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I just read this online and had to reread it to make sure it wasn’t a spoof…pathetically, it is a true story and not satire:

The Latest Abortion Outrage

A Christian activist had two fetuses called as witnesses—the latest sign of a nationwide attack on abortion rights. Michelle Goldberg on why the religious right’s grip on the GOP is as strong as ever.

It sounds like an Onion headline. “In-the-womb Ohioans testify for Heartbeat Bill,” said a press release from Janet Porter, the Christian right activist who arranged for two fetuses, one nine weeks old, to offer “expert testimony” before the Health Committee of the Ohio House of Representatives Wednesday. They were shown via ultrasound projector, for legislators in a packed room to “see and hear their beating hearts,” as Porter wrote.

Farcical as it seems, what’s going on in Ohio is actually quite serious. The Heartbeat Bill, or H.B. 125, is a frontal assault on Roe v. Wade, and it’s part of a fusillade of anti-abortion legislation being introduced all around the country. H.B. 125 would ban abortion as soon as a heartbeat can be detected, as early as 18 days after conception, and rarely later than six weeks. It currently has been co-sponsored by 50 members of the Ohio House, more than half the total, and similar bills are being considered in Oklahoma, Texas, and Georgia. It’s just the latest bit of evidence that the Republican Party is as firmly in the grip of the religious right as ever.


In 2010, Republicans campaigned on Tea Party themes of economic austerity and small government, but they’re using their power to step up intrusions into the private lives of American women.

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  1. Stardust says:

    I wish I had the time to post and comment on this at greater length and detail, but with a new job that is taking up much of my time these days, I will leave it to you all to read the article (if you can stomach it) and dissect it and discuss it amongst yourselves. The Tea Partiers are totally out to fuck up the country and are getting the help of many Rethuglicans to carry out their Christian fundamentalist agenda.

  2. CriticalEyes says:

    I advocate retro-active abortions……….. let’s start eliminating these bastards.

  3. jimmer54 says:

    Good luck with new job. The reich wing nutters are really pulling out all stops to get their hyper xian agenda filled. I think they know that more and more voters are getting tired of being screwed by any politico anymore. And more of us are voting them out.

  4. John Kennedy says:

    I am not a supporter of Abortion. I believe that Human life begins at conception, despite what my Religion teaches (Judaism says that a Human life begins at birth).

    Now, having said that, I will never tell a person what he or she can or cannot do with his or her own body. Roe v. Wade is the law of the land, and unless it is overturned, making these attempts to shut down Planned Parenthood, put the fetus on the stand, or whatever else people can come up with is sheer lunacy.

  5. Tommykey says:

    The Tea Partiers are totally out to fuck up the country and are getting the help of many Rethuglicans to carry out their Christian fundamentalist agenda.

    Totally. It’s time to start pushing back against these assholes. I attended a big rally in support of Planned Parenthood in NYC this past Saturday, and as I wrote in my blog post about it, the pro choice camp has been playing defense for years, constantly reacting to the anti choicers initiatives to restrict abortion rights. It’s time to develop a counteroffensive strategy and make the bastards retreat.

  6. Inari says:

    What we need is an organization that’s so far on the fringe that those of us who simply support women’s rights are made to look rational.

    Think about it. PETA is crazy, but they seem downright sane when compared to the Animal Liberation Front. And when you have those two to look at, the ASPCA looks 100% rational.

    I’m thinking we need a group that lobbies to make fourth trimester abortion legal. And this group needs to be really, really loud, public, and in-your-face. Of course, those of us who are sane can decry them, and force the anti-choice morons to respond to them.

    Basically, we need to give them a strawman to go after so that they leave the rest of us alone. Ideally, of course, they would stop trying to force their views on other people, but I figured I would offer a more realistic solution.

  7. Tony D says:

    The christian right activists will not be happy until they get their way and we ultimately end up with an avalanche of illegal abortion clinics and “do it your self abortions.” Then we will have a real “war on abortion” similar to the”war on drugs.” The ultimate outcome will be disastrous and bloody; more blood on the religious cross, the icon of the downfall of humanity.

  8. ChuckA says:

    Hey Tommykey…
    Nice Blog Post.
    Anyone who’s ever noticed what I’ve, over the past few years, commented on the abortion issue knows I’m virulently against what these fucking delusional assholes are doing.
    IMO, Religions…ALL religions…but especially ALL the Abrahamic variety, should NEVER have even been CONCEIVED in human consciousness; and certainly should have been totally aborted, Centuries ago.

    As I’ve posted many times; the issue of abortion immediately brings to MY mind all the constantly occurring MISCARRIAGES that are happening in virtually every family on the planet.
    To be statistically specific…
    10 to 20% of ALL pregnancies end in miscarriage…those medically defined “natural abortions”; which, for delusional god believers, would amount to their, oh- so-loving, yet apparently, infinitely non-caring and demonstrably unjust “God” planned & instituted abortions!

    That subject is NEVER mentioned, or ever remotely discussed; even by the pro-choice advocates. After all, they’re also, very similarly, god believers.
    Of course, the RCC recently did away with Limbo…soooo…
    do all those unborn, un-baptized, little fetuses end up in Hell? Or maybe they all just skip this, all too stressful and often outright cruel, variably challenging, earthly “veil of tears” travail, and, instead, get a free “Winning Lotto” ticket to “Heaven”…?
    Like…we should ALL have been so lucky…?

    I’m 71…never had kids…like, it just didn’t happen. For all I know, I could have been a “sterile cuckoo” all my life. I certainly know about, and readily admit the “cuckoo” part.
    I also don’t hate ‘kids’; but when I see those poor little newborn babies…(take deep breath here)…
    immediately after birth, held upside down, all wet & bloody, totally confused, wailing away…IMO rather ugly, even weird, alien-like, totally ignorant little bastards, that only a mother (or doting father) could love…who immediately pee & shit on everyone & everything within range, and continue to do so for…What!…
    years?…an entire lifetime?…whilst (especially ending up as essentially boneheaded, jerk-off, rich Rethuglicans?) simultaneously screaming “bloody murder”!
    (I’m KIDDING?😉 )…
    I actually feel compassion for all the little pig-ignorant tykes…and, for that matter, the whole, IMO, delusional human race.
    If I were young; and situated like some prominent atheists I could mention, I would definitely NOT drag anyone into this cockamamie world.
    Just an opinion!

    Can I be frank, for a moment?…
    (NO…not Frank Sinatra! Like, I should have been so “lucky”?)
    I admit; I’m one of those people who, early on in life (in my very early 20’s?), somewhat OFTEN thought…and even remember saying to my mother (and even similar to what Jeebus supposedly said about Judas)…it’d been a whole lot better for myself, AND, perhaps, a whole lot of other people in my life (including my parents), if I’d never been conceived, let alone actually born.
    [Certainly, no doubt, the World couldn’t care less!]
    My mother, a heavily indoctrinated Irish Catholic, would never, of course, have dreamt of using contraception; and in the late 1930s, there really weren’t, unlike today, many viable options, anyway.
    That reminds me of that old tune…”I’ve Got Rhythm!”
    “…who could ask for anything more?”
    [Me; raising my hand; saying]:
    Ok; now for a little confession…Ummm…
    “Bless me Farter, for I have shinned?…”
    I actually tried (obviously unsuccessfully) committing suicide when I was 35; I was drunk, had swallowed a whole bottle’s worth of over-the-counter sleeping pills, and actually laid down thinking and totally accepting that I’d never wake up. Obviously, I was depressed; and when I DID finally wake up (with a decidedly worse than usual hangover) just decided never to try that again. I did ‘loin’ from that experience to be compassionate towards anyone suffering from depression and total despair.
    And, here I am at 71!
    Having lived a fairly “middle of the road”, relatively ‘fortunate’ kind of life in terms of any comparative Worldly difficulty, I STILL feel that if it WERE possible to travel back in time before conception, I could, in the proverbial heartbeat, implement my original sentiment…ala an existential cancellation. I guess I sort of disagree with Richard Dawkins, for one, on the notion of being “lucky” to have come into existence, at all. As an atheist who’s looking down the road ahead to an unknown and ever more murky view of what’s potentially left in my life…
    “What, indeed, was the point of the whole, often crazy, rather ridiculous journey?”
    I realize, of course, there IS no real answer to that question; IOW, there is no discernable, remotely rational “point” to it…and I accept that.
    What!…”No use complaining’!”…?

    Lastly, as is my ‘wont’, here are a few links, albeit repeats for some of you (my apology), which I think merit occasional review; but also, for any readers who HAVEN’T seen them, I think they’re sort of: “must sees”.

    NOTE: I’m separating the posting of the following links due to the fact that more than one link in a given comment causes a “waiting for moderation” period.
    I’m, thus, hoping to avoid that!

    1) RE abortion…the religiously relevant, Freedom From Religion Foundation’s ‘non-tract’:
    “What Does The Bible Say About Abortion?”: About-Abortion/

  9. ChuckA says:

    2) (On-line Google video) A two part (by now, IMO, classic) video produced by Richard Dawkins (2006), which pretty much says it all about the absolute insanity and dangers of the prevailing religions…
    IMO, the title is VERY apt:
    “The Root of All Evil? Part 1: The God Delusion.”:
    Part 1:

  10. ChuckA says:

    Part 2:
    “The Root Of All Evil? Part 2: The Virus of Faith”:

  11. ChuckA says:

    And finally…
    3) An excellent reminder for all us atheists; especially for any who may still be “in the closet”(?)…
    an excellent Ted Talk by Richard Dawkins, given in April(?) of 2008:
    The focus?…”Militant Atheism” in regard to Creationism vs. Evolution!
    “Richard Dawkins: An atheist’s call to arms” [length 31:08]:

  12. ChuckA says:

    Correction (pardon my continued anality?)…
    and where is everybody?
    HELLO!!!…Anybody there?…(cue fading echo?) 😉
    I didn’t realize just HOW far back that Dawkins Ted Talk was; and the actual talk date wasn’t posted on YouTube. (Only the video upload date.)
    It’s actually dated (right in the video, no less…”D’uh!”) as Feb. 2002, in Monterey, CA.
    Sorry for the misinformation.

    By the way, Bill Maher is back, tonight (Fri.3/4/11), on his HBO “Real Time” show; which reminds me of yet another video link (another repeat)…
    His, IMO, hilarious “Religulous” Movie from 2008.
    Here’s the Google on-line link to the FULL movie version [1hr:41min]:

  13. Tony D says:

    ChuckA: “What, indeed, was the point of the whole, often crazy, rather ridiculous journey?”
    “I realize, of course, there IS no real answer to that question; IOW, there is no discernable, remotely rational “point” to it…and I accept that.”

    I’m a bit older than you are and I don’t agree that there is “no discernible, remotely rational point to it.” One important point is that you lived all those years absorbing all the wild and disconcerting information and experiences and you chewed it up and now you are able to spit out your conclusions in an interesting and unusual way. Someone like me comes along and reads your story and finds it admirable and exceedingly interesting. So you can be sure you have made a difference in my life and probably many others. Your contribution is what life is all about!

  14. Stardust says:

    Well said, Tony! You are right. Chuck…your contribution here at AO and at GifS over the years has added much to the discussions we have had, and your writing style is entertaining. We love ya, Chuck!

  15. ChuckA says:

    Thanks Tony D, and Stardust.
    My intention in any of my comments is really not to make it “all about ME”…much like the fundies do. And I’ve been seemingly hogging the spotlight lately, which I never even did much of, as a working musician.
    Then again…nobody I worked with ever gave me much of an opening…? 😉

    More to the point of Stardust’s Post title…
    If there ever was a time for all of us to be REALLY concerned about the Fundie agendas, it has be right now. It’s so obvious what the hard-core theocrats in the Rethuglican party are up to; with their feigned “Jobs, Jobs, Jobs” pre-election bullshit. Immediately after Boehner (Boner?) took the gavel, they’re all about taking away our freedoms RE Women’s and LGBT issues…giving huge tax breaks to the wealthiest…abolishing the VERY few patient protection style strides made towards reigning in the total monopoly of the Health Insurance Corporations that the rather ‘anemic’ Obama Health Care Bill accomplished.
    [Deep breath…and while I’m on a “roll”?…]
    Add to that the…as a result of the HUMONGOUS tax break gifts to the Uber-wealthy Wall Street & banker crooks PLUS the boneheaded SCOTUS jerks giving Corporations unlimited access to the outright buying of our whole American government…
    the threatened boneheaded tinkering with Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, the attempts to totally undermine the American Public Educational system…attacking the middle class rights to organize and implement decades long, hard fought, Union organizing rights.
    Lest anyone forget…even NON-Union citizens have benefited from long ago hard fought things like child labor laws, minimum wage, the 40 hour week, over-time, weekends off…yada, yada.
    [NOTE: I joined the American Federation of Musicians in 1958…essentially, for the average “jobbing” musician, rather powerless, these days. I’m a “Life Member” with a very small pension…I STILL have to pay some moderate yearly dues, though.]

    All those things mean absolutely NOTHING to these new so-called “Tea Party” Repiglicans; not to mention all the so-called moderate Repigs, and the Uber-ridiculous “C” Street (ala “The Family”) insane jerks that we have LEADING the charge of all these idiots.
    (think “Senator De Mint “?)

    THAT’S, IMNSHO, why the “Fundie watch” is now so PARAMOUNT as a concern. The War is on RIGHT NOW!
    We all need to be super-vigilant.
    So…anytime you get an email from Americans United, the Freedom From Religion Foundation, etc…asking for your signature and/or support, I urge all of you fellow atheists to respond…promptly.

    Hmmm…a show called “Rent” has been running for quite awhile on Broadway.
    Maybe it’s time for a show called “Rant!”…
    based, particularly, on our Militant atheist interests.
    What’s that?…
    “Chuck…wake the fuck up!…your dreaming again!” 😯

    OK…who else wants the spotlight now?

  16. Tony D says:

    ChuckA, your ad-lib, rhetorical solo’s are great!

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