A quick funny read

I found this gem in the San Diego City Beat. A free newspaper. Good for a hearty chuckle.

…”The timing was certainly ineffectual. That lightning bolt hit the tree several hours after sentencing. Laaame! It should’ve been immediate. Actually, it should have been two days earlier, when the verdict was read. Any deity with halfway decent PR skills knows that verdict readings are the best time to send celestial messages of wrath and vengeance. The sentencing was anti-climactic. It was the verdict that would have launched God into a tirade. He would have roared, “That’s bullshit!” and marched directly over to his Locker of Celestial Weapons of Wrath and Vengeance, retrieved the brightest, sharpest lightning bolt and dropped it right between the squiggly 666 marks on the top of Casey Anthony’s dome as she hugged and kissed her lawyers.”

You can read the rest here. Something wrong with the link thingy so for now just copy and paste in your address line.


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4 Responses to A quick funny read

  1. Digital Atheist says:

    Oh for the love of… ! Why, if you were the alledged “almighty” would you display your wrath by sending lightning to strike NEAR the memorial? If it is displeasure why not strike the direct object of your displeasure? (Oh wait, she went into hiding and Jesus’ news channel hasn’t found out where just yet [oh screw that, “god” is SUPPOSED to be OMNISCIENT!]).

    If he–“god”–wanted to draw attention to the memorial (not that he ever really gave a flaming crap about children in the old days), why not create something beautiful that would draw people… like say a rainbow or a cloud of butterflies, or all the puppies in the area going there to watch over it? Now that would catch some attention for the lost little girl. A lightning bolt days late, in the wrong place… not so much. UNLESS(!) he was in one of his pissed moods because he say all this fawning over a dead child as idolotry! (in which case he needs to get some bifocals ’cause he surely missed). After all “god” has gotten pissed over golden cows, why not a memorial to a child?

    P.s. I live in South Carolina, only a few miles from where Susan Smith drowned her sons. Since this is like the buckle on the bible belt, why didn’t he strike her dead? It isn’t as if this little town i live in denies him or anything… nearly 20 churches for less than a couple thousand people. You seriously can’t swing a dead cat withough hitting a steeple around this joint.

  2. jimmer54 says:

    Prezactly.These ridiculous people and their superstitions! Sheesh. A loving benevolent god would never have let her die in the first place.

    The reality is that it is just nature doing what it has always done. Nothing good nor bad. It is what it is. I think it horrific how some people treat their children. I also abhore the way the media has taken causes like this and inflamed so many people into ahatred toward this woman. Where was the media when all those other defenceless children were dying from coalition bombs in Afghanastan, Iraq, Etc.?

  3. jaycubed says:

    Even I might Believe in a higher power if Nancy Grace was struck by lightning & incinerated – while her filth show is being broadcast.

  4. Mark says:

    This is why the repugs and the corporate controlled government want to curb education and promote religion. Easier to convince uneducated people that the reason their whole family has developed cancer is because the magical cloud god is punishing them for thinking bad thoughts, and not the toxins in the water tablet. And easier to convince them to lay down their lives for a war against people who hate them because of their beliefs, than the fact the corporation wants to steal their oil

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