alaska? Can you imagine someone like her dealing with Putin or any other hard core politico from a foreign nation? She didn’t have the fortitude to fight for her place in Alaska. Why would she fight for the US in foreign affairs

  5. Stardust says:

    Having Palin as President would be a thousand times more embarrassing than Dubya. How can anyone in their right mind take this woman seriously as a head of anything except punch and cookies at a kiddie social event?

  6. keddaw says:

    I can almost understand people clinging to their bibles when they haven’t actually read it – it’s quite big.

    The Constitution is really short though. There is no excuse for any American to be ignorant of its contents, even if their intent can be open to interpretation.

  7. hogarm says:

    Yep, the Christian’s bible is big and thick, full of contradictions, historical errors and irrelevant fairy tales. Anyone who claims to read it daily and find it a guide for their daily lives is flat-out lying to you.
    The United States Constitution is short, concise and to the point. The only parts that are open to interpretation are the parts the authoritarian Christians have been trying to get around for 2 centuries.
    “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion …”
    I mean, what the hell part of NO LAW is open to interpretation?

  8. Stardust says:

    I have a copy of the constitution here on my bookshelf for constant reference. Everyone should own one. I got mine for just a buck.

  9. ChuckA says:

    Only a buck, huh…Stardust?…WOW!
    but; does it easily fit in a bread basket…or your old grammar school lunch box?

    OK…speaking of copies…FREE, of course! (hopefully!)…here’s one online US Constitution Site’s Index page; which seems to have a pretty good way of maneuvering about in the whole Constitutional subject.
    There’s even a PDF of the text available…and…what a surprise!…even a Spanish version.
    [What!…no French, German, Swedish, Hindi, Swahili…Mayan or Hopi Indian, etc.?]
    (Of course…cue that ever-annoying phone answering voice?):
    “For English, press one!”

    Seriously, here’s the link:

    “Good luck, folks…and have a nice…erm…

  10. bibowen says:

    Thanks for the video. What I saw was a mean ideologue with her pitiful sign (how sad) trying to attack a charming, patriotic American, who returned to her nothing but kindness. Just another reason why she’s loved and respected by many Americans.

  11. Stardust says:

    What I saw was a mean ideologue with her pitiful sign (how sad) trying to attack a charming, patriotic American, who returned to her nothing but kindness. Just another reason why she’s loved and respected by many Americans.

    bibowen, you are joking, right?

    How is it being mean just for expressing one’s displeasure with Palin for quitting her elected office before her term was even half over? I thought the woman with the sign, once she talked with Palin was civil and respectful in the face of Palin’s fakiness and lying. I am sure that I would have had to make that point to Palin in a much more direct and not-so-polite manner as the woman in the video handled the conversation. She was too polite as far as I am concerned.

    In the eyes of much of the population, Palin is a liar, and a quitter. And she is always not very intelligent if she believes the world to be only 6,000 years old. She has shown herself to be a corrupt, money-grubbing opportunistic politician wannabe.

  12. Ray Garton says:

    Bibowen — Your comment is not the least bit surprising. I see by your website that you are a seditious America-hater who wants to abolish the Constitution and turn this country into a totalitarian Christian theocracy. I won’t mince words. People like you and your girlfriend Sarah Palin are enemies of this country. You are a far bigger danger than any terrorist or socialist or illegal alien. You are a cancer in this nation. You have no business applying words like “patriotic” to yourselves because you hate this country so much, you want to overthrow the government and destroy everything the United States stands for. I for one am out to expose America-hating enemies like you. You don’t belong here. You want a theocracy? Go found a country of your own in which you can impose your religious beliefs on everyone. You’re not going to do it here because there are too many people who simply will not sit still for it. Everything that comes out of the mouths of people like you in reference to this country is an evil lie. You are what I like to call the Children of Goebbels. Joseph Goebbels said, “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.” Every time you or Palin or others like you tell another one of your bald-face, utterly fabricated lies about the United States, its history and its Constitution, somewhere Joseph Goebbels smiles. A lot of people remain silent and let you get away with this because you have cleverly wrapped your seditious politics in religion, which many consider an untouchable subject. I am not one of those people and neither are the others who haunt this blog. People like us are growing in number because we recognize the danger you and your ilk pose to this nation. I have nothing but contempt for you. Now, if you’d like to pursue a discussion with me, you’re more than welcome. But please be advised that this is the last post in which I will be sensitive and polite.

  13. What Ray Garton said. When you understand that, according to the research of religious organizations, themselves (, 85% of Christians are “converted” between the ages of 4 and 14, and only 4% join as full-fledged adults, you begin to realize what’s happening here: If it were not for indoctrination of children, a coalition of mainstream religion and secular humanism would not now be forced to resist efforts by certain Christian Fundamentalists to force through government what they cannot sell by persuasion to grown up minds trained in critical thinking. This militant brand of Christianity does, indeed, appear to hate America as it is now and wish to alter the constitution to make it something it never yet has been, a “Christian” nation rather than a nation of religious liberty. This should send a chill through everyone who believes in the freedom to worship, or not worship, according to one’s conscience. If the efforts of these fanatics and their members in congress and their heroine Sarah Palin to make this nation into a theocracy of their own leanings succeed, it won’t just be Jews, Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists and non-believing secular humanists who suffer, it will be every sort of Christian who does not see eye to eye with the brand of militant Christians now trying to gain political power. The wall of separation has kept one of this nation’s most important freedoms intact since the founding.

    One more thing: Calling separation of church and state “segregation” in an attempt to impugn it by associating it with racial segregation is absurd and ill-founded. It is a certain brand of religion that is demanding the special treatment here, trying to enforce a taboo on any criticism of itself that no other group enjoys, and working toward dominance over all dissenting groups. To imply that this aggressive, theocratic brand of religion is the victim of segregation would be laughable if it were not so outrageous.

  14. Karen says:

    It boggles my mind, that any decently educated person, who has even a mediocre knowledge of world history, would be able to ignore the obvious…that all governments/countries ruled through religion were brutal and unjust. Virtually all the people who fled from Europe to America came here so that they could have freedom to believe whatever they wanted…or not, without fear that government would force any brand of religion upon them. That you then turn around and insist we implement your brand of religion into our government. You are either a misguided fool or power hungry…although that might be a false dilemma in your case.

  15. Laurie says:

    The term psychopath was usurped by Hollywood, turning all psychopaths into serial killers. The truth is often far less dramatic…. A far greater understanding of mental issues has come about over the years… and so we must be more specific.
    Palin is extremely narcissistic (wants tons of attention, no fear of the spotlight) ;
    Palin is antisocial. She is “sociable” but TOO friendly, as to be unnerving to some, acts against societal constraints with no fear, inspires emotional reactions in people); Pathological Liar (effortlessly misleads, no anxiety about untruths)
    All these traits indicate a lowered sense of fear or anxiety. No “butterflies”, no knots in the stomach guiding her behaviors…. She has “some nerve”. I call it “gall”. Very often those with gall step up and do what others dread to try. Sometimes, this can be good when things need to be done. But when very important matters of national security are at stake… well… then it is cause for alarm. She will not stop because she develops some understanding of matters that will change this, her nature. She is a psychopath. (sociopath, narcissistic personality disorder, whatever they might label it this year) We’ve all met them… .few attain any real power, besides the power to annoy.usually they are less “foxy” and ambitious than Ms. Palin.

    There is no “official diagnosis” which can be a good thing… because if we pinpont it and name it, then treatments, therapies might be assigned to help, a diagnosis would provide some “excuse”, and since there is no effective treatment or therapy, nothing effective with which can even approach a solution, no one is ever officially diagnosed in this capacity unless they are in the prison population. There is plenty of tolerance because there is no way to change a person like this. Any attempt at a solution is exploited by the psycho. More than just a barrier to any effective solution, proposed solutions are usurped, which in iteself constitutes the manifestation of the problem in our society. It’s a dialectical personality problem. We cannot approach it with any real solutions because it absorbs them, changes the nature of the consciousness that is offered and incorporates ever more awareness into the schema of the psychopathy. The nature of the phenomenon is wholly negative, and anything approaching it is simply perverted by the pathos. The problem isn’t that the person lacks reason, it’s that the person consciously? chooses ? unreason. That is the modus operandi of the disorder. Neuroscience is finding some truths to support all of this. Chemically and in the physical structure of the brain, these people are different in ways that chills the rest of us.

    No way to cause a person to grow a conscience…. and so these people and their idiosyncracies are usually successfully brushed under the rug, marginalized, ignored… and these types don’t often get very far in their endeavors before something topples them from their own thrown in their fantasy land of B.S. they’ve incessantly worked at building… everyone’s met someone who fit this criterium… but they aren’t usually a threat, just an annoyance. Give these types power (and they’re always looking to grab it) and it can get dangerous, as history’s psychos have shown…
    Sociopaths, Psychos, Narcissists… (all generally the same thing) are VERY overrepresented in public office, being just the sort of work toward which they are naturally inclined. People of great conscience have decided it is not an honorable profession, and so it spirals into the circus performance we currently see.

  16. Tommykey says:

    Someone asked Sarah Palin which books she’s read lately, and her answer was “All of them.”

  17. bibowen says:

    @Stardust—I doubt this sad woman with her pitiful sign was a fan of Palin’s to begin with. She probably didn’t like her and wanted her to quit; it’s just disingenuous for her to berate her for quitting. Second, I don’t know why liberals jump all over her for quitting when politicians do this all the time. They do it often b/c they are running for a higher office. I want to see liberals apply this standard consistently.

    @Ray—I think our anger management sessions are helping, but the nurses have asked you to stop scaring the kiddies.

    @Steven—same thing goes for atheistic education in public schools.

    @Karen—there were some abuses by Christian regimes but the abuses by atheistic regimes were far worse. The Judeo Christian morality and the legal/governmental/cultural systems that came from it have provided greater freedom for the most people throughout history. Several books record this info. One of the most recent is D’Souza’s book “What’s So Great About Christianity”? Don’t equate all religions as the same; they’re not. That would be like me saying that all unbelievers are the same, that you are just like Ray the Madman from the post above you.

    @Laurie—lots of labels; no evidence.

  18. Ray Garton says:

    Bibowen — You’re confusing directness with anger. You’re just not accustomed to people calling you on your lies, that’s all. You’ll adjust. I’m curious to know which “atheistic regimes” you’re talking about, and which “legal/governmental/cultural systems” you believe to have come from “Judeo Christian morality.”

  19. Stardust says:

    @Stardust—I doubt this sad woman with her pitiful sign was a fan of Palin’s to begin with.

    You don’t know that. Maybe she is a disgruntled republican, maybe she is a liberal. However, she is a citizen of Alaska who Palin was working for…supposedly…till she became a QUITTER.

    She probably didn’t like her and wanted her to quit; it’s just disingenuous for her to berate her for quitting.

    Again, you do not know this. You are throwing out assumptions and scenarios. Again, this woman is a citizen of Alaska and probably doesn’t like quitters and those who looking for their own publicity. Palin is nothing more than an attention whore, like Ann Coulter.

    Second, I don’t know why liberals jump all over her for quitting when politicians do this all the time.

    I haven’t heard of a governor quitting before their term was half over for quite some time. Sometimes they are removed too, like Blago in Illinois. Even liberals there are not happy with him and can admit he is a crook. That’s the difference, Rethuglicans will just back their party members even when they are wingbat crazy, crooks, and after their own celebrity if they just say they love Jeezus and god they can do no wrong.

    They do it often b/c they are running for a higher office. I want to see liberals apply this standard consistently.

    That doesn’t make it right because one party does something, so the other one should get away with it too. Let’s all be crooks and quitters! I do not approve of these sort of politics no matter what party. I would like to see Washington cleaned out of all these scumballs and power hungry selfish bitches and bastards.

    atheistic regimes were far worse.

    I disagree. The atrocities, baby killing, murdering abortion doctors, invading other countries, etc in the name of religion has a very dark and extensive history. Religion is used even in these modern times to justify war, bigotry, horrific persecution, wars, discrimination, terror. I know, the tired old Stalin, Mao, etc. etc. Those regimes were religions in and of themselves. It’s all having to do with those who are power hungry and wanting ultimate control. Religion has been and still is a powerful political tool throughout the ages to keep the sheeple in line.

    same thing goes for atheistic education in public schools.

    You must be one of those willfully ignorant believers who equates Science and secular education with atheism.

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