More On The Madness Of Muslim–Teenage Shenanigans VERBOTEN!


It would be laughable, if it weren’t so true.

Emirati teen gets 3-year sentence for kissing two sisters

A teenage boy in the United Arab Emirates has been sentenced to up to three years in juvenile detention for kissing two girls, The National newspaper reports.

The 15-year-old boy, identified only as “M.A.,” was initially charged with breaking into a house and sexually assaulting two 13-year-old sisters after their father found him there and called the police.

But, says the Abu Dhabi-based newspaper, an investigation found that the two sisters — who were dating him at the time — had let him into the house.

In an earlier hearing, the boy told the court that it was not the first time the girls had invited him inside and willingly kissed him.

That, in turn, prompted authorities to level similar charges at the two girls.

At Sunday’s hearing, the sisters refused to answer the judge’s questions, neither denying nor confessing to the charges.

The court ruled that the boy could be detained until he is 18, but said the sentence could be eased based upon the boy’s “readiness” and whether he is disciplined enough.

The newspaper says the girls “were to be delivered to their parents for discipline.”

I applaud the kids for their spunk, but it’s a dangerous game. It’s a culture where sexuality is covered three deep in blankets, women are routinely executed or mutilated over the slightest misperception of lewdity, and childish hijinks are rewarded with prison sentences.

It’s not just pathetic, it’s fucking barbaric.

Islam. It’s gotta go.

Till the next post, then.

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5 Responses to More On The Madness Of Muslim–Teenage Shenanigans VERBOTEN!

  1. The newspaper says the girls “were to be delivered to their parents for discipline.”

    well, they’re dead. they have publicly shamed their family.

    you’re right. islam has got to go

  2. Bronze Dog says:

    I hope the kids get out of this, somehow. I wouldn’t be surprised if most teens over there do that sort of thing, including the previous generations now involved in charging them for it.

  3. Sally says:

    Question: Aren’t we (by ‘we’ I mean the “freedom-loving democracies of the West”) allied to these animals?

    Answer: Yes, just as ‘we’ backed the fundamentalist crazies of the mujahedin against the Red Army in Afghanistan,the catholic reactionaries of Solidarność in Poland and the work-shy monks o fTibet.

    Religion is extremely useful in pursuing one’s geopolitical ends.

  4. Yeah, it had to be sexual assault because, as we all remember, 13-year-old girls just HATE to kiss 15-year-old boys.

  5. ChuckA says:

    This may be a bit OT, KA (and all youse ‘guys’); but…

    Newt Gingrich recently (1/30/12?) claiming that…
    (Yahoo News snip)
    …”the Obama administration is “waging a war against religion” – specifically that it has “declared war” on the Roman Catholic Church – for (among other things) requiring Catholic hospitals and universities to provide contraception as part of employee health plans”…
    amounts, IMNSHO, to total bullcrap!

    To the contrary…I SAY:
    Religions…especially, for that matter, ALL the Abrahamic variety…have been waging a war on ALL of humanity for thousands of years; based on totally made-up lies and obviously fascistic, sado-masochistic, child abusive insanity!
    [The all-time most insidious doctrine of “Eternal Hell” being an obvious example of the latter.]

    For that matter, name ONE mythologically based god/goddess that man has EVER conceived of that isn’t a variation of a blatantly immoral, mentally ill, “thought-form dictator”
    (Think the old classic film: “Forbidden Planet” and it’s pseudo-Freudian Creatures from the ID, perhaps…?)
    Religions are ALL, bar none, mentally ill variations of anti-democratic fascism; in essence, demonstrable forms of…socalled “Eternal”…mentally oppressive, existential SLAVERY.
    Christopher Hitchens pretty much nailed it with his oft-used, if somewhat humorous, “afterlife” comparison to…
    “living in North Korea”.
    Here’s a cogent reminder of Hitch’s, IMO, irreplaceble, already much missed, brilliance:

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