The Most Deranged Anti-Gay Rant Ever

As our friend Ray said, I am all for freedom of speech, but whoever gave this nutjob a microphone is out of their fucking minds!

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12 Responses to The Most Deranged Anti-Gay Rant Ever

  1. Stardust says:

    Several states I would never ever, ever, ever want to live…Nebraska is one of them. Arizona, North Carolina, Kansas, Mississippi, Alabama, Alaska, all top my list of never move to.

  2. Fuckthechurch says:

    I want to pass legislation against ”brainless” christians….. They should all be forced to crawl back underneath the rocks they emerged from. They are DANGEROUS to society!!!

  3. Fuckthechurch says:

    Someone should jam 20 bibles into this bitch’s ass, and throw her, head first into a sewage processing tank.

  4. Stardust says:

    I think that she needs professional psychiatric evaluation and help…and educated then to show her just how screwed up her “facts” are.

  5. fred says:

    Watch the guy behind her right shoulder. One can only hope that his reactions mirror those of the enlightened majority…

  6. Stardust says:

    That guy’s reaction is great! Awesome he was seated right there behind her in full view!

  7. Oh Judas’ Goat! She needs some biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiig help. My brain hurts now.

  8. ChuckA says:

    In total contrast to that video’s totally annoying insanity…
    And, perhaps, to in some way cleanse your brain from the mindboggling polluting insane nonsense she was spouting…
    I think this rather excellently edited YouTube music video says a whole lot about our common atheist attitudes (and beliefs?)…
    a nice breath of fresh air, perhaps…?

  9. buckeyenonbeliever says:

    The term “bat shit crazy” comes to mind for this nutjob. Wow!

  10. Bronze Dog says:

    Dispatches from the Culture Wars posted this, and someone in the comments mentioned an important bit of information, if true: This woman was diagnosed as schizophrenic but refuses medication.

  11. Calvo says:

    I wanna know where the hell she’s getting these so called “facts” from. I know some of its from the bible and that explaines some of the crazy but the others???

  12. Sue Blue says:

    I see her not only as a deranged homophobe, but as a symptom of the complete failure of our mental health system. This woman is obviously in dire need of antipsychotics and close supervision.

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