How Creationists Are Wrecking Our Culture–And It Shows, Even In The Prettier Faces…

“Take the only tree that’s left and stuff it up the hole in your culture” – Leonard Cohen, The Future

“Be uncomfortable; be sand, not oil, to the machinery of the world.” — Gunter Eich.

Watching this video should probably get your teeth gnashing, mostly because it’s chock full of the regular idiocies that the creationists spread among us, like when foreign settlers handed out smallpox-ridden blankets to the Native Americans (if you’ll pardon the metaphor).

For the most part, the beauty queens in this video are playing the diplomacy card, and give equal weight to the crazies. Among the inanities:

A. This is a NON-DEBATE. An empty question. Evolution is taught in schools regardless. In fact, biology classes would not exist without it.
B. The ‘Fair Play’ Debate is. Just. Plain. Stupid. Science has never been about democracy. It isn’t. Reality isn’t decided by popular vote. “We should teach the kids every idea, and let them decide.” Really? Have any of these women had kids? Taught them? Does everybody just grow a blank spot about how effin’ confused they were as children, let alone teenagers? Newsflash: there aren’t any kids around who are as sharp as the ones in those coming-of-age movies. Sorry.
C. This one always sets my teeth on edge: Evolution is just a theory. Let’s just toss out gravity and relativity too, while we’re at it.

I realize this is a re-occurring motif for me, so sorry if I harp on this, but (I feel) it can’t be emphasized enough: an opinion is just a statement, unless it has evidence to back it up. Then it becomes a statement of fact (or facts). What is mind-boggling, is that the improper use of language can spin anything into “it’s just your opinion.”

But in America, we mince. We tip-toe on eggshells. We cave based on the precepts of diplomacy. That feelings are such fragile things, they need to be nurtured, and if those feelings are religious? Roll out the red fucking carpet and throw a freakin’ ticker-tape parade, and shout it from the rooftops.

What utter milquetoast horse manure.

Or to quote Howard Beale from the movie Network: “I’m as mad as hell, and I’m not going to take this anymore.”  So I’ve undertaken my own personal mission: every time someone starts out with “Well, I believe [insert bizarre fringe nonsense here]…”, I interrupt them with “It doesn’t matter what you believe.” Go ahead and try it sometime. Likelihood is, you’ll get some serious glaring, maybe even the occasional maniacal glint. People will be offended (I gave up worrying about that decades ago: the years have taught me, that somebody somewhere will be stoked no matter what), their feelings will be hurt. You may even get some accommodationist who’s been suckered in by the ‘every opinion is valid’ nonsense jumping right in and telling you ‘you can’t say that!’ (I tell those folks to have me arrested then. What? You can’t? Then I guess I CAN say it.)

One of the other problems that leads into this, is what I like to call ‘Pretty Face Syndrome’. If it’s on TV (or in a movie), and it’s emoted by someone attractive, it gets accepted almost automatically. Because really, who would listen to an utter moron mouth complete stupidity unless it’s packaged properly? There really isn’t any other reason people listen to idiots like Sarah Palin, Ann Coulter, or Jenna McCarthy unless the presentation gives most men erections. And yeah, it’s still a man’s world, so this crap floats in under the radar because most guys (myself excluded) tend to listen with half an ear while slobbering over cleavage. Conversely, I’m willing to bet there’s a lot more female Scientologists because Travolta and Cruise are floating around on the Good Ship Lollipop spreading their little meme disease.

So here it is, July Fourth, Happy Birthday America! And what better way to celebrate your First Amendment rights than by spreading dissent and practicing your freedom FROM religion.

Because there is no freedom of religion, unless there’s freedom from religion.

Have a safe and happy Fourth, and give ‘em reason for me!

Till the next post, then.

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16 Responses to How Creationists Are Wrecking Our Culture–And It Shows, Even In The Prettier Faces…

  1. Mythic Sushi says:

    A significant portion of people believe in UFO conspiracies, ghosts, and faith healing, but does that give them any intellectual credibility? Not at all.

    I don’t see why there are so many Christians opposing evolution. Since God is “in everything” and controlling the world according to his will, you could find grounds to oppose:

    -gravity (there is no natural force acting on objects, rather God intervenes to pull everything towards Earth’s surface)
    -the germ theory of disease (disease is caused by sin, mental retardation by demon possession)


  2. Bailey says:

    Another thing that I find amusing (or infuriating, depending on my mood) is that when creationists and these contestants and anyone else argues that we have to “teach every idea” (or “teach the controversy”), they don’t mean every idea. They mean evolution and why they think evolution is wrong based on a particular interpretation of Christianity. There’s no room for Muslim, Buddhist, Navajo, Baha’i or Shinto cosmologies in this discussion. It’s never been a controversy between evolution and the self-proclaimed scientifically-minded critics thereof, since all reasonable criticism of evolution is over the details and not whether or not evolution happens – it’s a fabricated series of unfounded problems with evolution because it enables us to handily dismiss evangelical and young-earth interpretations of Christianity. Framing the debate as a scientific complaint about the accuracy of evolution is simply a lie on the part of fundagelicals.

  3. Bailey says:

    Argue** not argues. Time for coffee.😉

  4. MacJew says:

    I’m Religous. I believe G-d created the Universe. I also accept evolution as fact. WHY do I accept evolution as fact? Because I also realize that The Bible is just words written by men. No, Moses did no part the Red Sea to free the slaves from Egypt. Abraham never existed. I have no problem accepting that.

    I cannot describe what G-d is beyond that S/He created the Universe. S/He does not care about the goings on of the day-to-day lives of Earth. If the Christians were right, then the Sun would never go Nova and swallow the Earth, but we know, from Science, that it will eventually happen. Many of those same Christians, though, think the Earth is but a few thousand years old, instead of several hundred million years old.

  5. KA says:

    I assume, ‘MacJew’, that you’re what? A semi-secular Jew of some sort? (I garnered that from your g-d word).
    & from your 2nd paragraph, you really have no proof of this g-d character outside of…what? A feeling?

  6. MacJew says:

    KA, I have no proof, you’re right. Anyone who claims to have proof is a fool. he Christians, and others, who claim to KNOW that G-d exists are idiots. I BELIEVE, and that’s the best I can offer because there is no proof outside of that. I’m a person that never asks you to disprove that G-d exists, because I know the weight is on me to prove. However, I study Science because I love to learn.

    Now, you asked if I’m a semi-secular Jew. I suppose you say that I am. We live in the 21st century, and people need to adapt.

  7. jimmer54 says:

    good post KA
    I have had the good fortune of being in close proximinty to such people this past week. Holy sheep shit batman but they are truly crazy. On two separate occasions I overheard a couple of men talking about M. Bachmann. to quote ” and she sure is a looker”. I guess that is enough for them to consider her acceptable presidential candidate.

    If the theocrats get their way this country will certainly lose all of the good things we have built as a people. Including Education, which we see today being disadvantaged by the “teach the controversy” crowd. Nothing makes me more concerned and motivated than knowing full well that we can in fact stop them. It is going to take quite a bit of effort but I know that eventually reason will win out. Freedom takes constant vigilance plus it is a bit fun challenging the dumb asses. Especially when with a few simple questions they realize that they don’t actually have any real answers. And their idea that someone will come and save them is not only pathetic it is also downright childish.

  8. KA says:

    Thanks Jimmer.
    Well Mr. MacJew, I suppose I should repeat “It doesn’t matter what you believe”, but I said that in the post already.

  9. MacJew says:

    KA, you’re absolutely correct: it doesn’t matter what I believe. It only matters what I can I can prove. That’s why I love Science: it is real and can be seen and felt. There is always an answer.

    Religion is just old stories. The people who view it as actual history? WELL…they’re morons.

  10. Sue Blue says:

    I’ve heard these white, middle-aged or older men frothing over Palin and how they’d vote for her in a heartbeat. Apparently, they’re perfectly willing to put a brain-dead bimbo in charge of the country as long as she’s white, Christian and good-looking (“Two tits, a hole, and a heartbeat – that’s all it takes for me!”). Wonder if they’d pick a neurosurgeon to operate on their brain aneurysm using the same criteria. (“Let’s see, there’s that crusty hobgoblin who’s Professor Emeritus of Neurosurgery at Harvard Med, and then there’s the hottie on that website who got her sheepskin in Mexico. Hmmmm – all I care about is looking up and seeing a nice set of tits as I go under anesthesia. Tijuana – here I come!”)
    Beauty contests make me want to fucking scream. Could there be a more grotesque representation of patriarchy than these parades of Barbie dolls in swimsuits? Why do they even bother asking these women for their opinion on anything? I mean, it’s not as if the focus is on their brains. Can you imagine having a lining up a bunch of male scientists and having them gyrate around in a Speedo before asking them about their latest research in carbon sequestration or membrane theory or evolutionary biology? And then there are those pageants for toddlers that, strangely, seem most popular in the South – pimp your little girls out as soon as they can walk, while having them pledge their virginity to Daddy and Jesus. Absolutely sickening.

  11. dantresomi says:

    I wouldn’t place the blame on creationists either. A great number of people believe that Obama is a Muslim and that he isn’t a US Citizen. A great number of people believe that the landing on the moon was faked. A great number of people believe that AIDs was used to depopulate the world. A great number of people believe in a group of people who rule the world called the Illuminati.

    I blame our poor public education system, ignorant politicians, faux documentaries, and a horrible news media that never seems to get the facts right and sheds too much light on the charlatans.

  12. Sue Blue says:

    The Pretty Face Syndrome (great name, by the way!) also seems to explain the success of many con men and women, including religious charlatans and medical quacks. I remember a study or two where test subjects were shown pictures of people generally considered attractive (I’m assuming they controlled for cultural and personal preferences) and unattractive and asked which they would trust more. The subjects universally rated the attractive people as more trustworthy, or “good”. I also think this is one of the reasons we always hear “But she seemed so nice and pretty and sweet!” or “He was so good-looking – a real All-American boy!” expressions of shock from friends and neighbors and even family when one of their own is arrested for some heinous crime.
    Take a look at the Jesus portrait in any church. He’s not depicted as the swarthy, hairy, unwashed Bronze Age Middle-Eastern goatherder he probably resembled (if he existed at all). Oh no – he’s clean, well-groomed, light-haired, light-skinned with Northern European features – sometimes even with blue eyes; he’s glowing with good health, nary a blemish or scar or pox to be seen. You’d buy a used camel from this guy, wouldn’t you?

  13. Mark says:

    I couldn’t watch the whole video, didn’t care what some beauty queen has to say about world events, if I did I’d listen to Palin’s drivel…but in the first few minutes it appeared the southern bimbo’s were against evolution and the northern states for it. That’s due to that Southern Baptist culture, a culture that believes it is alright to enslave and hate people because of the color of their skin or their religious belief. Even though they (southern population) are poorer than the rest of the nation, they are programmed by their ministers that they are meant to suffer and be poor, even though their ministers live in luxury. And since evolution debunks their con game they have no choice than to limit education on that subject because once people figure out that these ministers are not needed and been conned out of their cash…these film flam men will have to get real jobs.

  14. Brooklyn Boy says:

    What infuriated me most was the idea that we should teach “both sides”.
    Does that apply to a flat Earth? How about just four elements?
    What a pile!

  15. Sue Blue says:

    Brooklyn Boy – those idiots think they’re being all rational and open-minded, or at least they want to appear that way. It’s yet another aspect of their “us vs. them” mindset. They want to make it seem like science and scientists are involved in some sort of conspiracy against ordinary folks like them because scientists keep insisting their way works and 2000-year old mythology doesn’t. By saying “we just want to let all sides be heard” they seem like they’re just playing fair, when what they’re really trying to do is make it seem like there is some problem with scientific theory. I always want to say something like, “By all means, let’s teach both sides. If kids learn about chemistry, let’s balance that off with some alchemy. Astronomy – how about astrology, too? Math…well, why not numerology; it’s fun! Anatomy and physiology? Phrenology and palm-reading. Geography – flat earth! Here There Be Dragons! And how about all of those other religions out there, too? Kids could be learning crap 24-7! Why the hell not? Kids don’t need to learn to read, write, and do math – they only need to grunt, scratch their armpits, drool, knee-jerk, and spout out pre-programmed sound bites to make it in life. I mean, with those intellectual skills, they can all be Republican Representatives, Senators, Governors…hell, even President.

  16. Tony D says:

    We have beauty contests which are superior to any in the world, and their efficiency is only marred by the difficulty of finding a few beautiful women, once a year, who don’t know much, and can’t express themselves with the little they do know.

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