Crazy Mormons!

Mormons believe that every person on this planet must receive ordinances to be “saved” from their sins, and oftentimes Mormons perform  special magical incantations on behalf of dead people. (Can’t get us while we are alive, get us when we are dead and can’t dispute these idiocies).  These magical rituals are performed  by “proxy on behalf of the dead person they feel needs saving. Mormons believe that the ghosts of the dearly departed may accept or reject the offered ordinance in the spirit world. There are also rituals for Baptism of the dead (also done by proxy with a stand in for the dead person).

Sound crazy? Well, not to Mitt Romney and family:

Romneys Converted Mitt’s Dead Atheist Father-in-Law to Mormonism

Gawker’s substantial Mormon readership has come through for us: Two readers have sent us confirmation that Edward Davies, Mitt Romney’s militantly atheist father-in-law, was indeed posthumously converted to Mormonism by his family, despite the fact that when he was alive he regarded all religions as “hogwash.”


Ann Romney’s Welsh-born father (who Mitt mentioned in last night’s debate to shore up his pro-immigrant bona fides) was an engineer, inventor, and resolute atheist who disdained all organized religion and raised his children accordingly. Davies, his son Roderick told the Boston Globe in 2007, regarded the faithful as “weak in the knees.” But when Mitt began seeing Davies’ daughter Ann, the Romney family launched a concerted effort to convert not only Ann but her entire family to Mormonism. And they were wildly successful: Within a year of meeting Ann, Mitt and his father had converted all three of Edward Davies’ children. Days before she died in 1993, Ann Romney’s mother asked to be converted as well. Edward Davies was the only member of his clan whose soul the Romneys never claimed for their church.


Of course this is all empty superstition, as Davies realized. Being dead, he wasn’t particularly in a place to care about whatever voodoo was performed in his name. But it’s an exceedingly odd way for the Romney family to honor the memory of a man who was committed, for his entire life, to the notion that organized religion is a fraud.

The Mormon church has repeatedly been criticized for its practice of trawling for dead souls to convert to the faith. Catholic and Jewish organizations have expressed outrage when the names of dead popes and Holocaust victims have turned up on Mormon lists of the baptized. In 1995, the church pledged to “discontinue any future baptisms of deceased Jews” except for direct descendents of living Mormons, tacitly acknowledging that its creepy and weird to claim the souls of people who had no interest in Mormonism for their own. It’s strange that the Romney and Davies families didn’t accord Edward Davies’ memory the same respect.

I am truly embarrassed for and by the Republican Party with all their assortment of kooky candidates which are composed of a wide variety of religious zealots, superstitious nutjobs,  and paranoid conspiracy theorists.

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13 Responses to Crazy Mormons!

  1. Robster says:

    Hope this stuff comes out before the decision is made as to the the GOP canditate. Romney comes with much baggage. For a start, will the world respect a country led by someone called Mittens? Will the Mittner garner respect for believing, sincerely I read, that his undies are magic? That god has his own planet? Or will the world giggle under its breath everytime President Mitt wanders in ready to baptise at request any decomposing rellies to bolster church number (with dead people?) Hello..? Probably. Please don’t let it happen.

  2. ChuckA says:

    OK, fellow atheist kiddies…
    how ’bout a cartoon about Mormonism…?’
    What’s that you say?…
    “…and also cue that old outdoor movie intermission tune:
    “Let’s all go to the lobby”?.😉

  3. Sue Blue says:

    I always thought that baptism of the dead was just a tactic to boost church numbers so that Mormons can claim to be the fastest-growing church in the world. Having a huge membership also bolsters their claim that they are a mainstream religion – the old argument from majority. Of course it’s all bullshit. There are a lot of stupid people in the world, but the whole Mormon history and credo is so over-the-top retarded that even a cynic like me has trouble believing there are that many who are stupid enough to believe it.
    I think that there is a legitimate case to be made to force the Mormon church to stop this practice. Even though the dead don’t care, their living relatives may resent their name being used in this way. I know that some of my relatives were mormonized in this way by friends, even though none of us are, or ever were, Mormons – and it pisses me off. I’m going to put a prohibition against this in all of my legal documents (my will, etc.) and if any member of my family finds out that I’ve been inducted posthumously, they can contest it in court. I don’t know if it would hold up as a lawsuit, but if enough people do this, I think it will stop. Exposing ridiculous and fraudulent religious practices and keeping them under public scrutiny is always a good thing to do.

    Oh, and fuck Mitt Romney and the retarded church he rode in on.

  4. ChuckA says:

    Here’s something I accidently stumbled on whilst looking for the above “Goofy” Mormon clip…
    (also kind-of appropriate to what’s going on currently in Repiglican Politics?)…
    This one’s, literally, just for a really old (albeit, borrowed by “Family Guy”) long lost memorable favorite (originally fr. the 1950’s Era?) “Disney cartoon-based (Classically insane?) laugh”:

  5. jaycubed says:

    I just Atheized Edward R. Davies.

    You can Atheize anyone you wish too at:

    Have fun.

  6. stardust says:

    I atheized St Francis of Assisi

  7. If we’re going by fact: RMoney evidently participat­ed in a religious rite which violated the wishes and beliefs of his deceased father-in-­law in accordance to RMoney’s own personal beliefs? Usually I would say religion is private. But I must ask myself can such a man with those beliefs truly value the rights and choices of others enough to objectivel­y run this country and it’s military? Will the USA embark on a MISSION to save souls across the globe dead or alive? Will the deceased service members suffer the indignitie­s of a secret-bap­tism? These are valid questions as this man is seeking to be the LEADER of the USA and has stated he will govern in accordance with his religious beliefs.

  8. ChuckA says:

    Here’s Cenk Uygur & Company’s take on the subject from his, IMO, excellent, rather “No holds barred, seriously Progressive style” Current TV show…
    (from Fri. 1/27/12):

  9. amandawykes says:

  10. D R How says:

    What it really comes down to is: Can we trust a person to lead our country and command our military who is so gullible to believe in such SCREWY, MADE-UP Stuff???

    Hey Mitt! Aliens landed on the lawn and want to give you a planet if you’ll be their friend! They want to know if they can borrow the nuclear football for a couple of minutes. Is that OK?

  11. Gambler Cooper says:

    This sounds like such an enormous joke. If you can baptize dead people against their will (so to speak) What’s to stop them from baptizing live people as they walk down the street? It seems to have nothing to do with what the person themselves wanted, so what’s the limitation? The issue to me seems to be that a religious person has no capacity to understand an opposing viewpoint. When a Christian tells me that I’m going to hell and I tell them that they can’t threaten me with things I don’t believe in, they just don’t understand the concept. I guess it has to be that way in order for the whole “believe in a magic sky wizard thing” to work. But I cannot trust something that claims to be so absolute.

  12. Dag says:

    What occurs to me is this: Who would you rather give the “atomic football” to–someone who thinks there IS and afterlife or someone who doesn’t? If you think dead is dead, you’re going to be a little more careful with your absolutely irreversible decisions, no?

  13. buckeyenonbeliever says:

    Unfortunately Dag, every four years we do give the football to someone who believes in an afterlife. And one does not need the ‘atomic football’ to wage war and cause destruction. All one needs is the belief.

    In my opinion, this belief will one day be self fulfilling unless the religious fanatacism is not dialed down. I find it ironic that christians continue to kidnap the founding fathers for their cause while simultaneously pushing for the exact opposite. Unfortunately, propaganda sometimes works on the masses.

    Instead of pursuing Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness, the religionist seeks death, slavery, and the pursuit of rapture. Death is their freedom, slavery (to the myth of God) their life, and the pursuit of rapture, their happiness.

    Until the majority of Americans realize this, we are destined to continue on our current path. Nonbelievers must be steadfast in our determination to the cause; for it is reason, logic, and humanity which will win in the end, not religion!

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