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Guest post from our friend Chuck A

You’ve probably heard about the outrageous fucktard, Franklin Graham, on his whole RECENT lie about Obama’s “Faith”...AND…the total omission re: Obama’s father actually having been an EX-Muslim…atheist. Of course, he was also a drunk, and was killed in a car accident, etc.

ALSO…Obama’s mom, if I recall correctly, was agnostic, and not religious. Any Christian programming probably came from Obama being raised by his white Irish grandparents…?

That anyone pays any attention to dip-shit Franklin Graham, of course, is due to the total mindless charade of his fundie idiot dad…”Billy”. Thanks, in no small measure to all the kiss-assing Presidents; and more recently, Larry King for having all of them on MANY times, over the years; including, of course, Billy Graham’s daughter, who’s a TOTAL friggin’ fundie ‘ditz’. Talk about bad genes…and extreme brainwashing?

One of my pet peeves, regarding Larry King, which I’ve expressed more than once on GifS, is the obvious lack of attention to atheists…except Bill Maher…mostly because he’s a comedian. I don’t remember any Larry King program featuring ONLY Dawkins or Hitchens, focusing purely on atheism OR their anti-religious stances. Of course, all the media outlets are scared shit of us atheists, even Olbermann, and Maddow, the best of the lot, are to some degree, godbotherers.

Have you seen Cenk Uygur? He subbed last week for Ed Shultz…he’s an admitted EX-Muslim, turned agnostic, and very ‘refreshing’ outspoken Progressive, I think!

Here’s a couple of YouTube links re: his recent “Ed Show”, etc. appearances:
“Ed Show: Cenk Vs ‘Muslim Seed’ BS From Evangelical Christian”:

This one includes the omission (and lie) by “JP” that Obama’s dad was Muslim; no mention of his having ended up as an…atheist.
[Yeah…Ooga-booga”…even scarier, and demonic, than Muslim?]

“MSNBC: Cenk On Obama & Religion”:

What an amazing number of total blatantly lying idiots there are, in this country!

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6 Responses to Bonehead News alert

  1. jimmer54 says:

    Nicely done Chuck
    Yeah I read this the other day and thanks. I didn’t know how to deal with it and it really pissed me off.

    But now I do
    Here it is.

    Ok so I start thinking about Franklin Graham’s idea that obama is xian and hea has to take him at his word and all

    but What Franklin doesnt get is that it works both ways

    So I’ll start it. I wonder if , “Franklin Graham is homosexual”

    You see Franklin has never said that he isn’t. And we as atheists know what I;m doing.

    Gert it yet Franklin you little dick?

  2. Stardust says:

    So I’ll start it. I wonder if , “Franklin Graham is homosexual”
    You see Franklin has never said that he isn’t. And we as atheists know what I;m doing.

    Jimmer, good point! LOL!

  3. littlejohn says:

    Somebody on CNN – was it Lou Dobbs, before he got on the immigrant crazy train? – did an extended bit with Hitchens a few years ago. Maybe somebody has a clearer memory of this that I do. But yeah, most prominent atheists only get invited if they’re “balanced” by some god-walloper.

  4. ChuckA says:

    Pardon, if you will, some more blabbing addendum…
    I have to give all the credit to Stardust for posting this. The “Guest” content text is pretty much exactly as I had emailed her, suggesting the subject as a possible Post. IOW…Stardust did all the work!
    This old dog (me), I admit, needs to learn a new trick by possibly going back to school for some basic HTML training. (Perhaps at WordPress U.?)

    One thing came to mind after actually seeing the content displayed as a Post; and that is, in all the yapping about “Freedom of Religion” that’s going on all over the place, the mention of the ALL important “Wall of Separation”…or…1st Amendment implied “Freedom FROM Religion” is rarely, if ever, mentioned…let alone emphasized.
    When the actual subject of atheism is mentioned, if at all, no-one points out that atheism is NOT a religion. How many times, however, have we atheists seen people arguing…for example, on Austin’s Site…that it IS a religion.
    Bottom-line(?)…the freedom to NOT believe in ANY gods whatsoever, especially when there is absolutely NO evidence…and never has been…not ONE iota…Scientific or otherwise, for the actual existence of any sort of supposed ridiculous “Sky-daddy” (think Abrahamic?), is completely ignored anytime the subject is discussed in the media.
    It’s, of course, not JUST people like Larry King that I’m referring to; it’s rampant in all of our deeply indoctrinated…I call it “chicken-shit”…cultural media sources.
    Also, how many times have you ever heard the subject of “rational, critical, thinking” being highlighted in any public discussion; especially in connection with the subject of religion?
    Personally, I can’t remember any, especially recent, instances.
    Cenk, I think…and one reason I focused on him…at least exhibits some tendency towards the actual exercise of that frequently overlooked “virtue”.

    “In conclusion”…and as I think I’ve said, or at least intimated, more than once on this Site…
    There is absolutely NOTHING rational about ANY religions…NADA.
    That “fact”, especially now, in all this incredible Political/Religious melee, needs to be hammered home, MUCH more often by US. After all…who else can we count on to really broach the subject.

    It’s particularly sad, I think, at this ‘juncture’, that Christopher Hitchens has been taken out of action…hopefully temporarily, of course…which pretty much leaves Bill Maher, as the main recognized, and admitted, outspoken atheist to get any media attention.
    [Maher’s HBO “Real Time”, by the way, is due back on Sept. 17th.]

  5. Ray Garton says:

    I think atheists scare Larry King and make him wet his Depends. Of course, I’ve thought for many years that LARRY KING LIVE should be called LARRY KING SEMICONSCIOUS.

  6. Robster says:

    Hey, I’d really rather a leader that had the rational intelligence to figure that the sky fairy / prayer thing is nothing more than wishful thinking. Obama has the whole world in his hands, unlike the gawd thing they claim to believe in. The world would be a better place if leaders were able to leave the superstitious nonsense at home.

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