Pennsylvania Joins The Freakshow Frenzy: More Misogynistic Mumbo Jumbo


Well, now Pennsylvania is joining the ranks of the truly demented: perhaps it should secede along with Oklahoma, Texas, and Indiana.

Biased counseling and mandatory delay

Counseling Ban/Gag Rule

Insurance Prohibition for Abortion

Other Anti-Choice Law

Refusal to Provide Medical Services

Restrictions on Low-Income Women’s Access to Abortion

The rest can be read here.

Here, embedded in the state code, is where Pennsylvania stands:

“In every relevant civil or criminal proceeding in which it is possible to do so without violating the Federal Constitution, the common and statutory law of Pennsylvania shall be construed so as to extend to the unborn the equal protection of the laws and to further the public policy of this commonwealth encouraging childbirth over abortion.”

When in actuality, this is in direct violation of the 14th amendment, which states unambiguously:

Section 1. All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside.

Until the child leaves the mother’s womb, it is unborn – it has no rights. So much for the lip-service of ‘what the Founding Fathers wanted’.

And who is at the heart of these nonsenses? Who else but Republicans. And what are their grounds for restricting the reproductive rights of women? Why, religious of course.

I for one am sick unto death of these people legislating based on their beliefs. If your beliefs are going to dictate your actions in office, then you should not be in office. Because as history shows us, religious people make the worst leaders. And the least capable of being able to weigh all options objectively and decide properly for the greater  good.

Till the next post, then.

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12 Responses to Pennsylvania Joins The Freakshow Frenzy: More Misogynistic Mumbo Jumbo

  1. mobathome says:

    1) This s*cks.
    2) State constitutions and laws can secure greater rights than done by the U.S. Constitution.
    3) The securing of rights applies to citizens and non-citizens alike.

  2. Stardust says:

    You forgot Arizona in your list of those who should secede.

  3. Stardust says:

    Until the child leaves the mother’s womb, it is unborn – it has no rights. So much for the lip-service of ‘what the Founding Fathers wanted’.

    If an unborn child is a person with rights, why can’t we claim a fetus as a dependent on our taxes?

  4. ChuckA says:

    It’s no surprise to us atheists that most, if not all, religious believers have real, serious, trouble with actual FACTS; especially, IMO, the Republican (Rethuglican/Retardlican?) brand.
    There isn’t ANY issue more seriously “dander & crotch disturbing” for this old non-replicating atheist than the absolutely tyrannical Right Wing abortion nonsense.

    I’ve been harping for years on pointing out in many, albeit futile, personal comments, here and elsewhere, some of the totally ignored facts regarding human reproduction by the socalled “Pro-Life” FUCKtards. Of course, (understandably?), like probably most other comments of mine, little notice is ever acknowledged.
    Soooo…here I go again (annoyingly?) pointing out the same boring mantra(s) of what I consider to be the most BASIC FACTS that seem to be almost TOTALLY ignored by the the usual Right Wing delusional assholes. I’ll stick to just three of those basics…
    [And…of COURSE!…my comments are almost always on atheist Sites; soooooo, as per usual…I’m preaching to the (albeit silent?) choir…Right? 😯
    BTW…as usual I’m splitting my off-Site links to avoid the usual moderation wait-time! No offence, KA! (or Stardust?)😉

    1) FACTS ABOUT ABORTION…i.e…NOT being mentioned AT ALL in the friggin’ Bible:
    For the Old Testicle Jews, BTW, a fetus is only considered an actual person…AFTER it’s actually born; and takes its first breath! Also interesting, IMO, is the fact that the Jews don’t believe in the nastiest most abominably vicious and totally unjust notions of all human doctrinal inventions: Eternal, never-ending, afterlife torture in a Lake of Fire…
    Fucking “Hell”!
    [Yeah…AARGH?…I couldn’t leave off W/O including that! Anyway…to continue…]:

  5. ChuckA says:

    2) MEDICAL STATISTICS for “Spontaneous abortion (SAB)”:

  6. ChuckA says:

    3) Atheist Experience’s online discussion (a YouTube from 2009?) regarding the various rather sloppy aspects of the human biological reproductive…”methodology”:

  7. Stardust says:

    Chuck, I was told my a Xian that God’s abortions are “good” and that only Gob can decide to take a life. Humans don’t have the right to kill other humans….only god can kill, murder, commit genocide and all that goes against human morality.

  8. ChuckA says:

    Yeah, Star…[ala Cenk Uygur?]:
    OF COURSE!!!
    The Abrahamic so-called god IS…(or would be; if he actually exists!)…the ALL-TIME worst fucking mythologically-based (thus, totally man-made), Cosmic sky-daddy asshole imaginable! As the undisputed “Champ”, “He” can do whatever the fuck “He” wants…(and DOES…VERU BADLY?)
    “BAD, B-A-A-A-D GOD!!!…? There’ll be no worshipers for you; you infinitely naughty asshole!
    Now, go to your tomb!”😯
    BUT…(or BUTT?)…everything is ALWAYS OUR fault…no matter what!
    Like the old Cat-lick Latin:…
    “Mea culpa, mea culpa, mea MAXIMA culpa!” 😥
    “Bless me, Farter, for I have sinned!”
    What fucking bullshit! And to think that I was indoctrinated from childhood with all that total crap.
    Even amongst the “New Ager” crowd’s variation; we’re all, individually & collectively, creating our own reality; which ends up, ultimately, with the same blaming conclusion…

    To all that, I respond:
    “Fuck all imaginary gods, and their stupid-ass religions; AND their terminally non-thinking idiotic followers!
    IOW…what!…”No more Mr. Nice Guy? Henya, henya!”

  9. Sam says:

    Three YouTube videos EVERY Atheist, with a sense of humor, should watch

  10. Sue Blue says:

    While it’s true that the South (which now includes Arizona, apparently) seems to have the greatest number of Retardlicans on public display, they are actually working overtime everywhere to fuck things up for the rest of us, like cancer cells metastasizing. I haven’t been in any state where there weren’t sanctimonious religious pricks trying to shoehorn their anti-woman ideology into law. Even right here in western Washington, which supposedly votes so blue it is almost ultraviolet, there are plenty of backwoods idiots who race to the polls to vote for retarded red(neck) Republicans.

  11. jaycubed says:

    Before Easter, I spent two & a half weeks counter-protesting the “40 Days” R.C. anti-Planned Parenthood group at my neighboring P.P. office (2 doors away). My sign, which looked like a Westboro Baptist Church sign read:

    Side 1

    EXODUS 21:22-25
    Killing unborn
    NOT Murder.
    NO “Eye for Eye”.
    NO “Life for Life”.

    Side 2

    EXODUS 21:22-25
    Unborn child
    NOT a “LIFE”.
    NO “Eye for Eye”.
    NO “Life for Life”.

    There is only one place in the Bible that concerns the legal status of an unborn child & whether it is a “Life” It is unambiguous. It is presented as “God’s Ordinance” or “God’s Judgement” depending on your translation. For a Believer to say an unborn child IS a life or that killing an unborn child IS murder is blasphemy. To claim otherwise is to hold oneself as a higher judge than God. (If you’ve read Dante you know that the deepest level in Hell is reserved for those kind of folks.)

    The few who did actually check on my sign’s claim could not refute or contradict it. The best the could come up with was, “But it (EX.21:22-25) said the killing was an accident.” I pointed out that killing the woman by accident was irrelevant to the judgement, death for murder. But the unborn child is clearly & specifically not a life. It was chattel, and the man who provided the seed was to be compensated for the loss of that chattel in accordance with the local practice, in other words the value of the child if sold into slavery.

    Now, I know that there’s no God or Hell, but these people CLAIM to be devout Believers. If they actually Believed what they claim to Believe, then there is no question that they are blasphemers on a fast track to eternal damnation.

    It was also fun to watch was the rednecks in their pickup trucks drive by and, seeing the first 2 words assume I was an “anti”, then reading the rest would piss ’em off & cause their middle fingers to rise & flip off their God’s Word. A few were close enough to see the rage form.

    Sadly, most people stopped reading at “GOD’s ORDINANCE”, whether pro or con. The only person who actually tried to run me over was a P.P. supporter, who ran her Lexus up on the curb and jumped out to scream at me, obviously not having read the sign & unable to hear a word I said.

    Happily, I met a number of wonderful people, both my neighbors in the various medical offices hereabouts, and people passing by. Two of my favorites were:
    The car with 4 young women who pulled up to flip me off: as they drove up, the woman in the front seat actually read the sign & in mid flip-off, I could watch the facial expression change in mid gesture, used her mind. Told her friends to look at the sign & we smiled & thumbs-upped each other.
    The two young ladies who stopped to talk with me about my sign & why I was there. They said they had tried to talk with the “40 Day” protesters earlier & were ignored when they asked them why they were there & what they believed. We had a great chat, then we sang a heretic burning song (You Will Burn, from an old Steeleye Span album) I had started singing earlier that day to annoy the antis (I had a lyric sheet I transcribed so they were able to sing along).

    I can only hope that whenever the 40 Day-ers start chanting their “Hail Mary”‘s they hear me singing “What’s The Ugliest Part Of Your Body” over & over & over again in the background.

  12. Sue Blue says:

    WTF is it with Retardlicans and women these days? I mean, the religious misogyny is nothing new – it’s been around at least since Abraham farmed Sarah out to Pharaoh in order to save his own ass a few thousand years ago – but the Retardlicans are going at it like rabid dogs lately. There have to be at least a few of them that realize there are bigger issues in America than what women do with their bits…could it be just a smokescreen to conceal the fact that they can’t deal with real problems like joblessness? Something to whip up support from the crazy base in an election year? Bleeding shit – I’m seriously thinking of emigrating so my daughter had a chance to grow up in the 21st century…in the actual 21st century instead of the 16th.

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