“…And Justice For All…”–How Religion Rapes The Concept…


Halls of Justice Painted Green
Money Talking
Power Wolves Beset Your Door
Hear Them Stalking
Soon You’ll Please Their Appetite
They Devour
Hammer of Justice Crushes You
Overpower – Metallica
, “And Justice For All”

His rights in violation
Through sharp intimidation
He’s soon to realize
That their words are full of lies – Anacrusis
, “Injustice”

One of the things that gets me all lathered up, is how the religious live in this comic book world, where someone, sometime, will swoop in (at some unspecified time/date) and rectify an inequitable situation.

Case in point: I was visiting my Dominionist/YEC buddy (hey, I know, I know: but I love the guy like a brother, the friendship’s over 30 years old, and…excuses, excuses. We just don’t debate ideology any more, I yell too much) a while back, and unprompted, he starts in with this nonsense about “I can’t wait till Jesus shows up, and life is wonderful and lovey-dovey, and justice will be done.” (Para) I let him finish, and told him point blank, that that just wasn’t going to happen, like, not EVER. While the more disconnected of the delusionists will assure me that somehow this is an isolated example, I can safely bet the rent that not only is that incorrect, it’s the state of mental affairs for the bulk of the religulous.

In fact, back in the days of my cafeteria Christianity, I had some nebulous notion that everyone who’d ever wronged me would get their ‘just desserts’. Stronger likelihood is that they just ate pie, and forgot about what they did.

Let’s define justice somewhat on a loose level, and go from there:

Justice is the concept of moral rightness based on ethics, rationality, law, natural law, religion, fairness, or equity, along with the punishment of the breach of said ethics.

Now the point of this post is not to debate the overall concepts of jurisprudence, or to weigh respective acts on some abstract scale. No, it is to point out that this concept of justice as Divine Command is not only utter horseshit, but that it poisons the meme ecology, and leads to a situation that boils down to ‘for the want of a nail…’

This will require some thought. How often have you heard the vacuous homily, “Gawd has a plan for you?” Too many? Me too. I don’t have enough fingers and toes to count the times I’ve (over)heard this crap. Taking it a step further: how many of your friends/family members, casual acquaintances (et al) who have stated (verbatim or  para) that “so-and-so will get his/hers/theirs”? Sit down and hash that out. It probably rates up there with any other startling statistics you’ve glossed over for who knows how many years you’ve been alive. I will say on my part: a LOT. If you hang with Buddhists, it’s called karma. And holy shit, there’s even a TV show that predicates its premises on this nonsense. Being a primarily Christian majority in America, however, means that a lot more folks will err on the side of ‘Jebus’ll take care o’ me.”

I will state this: the only people that the concept of karma works on, are the people who aren’t sociopaths. We are the creatures who are self aware, and feel empathy. Those of us who have committed some act of injustice on another will have that nagging thing called a conscience somewhere in the corners of our minds, and the guilt will make us self-sabotage either in the short- or long-term. The crazy assholes who think they’re the center and reality of the universe? Not so much. Lacking a degree, that’s all I’ll say on that for the moment.

So how does this impact the culture from a victim’s viewpoint? Instead of stepping up and addressing any injustice or injury committed on a person’s character, livelihood, relationships, etc., it allows the victimizer to get away with said transgression, and encourages the injured to keep silent. It empowers the passive to stay passive, and allows the transgressor a degree of freedom they shouldn’t have.

And it prompts idiocies like the Urethra Dilemma. I mean really: how many thousands of man-hours have been devoted to garbage like that? Hours better spent feeding hungry children, building shelters, or just objectively measuring the scale of the universe? But I digress…

And there’s so very many examples of how divinity has never stepped in. The Holocaust. The Darfur genocide. Cambodia and East Timor. Bosnia. There’s a laundry list of these examples that turns my stomach just thinking of them. Where exactly was karma then? Or Jebus? Nowhere to be found.

I realize I’m skirting the fringes of a slippery slope argument, but it’s more along the lines of the Boiling Frog. My point is that it is an incremental allowance: we allow an individual some slack in regards to acts of selfishness. The individual sees that s/he can get away with this, and begins to test the boundaries. Before you object, recall that Dahmer started with small animals, and it was never addressed (being as he was raised in a fuckagelical environment, it kind of makes my point for me) or dealt with.

And people are lazy. They just are. Humans rationalize, because either they’re disempowered (by word or deed) to speak up on their own behalf, or they’re taught some gratuitous crap about ‘just desserts’, i.e, the universe/gawd/allah/karma [insert deity or concept of choice] will step in and rectify a situation regardless of how tolerable (or intolerable) said situation has escalated.

The nutshell of all this is: there’s no justice. There’s just us. And as the universe cares not a bit for us, more’s the reason we need to take care of one another.

Till the next post, then.

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7 Responses to “…And Justice For All…”–How Religion Rapes The Concept…

  1. Brandy says:

    I agree and sadly most people have very narrow points of view. Today I received an e-mail (not for the first time, maybe some of you have received it also?) that talks about John Lennon stating that the Beatles “are bigger than Jesus” and he was shot to death, then a Brazilian president-to-be that said, “not even god could keep me from this presidency” and got sick and died the night before he became president.There are a few more examples, but can’t remember them at this moment. Anyway, the moral of course is, mock god and you will die miserably. Ugh! My response is…. What about the other millions of atheists that mock god? Do you think they ALL end in a horrible death or directly after doing so? Or how about the millions of people that worship other religions? Do they all die a miserable death? I’m sure there are some errors with the stories themselves but have not had the time to fact-check yet. My point is… Lack of rational thought is rampant.

  2. ChuckA says:

    OK…”With all due respect” to KA, Brandy…and
    all my fellow “AO-ers”…
    “What!…RE the following…
    hold on to your ‘gyros’!”
    (as in gyroscope, of course!)…?

    Sorta ala Friedrich Nietzsche?:
    “Existence is totally absurd!”…or…
    “What’s the point of it all?”, etcetera,
    And the struggling, suffering ‘beat’ goes
    on…and on…and on…ad infinitum?

    I know, I know, I’m being totally cynical; but, for an example, what was the point of there EVER having been the likes of a Hitler in all of
    Existence?…in any even “possible”, or
    Alternate, Universe? That’s just ONE of,
    perhaps, an endless number of examples.
    And, of course…to be fair…I apply the same
    question to my own existence. Personally, I’d
    gladly (“in the proverbial heartbeat”?), if I could travel back (condom in hand?) in time before my “conception”, I’d retro-actively cancel out my own existence. And nobody would notice, of course!
    [I, over the years, gradually grew to somewhat despise the theme of that absolutely overly sappy movie:
    “It’s a Wonderful Life!”
    (ala George Carlin):

    Even if ANYONE happened to be some sort of “god” (like Star Trek’s “Q”, f’rnstance?)…
    what’s the point; especially if you ended up being as much of a fuckup as the supposed
    “notion” of the Western World’s, Abrahamic version; with all the absurd suffering that’s gone on for untold millions of years.
    What!…”I AM, that I AM?”

    I digress (regress?)…
    As a ‘childless’ atheist, my advice to any atheist who HASN’T yet had any off-spring, would be…if you really MUST have children…
    ADOPT! We’re already WAY the fuck overpopulated!

    Personally, as an atheist, I have absolutely no belief in ANY gods. (D’uh!) There’s simply no evidence! Especially, of a despicable asshole like the Abrahamic variety.
    As to any afterlife?
    I DON’T KNOW; period!
    For me, it’s a totally separate question (as in certain forms of Buddhism). There’s, at present, of course, absolutely no credible Scientific evidence of consciousness existing separate from the brain.
    COULD there possibly be an afterlife?
    (ala Cenk Uygur?):
    “Of COURSE!”😉
    Then again; just as I started this bit of stupid BS…
    “What, ultimately, would be the point?”
    Or…(in an agonizing voice):
    As Christopher Hitchens often pointed out; the Christian/Muslim notion of “Eternal Heaven” or “Paradise” is nothing more than the desire to be an Eternal Slave; somewhat (as he put it) akin to the situation in North Korea.
    Endless worship of an ultimately monstrous, tyrannical, jerk.

    On that note (“B” double flat?); here’s a nice ultra-cynical “Pessimism” page for your
    atheistic consideration:

    “…and have a nice life!” 😯 Or, if you prefer: 🙂

  3. Mark says:

    (So how does this impact the culture from a victim’s viewpoint? Instead of stepping up and addressing any injustice or injury committed on a person’s character, livelihood, relationships, etc., it allows the victimizer to get away with said transgression, and encourages the injured to keep silent. It empowers the passive to stay passive, and allows the transgressor a degree of freedom they shouldn’t have. )…


    It is the transgressors of such acts that cry the loudest that we do not have a right to seek justice, punish, or demand restitution as the magical cloud god will even things out.
    This is by design as the religious leaders themselves are usually the most evil, narcissist personalities of all…so once caught, they seek immunity with such words.

    It also says a lot about the ancient peoples who wrote such books and their actual intentions…. greed and control.

    As for a magical deity that protects his flock…he sure has a funny way of doing it as to the sayings, “God’s will”, “God has a plan”, and “free will” were designed into their preaching.
    Ya would think that the followers had had enough of this deity that does really nothing by now, but it is the extortion factor of a eternity in hell that keeps them coming back for more.

    Religion = psychological extortion…money for nothing.

  4. JJR says:

    “God has a plan” is probably the creepiest thing the re-imagined Cylons from the updated Battlestar Galactica ever said in that series. Making them fanatical monotheists, and showing what that looks like from the outside, contrasted to the Humans who were mostly weak/non-commital polytheists (or closet atheists), was completely brilliant.

    (Yes, the new show was still shot through with Mormon theology just like the old, original series, and the finale sucked SO hard, but the new series still had its moments of brilliance.)

  5. Tommykey says:

    the finale sucked SO hard, but the new series still had its moments of brilliance

    JJR, for me, the series started going downhill with that Final Five nonsense. It just never worked for me.

    Still, even Season 4 had its good moments. I liked the mutiny arc and it was sad to see what happened to Gaeta.

  6. Ms. D says:

    My boss, who I have many qualms with and is still a theist, had the most brilliant moment about the “god has a plan for you” folks. He said that when people say that to him he’s tempted to just walk over to the curb and sit down, and when they ask “what are you doing?” say “waiting for god to enact its plan for me.” I don’t think he’d ever have the balls to do that (though I might), it’s still pretty brilliant that he even thought of that.

  7. jimmer54 says:

    I can’t imagine anything more hellish than the heaven of the believers and me being stuck for an eternity with them. On the offhand that such does happen does anyone know? Can I refuse entry? By the way this shall be my official request oh god for a face to face with you to discuss such.

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