Massive Child Sex Cover-up in German Catholic Church Implicates the Pope

On December 3, Deutsche Welle printed a story about an investigation into child sexual abuse in the Archdiocese of Munich and Freising. It revealed a massive cover-up that’s been going on, at least, since 1945.

The lawyer heading up the investigation, Marion Westpfahl, said at a press conference on Friday that the available records pointed to huge gaps in the documentation between 1945 and 2009. She added this hinted strongly at a “systematic system of cover-up,” in which few abuse cases were criminally prosecuted.

“Only 26 priests were convicted for sexual offences,” Westpfahl explained to reporters, saying she found 365 files containing evidence that “acts of abuse had taken place in an almost commonplace manner. … We have to assume that there is a large unknown number [of abuse cases],” she said. “We are dealing with the extensive destruction of files.”

In the 13,200 files available, Westpfahl found evidence damning “159 priests, 15 deacons, 96 religion teachers and six pastoral employees, with rural areas particularly affected.”  Those, of course, are only the obvious ones.

During the period from 1977 to 1982, this archdiocese was in the charge of then Archbishop Josef Ratzinger, who is now Pope Benedict XVI, CEO of the world’s largest child rape organization, known as the Catholic church.  According to Westpfahl, the years under Ratzinger were especially poorly documented.

This means that the man who is now pope was actively involved in the protection of child rapists and the cover-up of the rape of an unknown number of children.

Current Archbishop Reinhard Marx reacted to this investigation by saying, “As a church, we ask forgiveness for those things done by our church employees.”

Tell it to your savior, Mr. Marx — we aren’t listening anymore.

How much longer must this go on?  It first reached the attention of the American media in the 1980s when daytime talk show hosts like Phil Donahue and Oprah Winfrey.  That wasn’t when it first started happening, of course, that’s just when we started talking about it openly.  It’s been going on much longer than that, and it’s still going on — right in front of our eyes.  And yet Kiddierapists-R-Us (aka the Catholic church) is allowed to continue this abominable practice with impunity.

This ongoing systematic rape of children and sheltering of child rapists is a crime against humanity that is every bit as immoral as the slavery that was the norm in early America and the systematic mass murder committed by the Nazis in Germany in the first half of the 20th century.  If time travel were possible, how far in the future would we have to go before we finally found human beings who looked back on our indifferent complicity in this massive destruction of lives with horror and disgust?

It’s only a matter of time before the Catholic League’s abominable, inhuman director, Bill Donohue — who regularly defends the church’s child rapists by claiming that their victims are “gold diggers” — comes forward with another imaginative defense of the men who ruthlessly fuck little children, and the church that protects them.

What do we know about Donohue, anyway?  I’ve been unable to find much and I’m not even sure if he’s married.  What does Donohue do in his spare time?  Does he spend much time with children?  After all, you have to wonder about a man who so vehemently defends child rapists and tries to cast the blame in every conceivable direction but the right one.

Where is law enforcement?  Where are the men and women whose job it is to investigate, arrest and convict criminals?  If the Catholic church were a chain of daycare centers, these priests, bishops and teachers would be in prison faster than you could rattle your rosary.  But it’s a denomination of the Christian religion, and in our culture, we don’t touch religion.  If you want to get away with a crime — just about any crime you can imagine — you’re perfectly safe if you do it under the cover of religion.  Not only are you exempt from paying taxes, but you wear the cloak of righteousness, and if you’re lucky, you have eager, panting lapdogs like Bill Donohue to growl and bark in your defense.

Something is very, very wrong here.  And we don’t seem to be doing anything about it.

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16 Responses to Massive Child Sex Cover-up in German Catholic Church Implicates the Pope

  1. Brooklyn Boy says:

    Bill Donahue is just a rhetorical thug on the Vatican’s leash. If a cardinal dismembered a child on an altar, Donahue would be there to defend it.

    Personally, I ‘m waiting for somebody in law enforcement to grow a set of cojones and tackle this issue the way they would any other criminal conspiracy. Maybe it’s time to ask how differently this matter would be handled if it involved the employees of a department store chain. The angry mob surrounding the corporate headquarters would like like something out of the last scene of a Frankenstein movie. But, if you’re a member of the catholic clergy, I guess all you have to do is spout some mumbo-jumbo about regret and forgiveness, say a prayer to your imaginary friend and you’re off the hook.

    Isn’t it interesting that this allegedly all-powerful god that these folks are trying to sell can’t seem to marshal enough power to protect the most vulnerable among us? You have to wonder what it will take to wake people up. As for me, I was raised as a catholic but I will NEVER take my three young sons anywhere near a church. If they want to follow some pernicious fairy tale con when they become adults, that will be up to them but it won’t happen on my watch.

  2. ChuckA says:

    Absolutely outrageous!

    that, IMO, (eerily accurate) Dracula-like Pope pic, if you’ll pardon a little sarcastic humor (comic relief?), brings to mind a possible caption…?
    [The Pope]:
    “Good eve-nink! Allow me to introduce mine self…or should I say…
    allow me to bite your precious child…but…
    NOT on the neck; if you get mine gist!
    Bleh! Bleh!”

    OK…that’s a slightly “moderate” version.
    For the alternate (more accurate?) version, simply substitute:
    “…allow ‘infallible’ me, and all mine horny minions, to get away, “Scott free”, with fucking ALL your sweet, innocent, little kidts!
    In Jeebus’ name…of course! Bleh!” :twisted:

    Seriously, when IS something…Internationally…going to ACTUALLY be done to prosecute this, increasingly obvious, criminal; and, of course, the whole, two Millennial-long, totally lying, child (and everyone else) abusing, RCC?
    Of course, IMNSHO, …ALL religions are…and always were…totally made-up, outrageously fucking sadomasochistic and stupid, cosmological bullshit!

  3. jimmer54 says:

    The perfect picture of the pope. That vile sick fucking freak.

  4. Bad as the coverup is, we ought to be looking, too, at who is entering the Catholic Priesthood and why? What role does “celibacy” play in attracting men to the priesthood? It is portrayed as a sacrifice, but what if it is, instead, a haven from the give and take of sexuality in normal society (by “normal” I mean gays and straights who want to love someone physically, not shroud themselves in an excuse for not doing so). What role does the built-in authoritarianism of religion and church organization play? We know that child molesters have over-controlling, even overpowering fathers in common. They molest because they, themselves grew up powerless and believe they can only find release in the weak and the innocent. If a man seeks out absolute obedience to a male hierarchy as his natural habitat, maybe we should be just a little be wary of him? I don’t doubt that there are good priests, men for whom giving up marriage really IS a sacrifice, who bear it with humor and good grace and end up serving their fellow humans in a way we humanists could admire. But it just seems there are too few of them attracted to today’s Catholic priesthood, and too many of the other kind. Someone needs to look into these things with an eye toward their impact on the rest of us, even if the Catholic church never will.

  5. Wonderful Blog. I understand the outrage, and the expectations that the public will rise up and punish these holy molesters and their keepers…But – I remind everyone that theses people believe in a god that had his most beloved devotee put his own son on an alter to butcher for a sacrifice, and later- this same god was very pleased when his own son was tortured to death.

    With a religion like that, who even needs hell?

  6. Tony D says:

    Great blog! The picture I get is that this is just another tip of the iceberg of religious insanity passing by. The tragedy is that this is only the tip of the iceberg and if somehow we could get into the heads of these insane puritans the remaining iceberg would be such a spectacle that it would sink a million ships like the Titanic.

    The problem is we have been living in this “Christian nation asylum” for so long that it really doesn’t appear to be as insane as it really is.

    I would wager a bet that this story never hits the front page of the local newspapers.

  7. Inari says:

    At this point, I’m of the opinion that every single Catholic is an accomplice, in the legal sense, to child rape. When the story first started going public, they could have been outrage. They could have said “We’re done with this organization,” and found a new church (or, ideally, no church), but they didn’t. They have been financially supporting, and in most cases bringing their children to a group of known child molesters. Child molesters who discourage any form of birth control, thus ensuring a steady supply of defenseless victims.

    That would be a crazy conspiracy theory if those things weren’t facts. Personally, I would like to see the government seize their US assets and shut the Catholic church down. As was previously stated, if this was a chain of daycare centers, the FBI would have rolled in with tanks by now.

    Of course, we can’t do that, because we have to respect their religion. The Catholic church is a business, and their business is horrors and atrocities. And as long as they are allowed to hide behind religion, they will be safe. They will be free to continue committing monstrous acts, and being paid by their victims for the privilege.

    Wow, that came out with a lot more venom than I planned on.

  8. Stardust says:

    Inari, good to see you back again!

    Personally, I would like to see the government seize their US assets and shut the Catholic church down.

    If this was a regular business or corporation, someone at the top would be prosecuted and the business would be shut down. But the Catholic church is considered untouchable. They seem to be immune to the justice systems.

  9. Tony D says:

    It could be that the US is closer to being a theocracy than we think!

  10. MichaelTAtheist says:

    I wouldn’t want to give anyone any bad IDEAS…………. but, I’d say it’s time to start burning this church to the ground.

  11. hogarm says:

    The most outrageous thing of all;
    they are tax exempt!

  12. Dana says:

    Excellent post, Ray. And that picture of the pope is just fucking creepy!

  13. Brooklyn Boy says:

    As far as Mr. Donahue is concerned… has anyone noticed that he often threatens to beat people up when he exhausts his meager intellectual tool kit in any televised debate? It reminds me of a quote by H.G.Wells to the effect that the man who raises his fists is the first one to run out of ideas. It turns out that he is also DIVORCED! I didn’t think that the true catholic believers went for that. So he’s a phony as well as a bully.

  14. Robster says:

    Hey, don’t forget these sanctimonious twits put all their misguided faith in an old book that advocates the keeping of slaves, death of those that work on the sabbath, infanticide, genocide and the rest of the bible’s sick roster of evil. Given this, the organised raping of children and protecting the perpetruators is perhaps not considered to be so bad.

  15. MichaelTAtheist says:

    Aaaaaaaaaaaaah, I’m LMAO, as the ”Arbitor of MORALS” on the Planet STRIKES AGAIN!!!!

  16. MichaelTAtheist says:

    That’s Arbiter, sorry………….

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