A primer: How to really “Teach the Controversy”

I rarely read the “funny papers” anymore.  These days, as close as I ever get are the editorial cartoons on the OpEd page.  But, once in a while, I re-discover the brilliance hidden in cartoons.  Like “Doonesbury” and “Non Sequitur”…

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10 Responses to A primer: How to really “Teach the Controversy”

  1. Ms. D says:

    Reminds me of this: http://www.allthebestbits.net/teach-both-theories-let-the-kids-decide/ (which my coworker has on his cube wall).

    When I was in high school, which wasn’t that long ago (I will keep telling myself this until I’m at least 50, but I guess it was 16 years ago this winter that this lesson happened), my biology teacher said that she was going to teach evolution, but we weren’t going to be tested on it, and could ignore it if we chose. If we’ve been at least apologizing for teaching actual science for almost 20 years, what hope do we really have for the future? I mourn the state of our country.😦

  2. Mark says:

    If ya need a laugh today people…have a look at this:

  3. naomi666 says:

    Ms.D, it’s been much longer than that for me. And I don’t remember too much of HS biology (beyond the yucky dissections). And in nursing school, where we took many science courses; evolution may have been taught but without the made-up controversy, again, I don’t remember feeling that I was learning something AWFUL. It seems that evolution dove-tailed nicely with everything else…

    My gravest concern is the line in the last cell: “Please stop. I’d like to get into a good college” sez it all for me. We run the risk of turning every college and university in the US into just another jumped-up bibble-college like Oral Roberts U and Liberty U.

    How fucking short-sighted can the religionistas get? What is their real motivation? Is it simply that evolution might shake the foundations of their offspring and cause them to question their parents’ Bronze Age beliefs? In that case, let them send their kids to ORU and leave the rest of us to see that our children get a quality education — one that leads to a career that one can be proud of. I wonder how many sheepskins from ORU have scuttled the employment aspirations of their graduates.

    Case in point: Monica Goodling.

    [Pat Robertson’s no-better-than-a-bibble-summer-school] Regent has produced such famous alums as Monica Goodling, the barely pubescent political hack Bush appointed to rid the Department of Justice of career lawyers who were not “loyal Bushies.” She was found to have committed serious misconduct in her zeal to Christianize the Department of Justice, but in all her concern for the well-being of others, she sought and was granted immunity to rat out her fellow crusading footsoldiers. Naturally, her alma mater, Regent Law School, like Liberty, teaches that Christian Old-Testament doctrine trumps the piddling US Constitution.

    Just saying…

  4. Mark says:

    Naomie666…good post and I agree, so lets start pushing for legislation that will hold these hypocrites accountable to their beliefs and demand a law that will put all practicing Christian to death for adultery. Especially since they say they have the right to impose strict laws on abortion and gay people because of their book.

    Just think…people like Newt Gingich would have been fried years ago and their babble and destructive practices would be a thing of the past…if such a law existed.

    Plus we’d also be able to put an end to those bastard Christians who mow their lawns on Sundays…

  5. Sue Blue says:

    How many times do we have to draw the tired old analogies for these “teach the controversy” idiots? Are they going to present astrology in astronomy courses? The biblical version of math that says pi is equal to 3? Alchemy for chemistry? How about biblical anatomy and physiology – cognition and emotion come from the heart! The four humors, too. Weather is the wrath of God! You ain’t no cousin of an ape! You were made from dirt!

    I think that many of the proponents of this crap aren’t all that stupid or ignorant – but their ill-gotten livelihood depends on keeping the masses ignorant and stupid. Superstitious, powerless people who can barely read and write and who are indoctrinated daily by their churches and Fox News are easy to keep in line while being squeezed for every last cent.

  6. Ms. D says:

    I totally agree with you, Naomi. REAL science should be taught in public schools, and if the parents want to excuse their kids from the lesson or teach them something else at home or pay out of pocket to send their kids to a school that bends science and learning to their beliefs, that’s their right. Of course, the kid should get a “0” on any exam they miss or object to, no excuses possible. I think most colleges, outside of the religious indoctrination centers you mentioned, don’t bend reality to anyone’s opinion. You want to be a biologist, you learn evolution, end of discussion.

    And I’m pretty sure it was policy and not my teacher. She also taught us to remember the classification system for organisms by saying “*K*inky *P*eople *C*an *O*ccasionally *F*ind *G*ood *S*ex” (kingdom, phylum, class, order, family, genus, species). 16 years and a couple of decidedly non-science degrees later (some people say economics is a science, but I haven’t taken another biology class since high school), I stil remember that. She was clearly no religionist prude based on this, so I assume a force greater than her was behind her not testing on evolution. She also taught a very thorough lesson, on par with all of her other lessons, on evolution, and even offered us extra credit for reading “The Origin of Species” and writing a report on it, in lieu of an exam. She was a great teacher who I now, in hindsight, believe was hemmed in by policy.

  7. Sue Blue says:

    It’s also revealing to observe the contortions that religious schools have to go through. The Seventh-Day Adventists, my former church, recently felt the need to “reaffirm” their literal interpretation of Genesis in their schools, especially at the college level. According to a recent article in the Adventist Review (My mom sends me this monthly in the hope that I’ll see the error of my atheist ways), evolution – next to sex, the devil’s mostest favorite ploy to lure inquiring young minds away from Christ!!! – was stealthily creeping into acceptance in their college biology classes and had to be stopped. This article acknowledged that actual science theory needed to be taught in order to adequately prepare students for going out into “the world”, but they must always keep in mind that this was only “man’s theory” and that the Word of God was really how it was. In this case, evolution is being taught as the “alternative” to creation. Talk about desperation. They really are sticking their fingers in their ears and screaming “Yaddayaddayaddah, I can’t hear you!”

  8. naomi666 says:

    Let’s face it: every single one of their theosophers are World Class, Olympic Gold Medalists in Contorting their Message to fit their Gospel. In order to dove-tail the undove-tailable, roughly 100 years must pass. During that time, their “message evolved” (wow!) until, eh, voila, it was their doing all along. Case in point: Slavery. A small handful of pastors in America and the UK, along with suffragettes (who knew a thing or two about slavery), fought for the abolition of the nasty practice. During the Civil War, most southern preachers were on the Confederates’ side. Not so much for the inhumanity, you understand, but there was some bubblical hoo-haw about a “dark-skinned” man who goddie had deemed worthless and all “darkies” were doomed to slavery. (Apologies to my black sisters and brothers. Seriously.)

    They wouldn’t lift a finger to stop the lynching in the South. Too many belonged to the KKK for them to even be neutral. Without looking it up, I’ll say it was fairly common for these cloth-headed morons to say the de rigeur “blessing of the troops”.

    Today, those mealy-mouthed little cowards (that are still alive on this earth) would have you believe that their goddie directed their hearts to stand against those who would deny blacks full suffrage. But, I know that none of them believe what they’re saying. And their followers know they lie — hence the “code talk”. They do think we’re as dumb as their followers, don’t they?

    So the 100-year rule…it applies to women’s suffrage, black emancipation, abusive child labor, solar-centric universe, comprehensive education of children, much of science and all of progress.

    Look at it this way: Darwin’s Ascent of Man is not far off the mark. With each speck of progress, we advance up a gentle incline, leaving the swamp that made us. Like “westward ho, the wagons”, we’re strung out on this journey ever upward. Progress. But at the back are the stragglers who can’t keep up; or “could, but won’t”. They see a large boulder, etched with “0.1 CE” For some reason neither you nor I will ever understand, they surround this rock and declare “this is far enough”. (I was tempted to go all Brigham Young :twisted:) No matter how much we cajole and persuade, they won’t budge. Well, we’ve gone on, our faces turned to the sun and the wondrous opportunities ahead of us. And they’re stuck in the Bronze Age, furious that we wouldn’t stay by them.

    Simple, I know it. The complexity is far more serious. They’ve managed to do quite a bit of damage using OUR technology. METAPHOR ALERT Like little children, they find the meanest uses of tech to further their selfish needs. I HATE that they publish books and magazines; that they own powerful radio and television networks. They broadcast their poison all over the world, to the poor undereducated jeebus-slaves that they’ve brainwashed… I hope they choke on their 100-year rule.

    The End.

    [No more margaritas for lunch with my sister.]

  9. that religion isn’t science shouldn’t be a controversy.

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