NC takes us back . . . way back

The homophobes have struck a temporary victory in the ass-backwards state of North Carolina. For gay couples and families, it will be a struggle for them as it was for other minority groups in the past had to fight tooth and nail to obtain their civil rights.

See the photograph…in North Carolina it was against the law for blacks and whites to marry. I am old enough to remember the discrimination against interracial couples that existed into the late sixties and even later in many areas around the country. AND though interracial is legal now in all states, the 1865 attitudes are still the same for some people in backwards states like North Carolina, Mississippi, Alabama…all the die-hard Rethuglican, Tea Party supporting bigots.

What do they base their prejudice on? An interpretation of a book written by ignorant human beings in ancient times…written to control and oppress other people who are different from them. Hopefully these unreasonable, religious nutjobs won’t start taking the book of Leviticus literally and start stoning people for adultry and homosexuality or killing smart-mouthed children like their “perfect word of god”  says to do throughout much of the Old Testament.

I have heard and read the religious folks talk about the “sanctity of marriage” but how many of these hypocrites been divorced?….and then they go get a new spouse….sometimes two, three or more times. While the Bible says it is ok to dump your wife, it also says it is not okay to go out and get another one or sleep with anyone else while your spouse is alive. Yet I know many divorced Christians who conveniently explain away that little Biblical law as “an interpretation” we have and I have had some of them say to me “God would not want me in an unhappy marriage”. Forget about “what god has brought together, let no one put asunder” …that was just a “figure of speech”. How convenient.

It’s very scary that so many people in the year 2012 are still basing much of their prejudices and bigoted actions on an ancient book, which they cherry pick to justify their prejudices and oppression of other people, and ignore the ones that pertain to themselves.

So, what’s next North Carolina…bring back slavery? Women should just shut up and stay in the kitchen and barefoot and pregnant and let the men take care of business and other important things which affect the lives of everyone. I for the life of me cannot understand women not knowing or remembering their history. If not for women going through the same ordeal as homosexuals, they would not be having any say in politics at all, and their opinions would be scoffed at and found to be “amusing” or irritating. I don’t know how any woman can be a Republican, or a Christian for that matter.

This isn’t over North Carolina, it will take a fight, but eventually Gay Marriage will become as acceptable as Interracial Marriage is nowdays. There is nothing you can do to stop it.

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  1. Lynda M O says:


  2. Lynda M O says:

    Hahaha like there’s a god at all and then that it gives a shit what we do. I lost my only brother to NC several decades ago and it nearly killed me when he came out for Santorum a few weeks back. We cannot be ethically related despite how much alike we look.

  3. Stardust says:

    Lynda, my father’s family is from NC and he left there when he was 17 and has been a northerner since. That part of the family still left there have such backwards thinking. My aunt is a die hard ultra-conservative republican who believes in the literal interpretation of the bible, EXCEPT when it pertains to herself. She is divorced…her husband was unfaithful to her, as she puts it. But shouldn’t she have been forgiving if she is taking her ancient mythology book literally for other people and stayed with him and worked it out? No…she immediately dumped him and according to her holy book has been remarried and committing adultery with another man for nearly thirty years. (She makes up excuses for herself, saying those parts of the bible are not to be taken literally)🙄

  4. buckeyenonbeliever says:

    Ahh, the bible…….. feeding bigotry, racism, mysoginy, hypocrisy, and evil for thousands of years. One reads it literally, another figuratively, and as a result; all suffer tremendously.

  5. Stardust says:

    I keep wanting to click on a “like” button on these comments. LOL…Buckeye…amazing how dangerous a book can be. The most dangerous book are the Bible and the Q’uran

  6. Sally says:

    Let us not forget that, as well as discriminating against lesbians and gays, the NC law will also disadvantage *straight* de facto couples (i.e., those whose union is not ‘properly sanctified’ as a marriage).

    And, Buckeye, don’t forget that the same Bible also endorses paedophilia and the degradation into sexual slavery of women captured in war – in chapter 31 of the Book of Numbers, Moses’ invisibile friend pimps underage Canaanite virgins to the jihadis of Joshua (since girls married early, ‘underage’ probably means “younger than 10.”)

  7. Sue Blue says:

    Yes…I’m wondering when, emboldened by the passage of this legislation (if by “legislation” you mean “something used to wipe the remaining dogshit off your shoe after you thought you’d scraped it clean”), North Carolinians will trot out the anti-miscegenation laws, campaign to take the vote away from women and minorities, and make marriage at menarche legal. Yep – South gon’ rise agin! Don’t need no fancy book-learning, uppity women or coloreds, or f***gots in good ol’ North Carolina!
    Way to reinforce those “toothless hillbilly” stereotypes while destroying as many human rights as possible. You go, assholes.

  8. Sue Blue says:

    Also, it does look like this craptastic thing will screw straight couples who are living together without the “benefit” of a church-approved bible-blessin’. But that’s okey-dokey with these idiots, because they probably think it’ll just force Bobby-Sue and Jimmy-Joe to get married when Bobby-Sue gets knocked up, and everything will be so much more peachy-keen than if Bobby Sue got an abortion and they both finished high school and maybe did something with their lives besides glorifyin’ God on Sundays and going home to drink, fight and cook meth on weekdays. ‘Cause God knows, anything is better than gettin’ an edjication and becomin’ a liberal elitist atheist.

  9. buckeyenonbeliever says:

    Stardust, could not agree more; the bible and quran are both dangerous and evil. Amazing how so many indoctrinated parents not only allow their children to study this garbage, but moreover force their unsuspecting kids to do so. Is there anything more evil than forcing your kids to worship and praise the greatest mass murderer in history (if god were actually real)?

    And yet the religionist has milestone markers in their childs life in order to celebrate their flesh and blood worshipping this imaginary skymonster. Truly revolting.

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