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Because Discrimination Should Matter To Everyone…

Well, the good news is in: New York’s now the sixth state to ratify same-sex marriage. Among other pleasant surprises: “New York’s Republican-controlled legislature cleared the way Friday to legalize same-sex marriage with a 33-to-29 vote, sending the bill to … Continue reading

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Just The Vax, Ma’am–Delusional Denialism Has Many Faces…

Vaccine GestapoThey have swastikas on their shouldersThey’re such patriotic soldiersThey’re like a militia in MontanaThey’re a government agency in Atlanta Vaccine gestapo! Vaccine gestapo!Vaccine gestapo! Vaccine gestapo! They’re a medical military priesthoodJust like Adolf they preach the greater goodConscientious objectors … Continue reading

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Fundie watch

While catching up with recent news in the atheist circuit, I found this article at The Daily Beast and it brings up a good point that Michelle Bachmann is an extreme “true believer” and that makes her very dangerous and … Continue reading

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A Fragile Freedom

The religious right hate freedom. In an effort to extol the merits of belief in their god, the religious right(RR) have taken bold steps at influencing the political stage in US governance. We hear about defunding planned Parenthood because they … Continue reading


Ugandan Homophobia And The Conclussion*…

The insanity seems to spread like wildfire in Uganda: South Africa gay rights activists warn of homophobic attacks after murder Anger follows alleged gang rape and murder of lesbian campaigner International footballer Eudy Simelane was apparently sexually assaulted and tortured … Continue reading

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“…And Justice For All…”–How Religion Rapes The Concept…

Halls of Justice Painted Green Money Talking Power Wolves Beset Your Door Hear Them Stalking Soon You’ll Please Their Appetite They Devour Hammer of Justice Crushes You Overpower – Metallica, “And Justice For All” His rights in violation Through sharp … Continue reading

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Laugh for the day . . .

Most or you have probably seen or heard about this by now. This is funny…but on the other hand it’s also disturbing that this woman just won’t shut up and go away, and even more disturbing that there are still … Continue reading

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