And The Twit Of The Year Race Is On! (Or Rather, The Republican Presidential Nomination)

And what a line-up it’s been!

The idiots have lined up, and it’s a cross between a spit-take, a face palm, a headdesk, and picking one’s metaphorical jaw off the floor.

We have the Right Honorable Newt Gingrich, he of the many wives, who right out of the gate, announced that he would dispatch US Marshals to arrest ‘activist judges’ Even his Republican peers (none of whom can rightfully called ‘rational’ by any standard) found this to be a tad…nuts. The likelihood of his getting the nomination is now out. (Phew!)

Sadly, the remainder is still scary enough. Rick Santorum alone is enough to eyeball a high-power rifle. This guy is seriously nuts. He’s the epitome of everything America is not. He’s intolerant of gay rights: his view of abortion is frighteningly anachronistic; he keeps using the code words ‘activist judges’ (a phrase that instills fear in conspiracy theorists galore, but translates to ‘not popular with the conservative crazies’). I don’t even need to cite anything more than his web page.

I’ve laid into Rick Perry before: his status as a fucknut changeth not. 

Ron Paul is a mixed bag of nuts: he thinks that ‘life begins at conception’, has the prevalent asinine dictate against abortion (touting himself as ‘an unshakable foe’), also thinks there’s a war against religion going on,  and proclaims global warming a hoax. What makes more moderate Republicans (almost an oxymoron, there) want to vote for him is that he actually sounds more rational than the rest of the monkeys in the zoo.

At least Ms. Monkey is off the ticket – never thought I’d ever be booing a woman running for president, but there you have it.

The last two are the least worrisome, which is weird, because they’re both Mormon.

Huntsman seems nearly intelligent – he doesn’t boo science or substitute crazy for reality (well, at least mostly). He doesn’t deny global warming, or evolution.

Romney is still an anti-woman’s choice, but is at least willing to change his opinion. Problem is, it’s usually way off into right field.

We can only hope that Obama gets re-elected. While he hasn’t been the best president ever, he still rates well above the baboons that ride the GOP elephant.

Till the next post, then.

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17 Responses to And The Twit Of The Year Race Is On! (Or Rather, The Republican Presidential Nomination)

  1. Digital Atheist says:

    As sad as it is to say, you hit the nail squarely on the head. I have never seen a bigger group of pretenders to the throne who were so totally unqualified. I try to always vote in the Republican primary, not because I am Republican–I’m not–but because I hope the best candidate will rise to the top. It is in everyone’s interest to have a qualified President regardless of which party he is from.

    But this election? I have no idea who to toss my vote to. Huntsman gets due consideration because he at least does believe the evidence before him as regards evolution and global warming, but I don’t think he is well enough known to grab the brass ring. Romney on the other hand is a snake oil salesman, however he isn’t Santorum, Gingrich, Perry, or Paul. I’m truly stumped.

    The whole group makes my mind boggle. Between hatred of gays, promising to demolish their rights (and probably hoping to curtail the rights of everyone they can), saying a woman’s womb is their business, promoting unfettered trampling of the middle class and working poor… how can any sane person actually vote for any of them?

    To me though, one of the most fascinating things about this whole train wreck is that every one of them says “god” (which one? Zeus, Baal, Yahweh, FSM?) told each and every one of them to run for President. Now, you would think that “god” being all-powerful, all-knowing would have been able to just pick one of them and tell the rest to sit down and put a cork in it. Besides, he woudln’t need multiples since he could totally rig the election and no one would ever have evidence that it happened right?

    In any case, if any of these bozos get elected life is gonna get real interested if they can get their hands on the House and Senate, and Reason forbid that one of them got to pick a Supreme Court justice.

  2. jimmer54 says:

    Absoutely right on the mark with the vid too. I never in my worst nightmare thought that I’d be saying that a mormon seems like the best nominee. Holy fukin sheep shit batman!!!

    It is kinda funny though how Newton and Perry are piling on Romney’s “Vulture Capitalist” dealings. While all the while extoling the virtues that Corporations have every right to make as much money as they can. A total disconnect from their base that seems to be catching on.

    I guess I hold my nose and vote for Obama.

  3. Digital Atheist says:

    Sadly you can take the semi-reality based candidate out of this list. Republitards decided that he ain’t “Jeebus” enough to vote for.

  4. ChuckA says:

    I think the danger from these whackos goes WAY beyond their openly touted “Social Conservative” (think: Bible-up-the-ass, raving fundies?), and, supposedly, “job creating” economic politics of the moment. As we atheists all know, the extreme Christian fundies have been busy for more than forty years …i.e. even way before Reagan & the “Moral Majority” (think: UN-evolved, seriously ignorant and/or downright stupid, demonstrably IMmoral (& often blatantly as well as hypocritically Insane?)😯 …
    having the, oft concealed, MAJOR intent of turning our secular democracy into a totally delusional Christian Theocracy. They, in reality, don’t give a fucking rabid rats ass about TRUE Constitutionally mandated “Separation of Church & State”.
    Anyway…pardon my usual mini-ranting?…
    My point here, specifically…?:
    Whether y’all agree or not with the ever-controversial Acharya S (D.M. Murdock) and her rather infamous “Sun-god” inferences & conclusions, whom I’ve often linked at Winter Solstice-time about over the years, I think you’ll find the “In God We Trust” YouTube documentary she participated in & links to, interesting, enlightening…and of course…rather disturbing.
    Nothing really new to us longtime atheist theocracy watchers, of course; but I’m thinking that the documentary needs to be brought to the attention of more prominent media people; like Cenk, Keith, and Rachel Maddow, to name a few. Actually, I’d be surprised if SOMEONE (Acharya S?) hasn’t done that already; and I’m sure I’m not alone in my opinion.
    Here’s the link to Acharya’s Site RE the 2:06:03 length video [Watch it on YouTube?]:
    It reminds me of a similar, now somewhat dated, March, 2001 HBO Documentary, “Soldiers in the Army of God”, about the totally vicious, anti-abortion idiots; and we’ve all seen where that led to RE the somewhat recent Doctor George Tiller murder case, etc.

    RE all of 2012, and particularly the November election…retooling the old famous Bette Davis (as Margo Channing) movie line:
    “Strap yourselves in, folks…
    it’s going to be a VERY bumpy (and ‘WAY beyond the radar’ insane?) ride!”

  5. Mark says:

    And this is the problem…The good candidates never reach us by way of the media and we have to settle for the least of the two evils. Obummer is bought and paid for by special interests by now, how else did he gather the millions and millions to run again. And they do not want a viable candidate up against him, as to why we have the asshats now presented…they are chosen to lose and to give you the feeling that you actually have a choice.
    The good ones like the independent Bernie Sanders almost never receive media coverage as the special interest like Wall Street, big oil…ect. don’t want to rock the boat.
    Have you read about the trillions secretly given to Wall Street before the TARP agreement?? Our money was given to them a .003% interest from the fed that they borrowed back to us at 8-12% interest. How could one fail with a business plan like that? But they managed to blow it.
    We need independents NOW as this phony two party system is but one, pretending to care about our interests. Obama will be reelected and will leave office 4 years later with more debt, no jobs, no public health care and more secret money to the crooked banks…and he’ll say, “I tried but just couldn’t do it”.

    But he is better than the alternatives…and that is by design.

  6. Mark says:

    The rich have always embraced Christianity as well as other monolithic religions for their control over the masses, with their mantra of, “God has chosen me to be rich but you will get yours after you die, but only if you give more to me”. This is why the Christians have infiltrated the repug party, as they bring along a constituency that is already programmed to believe that god wants them to have less and less. This is true of the southern states after the Civil War with their Southern Baptist mentality and total control. As the north organized, created unions and living wages for the labor classes, the southern population starved like a third world country as the x-plantation owners enslaved all of them for their labor, and it has lasted to this day. Slavery is not about race, it is about exploiting labor no matter what race they are as proven after the Civil War…and religious brainwashing is a tool used to do so. And now they want the rest of us.

  7. Mark says:

    I have been following the series of documentaries about “The West Memphis 3”…three innocent teens convicted of murder because they were different than the Christian majority in their small town. So they called them Satanist and convicted them, one to be put to death, without any evidence against them, except that they were into heave metal and dressed different…and did not attend church. (they must be Satanists) But the story got out and intelligent peoples everywhere stood up and called them out on their ridicules injustice for what it was….a witch hunt.
    This is what we will have with a theocracy, no evidence, no science, just ones faith, or lack of to convict.
    I loved it when highly regarded FBI profiler John Douglas stood up and said, “These boys did not commit this crime, it was committed by an adult. (One of their Christian neighbors). The FBI has no evidence of a Satanic Cult ever committing sacrificial murders….ever.”
    What he neglected to say was the god cults go around killing everyone, everywhere…even eachother!

  8. ChuckA says:

    One more item that came to my (time-warped) mind…
    [But first, after reading & agreeing with much of Mark’s comments, let me say, especially in reference to my following shtick, that I personally fault the rather spineless, all-too Corporate bought, Dems & Pres. Obama for not…AT LEAST…getting the Public Option during the insane, dragged out, Health Care give-a-way to the, for profit, Health Care Industry. IMNSHO, the USA should have had Single-payer Universal Health Care as far back as when Truman was in office.]
    RE current American Healthcare; we’ve all heard the oft used critical, anti-Obama, Repiglican term: “Obamacare”…
    and…the currently leading contender’s, supposedly original model for that…”Romneycare”…
    what the ‘heil’ is the name for the Rethuglican (so-far-non-existent) Healtcare Plan proposal?
    How ’bout: “WeDon’tCare” and/or:
    “I-CertainlyDon’tGiveAFuckCare!” [or just plain: “FuckYou!Care”]
    Or maybe (What!…Why stop now?):
    [Or, cue Al Pacino voice: “YouLookin’atMe?Care”]
    And of course…ala former Congressman, Alan Grayson’s description:.

    Etcetera, etcetera.
    Yeah…I know…LAME!
    Hey, I’m old, unapologetically childless, and rather consistently World Weary…it’s a cold Tuesday in Chicagoland…in January…in 2012…whatever the fuck that actually means!
    And…Hey!…we’ll ALL…certainly “Moi”…most likely be dead and gone from this little Pale Blue Dot in the Milky Way Galaxy, in much less than 100 years…not even a socalled “Cosmic blink of an eye”.
    Again, ultimately…ala Nietzsche?:
    “Existence (let alone a single Earthly life) is Absurd”!

    What’s that?…
    “Aw, come on…Smile, Chuck, and the whole world smiles WITH you!”? 🙂

  9. Mark says:

    Did you say Chicagoland Chuck? Well…I guess we are neighbors. How do you feel about the privatization of the parking meters? Our tax dollars are used to enforce the law, and the parking meter corp makes ALL the profit…money for nothing! Did you hear where they billed the City 9 million in lost revenue for streets that were under construction? So if the roads are repaired and no one can park there, they are allowed to collect what they deem as just moneys. Only a politician could cut a contract like that…for themselves. We have come to the point where the politicians are not happy that they are millionaires, they want to privatize everything so their children and grand children are automatic millionaires…at our expense. Time to drag out the old guillotine Chuck…

  10. ChuckA says:

    Yeah, Mark…I live in an “Unincorporated” area of Des Plaines. I grew up on the Northside of Chicago, and as a longtime Chicago area musician, I dealt with all kinds of parking situations all over the Chicagoland area.
    “I did not know that” (Johnny Carson voice?) about the privatization bit. Not surprising to me, though, considering how things have evolved…or is it “deteriorated” over the years.
    Side note: Ex-mayor Daley was in my De Paul U. Speech 101 class in the summer of 1962 (a nighttime summer class at the old downtown “Lewis Tower” campus); and we chatted one time by the elevators. His dad, at the time, was Mayor; and my impression of the, then, ‘prospective’ Law student was that he was rather “shy” and, of course, I couldn’t see him even being a lawyer OR politician; let alone Mayor of Chicago for…22 years!…indeed, the longest of any Chgo. mayor, including his dad. [I don’t remember what his ‘end of course’ speech was about; mine (as a BA Music Major) was on “Brass instrument mouthpieces”.] Yeah…😯

    As to the whole privitization issue; both parties, both nationally and locally, are significantly bought & corrupted by money from Corporations, etc. On the whole Political subject, for anyone with cable TV who gets the “Current TV” channel, I especially recommend watching “The Young Turks” with Cenk Uygur; as well as, in tandem, Keith Olbermann.
    [Cenk, of course, has a longtime popular online YouTube Site.]

    considering all the recent talk about the (IMO, irrational, even outrageously insane & unconstitutional, etc.) INDEFINITE detention of American citizens…
    “Shhhh, RE dragging out the old guillotine!”
    BTW…youse got one?
    (Just kidding!)😉

  11. Mark says:

    Chuck…I watch Current TV all the time and use to watch “The Young Turks” when thy were just an Internet news show. I have videos at the current website and was amongst the first content providers. Don’t post there anymore as I do not like their policy…they claim all rights to the content one uploads…So I use youtube.
    I’m in the west burbs…not that far from Des Plaines. Actually, I use to take piano lesson there as a child.

  12. ChuckA says:

    BTW…Season 2 of “An Idiot Abroad” starts tonight (1/21/12) on the Science Channel.
    Whilst checking out some Karl Pilkington shtick on YouTube, a two parter (plus a separately posted, but related, third part) RE his Bible interpretation caught my attention…
    Yeah…”My, how strange!”
    (From 12/31/05 when Ricky, Karl and Steve filled in for Johnathan Ross on Radio; with some accompanying visuals. )
    “Karl Pilkington explains the bible (Part 1 of 3)”

  13. Mark says:

    Chuck A. Here is my youtube account:

    This case has evolved since my videos were created and I’ve discovered the silent hand of religious fanatics, corrupt bankers, and politicians have played into this now.

    Send me a message, we need to get together and maybe start a tax deductible Atheist Church in the area, apply for grants to produce more videos…educate people…ect.

  14. Mark says:

    I watched the video and if you ask me the whole Adam & Eve story was designed to repress intelligence…not to question! As the more one questions and learns, the more religious belief becomes illogical…and that is their enemy.
    For example, how many religious folks truly understand radio carbon dating?

  15. ChuckA says:

    Hi Mark…
    I just read your recent messages; which kinda got lost in the flow of “Recent Comments” listed in the right panel.
    BTW…the abbreviation ect. should be etc. from the Latin: etcetera…meaning “and so forth”. Lot’s of people today (including high profile broadcasters), as I’ve noticed for quite awhile, are mispronouncing the word…
    as in (sounding like): “EXetera”.
    I’m guessing it’s partly because most younger people, these days, never studied any Ancient Latin in school.
    I did…growing up Catholic, starting in the 1940s; when the church was still using the Latin Mass. Yeah…I was an unmolested grammar school altar boy! Latin (as well as Ancient Greek), also, was originally a tradition & universal part of a general Liberal Arts curriculum.
    Pardon my “anality”(butt?)…add that to another old pet pieve:
    “I could care less!”…which SHOULD be: “I COULDN’T care less!” IOW…”I’ve reached the absolute bottom of my caring ability
    (OR: “I don’t really give a flying (or non-flying) fuck?)”😯
    As to your:
    “Send me a message, we need to get together and maybe start a tax deductible Atheist Church in the area, apply for grants to produce more videos…educate people…ect.”
    Getting together, with anyone, these days…W/O a car, AND due to my having to be “Nurse Chuckie” to my lifetime companion…is pretty much “roit out”.
    And, as you’re probably aware, to any Atheist Church ‘notion’…we atheists (notice…no caps!), according to the most basic definition of atheism, are not in any way a religion, cult, philosophy, yada-yada. We simply don’t believe in ANY gods. That’s it. On all other subjects, we’re “all over the cosmic map”. Add to that what I’ve said on AO previously RE my age, etc…PLUS…trying to get involved with ANY legal Govt. grants, etc., simply doesn’t interest me in the present.
    BTW, I checked out your YouTube link (and Wiki) RE the obviously complicated (& outrageously vicious?) Shandra Sharer(?) case; which, I’m totally “un-hip” and un-informed, about. I simply don’t follow (never really have) a whole lot of popular…or unpopular…news items.
    ‘nough said, I guess. Or…What! (no offence intended?)…
    “Good Luck” on all your pursuits!”
    And now I’m off to accompany my companion for her (hopefully) 4th Chemo session. I say hopefully, since if one’s in-tandem coordinated tested, templates & white blood counts are too low, the session is cancelled; meaning the trip amounts to a “wild goose chase”.
    Yeah…”Chemo Therapy ain’t a walk in the park!” HOWEVER, may I say…
    “It’s only thanks to the advances of medical SCIENCE…that there’s any REAL, ACTUALIZED hope for cures to any and all diseases!”

  16. Digital Atheist says:


    I just wanted to extend my best wishes to you and your companion. Having seen up close and personal too many friends and family with that nasty cancer stuff, I always hope for a good outcome.

    My first experinces with cancer were 40+ years ago where it was basically a death sentence. Over the years, I’ve seen the odds improve more and more. It is sad to say that some people I’ve known lost the fight regardless, but I’ve seen science also pull out some amazing cures. Hell, my own Better Half’s father has done two tours of radiation for prostate cancer–and was working all day every day and playing golf until all hours of the night too boot, while doing it.

    By contrast, one of my recently departed mother’s cousins did the whole radiation thing 30+40-ish years ago and managed to survive although the cure was as bad as the disease.

    oh, and just for the thrill of it, my aunt did the trifecta: surgery, chemo, and radiation… and came out of it all the better.

    Again, best wishes, and a bigger thank you to all the doctors and nurses and scientists who have improved and continue to improve our chances in life. (Docs did more for the people in my life than “god” ever did for sure!).

    P.s. I know most of my post was about Radiation therapy, but that is because they were the people closest to me. In those same 40+ years I’ve also known several people who did the Chemo route, and as time has progressed, not only has the prognosis improved, but the side effects of chemotherapy (in quite a few cases!) has decreased. Feel free to ask my aunt!🙂

  17. ChuckA says:

    ^ Thanks, Digital Atheist, for your compassionate comment…
    as it turned out, it was a ‘thumbs up’ day RE her 4th Chemo session; with a 24 hour later followup injection of Neulasta, today (Tues. 1/24/11).
    [“Neulasta (pegfilgrastim) is a prescription medication used to prevent infections in people undergoing certain kinds of chemotherapy. Many types of chemotherapy increase the risk of dangerous infections, and Neulasta can help prevent such infections.”]

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