Saudis Want ‘Mecca Time’ to Replace GMT

The Christians have claimed our official calendar dates with the “year of our Lord”, and now the superstitious Islamic folks want control a whole time zone. For folks whose holy books say to live in the world but not be of the world, they sure want to control everything in this world.

Saudi Arabia is building what it calls the largest clock in the world, with an inscription that says “God is greatest” in Arabic, atop the second-largest skyscraper in the world, in Islam’s magical woo city of Mecca. Saudi Arabia hopes to succeed in replacing GMT with “Mecca Time.”

Saudis Want ‘Mecca Time’ to Replace GMT

For centuries, an astronomy observatory in Greenwich, London — the namesake of Greenwich Mean Time — has been the reference point for lines of longitude, ships’ navigation on the world’s seas and the time zones used today.


It’s still under construction atop a nearly 2,000-foot-tall building overlooking Mecca’s Grand Mosque, the point where Muslims around the world turn toward during their five daily prayers. Millions of faithful visit the site as part of the Muslim hajj voyage and other pilgrimages each year.

“We in Mecca hope to be the world’s central time zone, and not just have a clock to look at, to show off,” Mecca resident Hani al-Wajeeh told Agence France-Presse.

“Putting Mecca time in the face of Greenwich Mean Time, this is the goal,” Mohammed Al-Arkubi, general manager of Royal Makkah Tower Hotel, told the Arab News, a Saudi newspaper.

So, just because you build the biggest clock in the name of your imaginary friend you get to name the time zone?

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11 Responses to Saudis Want ‘Mecca Time’ to Replace GMT

  1. KA says:

    Hey, what’s up w/that ad?

  2. KA says:

    Huh. There was a ‘Curves’ ad just below the post, it’s gone now. Weird.

  3. Suzan says:

    All religions are lame. The desert three are the lamest of all. No I will not operate on Mecca time.

  4. Stardust says:

    This version of WordPress is weird.

  5. ChuckA says:

    And all that those idiot, self-righteous, Muslims are facing, in their five times a day slavish praying to a totally made-up vicious notion of a non-existent sky-fuck…
    is what ACTUALLY amounts to nothing more than an old fucking black, actually rather common-place, meteorite!
    In other words, the conniving, bastard, instigators of Islam didn’t know “Jack-squat” about rather commonly occurring space junk…or the Solar System…or Galaxies…or…
    what was more than likely lodged (and viciously lurking?) up their hairy, smelly, sand infested assholes.
    Hmmm…and I just had lunch…

    And these currently vicious, ignorant, knuckle-headed jack-asses want the rest of the world to pay serious attention to their utterly stupid, 2,000 foot, friggin’ waste of money clock?
    A (Timex) question…
    “Can it take a licking and keep on ticking?”
    “No…but how ’bout…
    a stoning…and keep on groaning…?
    not even that!😯

    One more example, IMO, of the absolutely blatant insanity that IS imminently part and parcel of religion.

  6. Tony D says:

    The controversial issue among Muslims is the contention that the GMT that was imposed by Britain and the West during the colonial period contradicts their science. The main contention is that unlike other longitudes, Mecca is in perfect alignment with magnetic north and the center of the earth. Muslim fundamentalist praise this as evidence of the direction they should be facing when they pray. Apparently their science that they proudly proclaim, is in reality, pseudoscience, motivated by religious and political fanatics in an attempt to indicate to the world that their science is superior to the Wests. In actuality the North Magnetic Pole is on longitude 110.8 degrees West through Canada, the USA, Mexico and Antarctica. The opposite longitude is 69.2 degrees East, which bypasses Mecca by about 29 degrees. So Mecca is not the center of the earth and you can’t mythologize that. They should be warned, however, to be careful with all the lights they’re planning to put on the tower because as they say in the West “the better to see you, my dear.”

  7. John Marley says:

    The main contention is that unlike other longitudes, Mecca is in perfect alignment with magnetic north and the center of the earth.


  8. “God is greatest,” load of crap!

    Yeah, that would make a nice inscription.

    God is Greatest Load of Crap

    Tony, GMT was all about the train schedule if the history I’m familiar with is correct.
    Why change it now? They live their lives waiting for their call to prayer, like dogs being told when to eat. They don’t need to know the time.

  9. MichaelKnows says:

    Hey Saudi Arabia…. take that ‘rock’ you pray to and pound it up your ass!!!

  10. KA says:

    Really, true magnetic north isn’t something you can just re-tool any time you want. Because it’s based on reality.

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