And Their Heads Did Verily Catcheth Afire.

Sheesh!! That was a close one. We the people have responded. To the most vile and inflammatory lies told on the national stage. We voted. And WE won. I don’t particularly care for the Obama politicians. It is just that the others are far removed from reality that??? Well fuck, what is a rational person to do?

We have defeated the misogynists who claim rape and its gifts are signs of god’s love. Can I get a hallelujah and an amen sister? I know it isn’t over yet but we have a good start. And they have been sent packing. With their tails between their legs.

Most of the teabaggers are out. And the rest are close to being out. As a people it didn’t take us long to figure out what they were up to and send them on their way.

A few states passed rights that recognize gay marriage rights. Some states legalized marijuana. A few others repudiated through resolutions the Robert’s Court Citzens United debacle. Damn, with all the nasty rhetoric over the last year regarding god’s own party you’d think we were on our way to a thousand years of darkness. Thanks Chuck N.

The republicans framed this election cycle. Fortunately We woke up. It took a lot of effort to push back and defeat the fucking assholes but we did. It still leaves the systemic problems that have been stacking up since G.W.Bush. I’m reminded of the saying “It is hard to remember your purpose was to drain the swamp when you’re up to your ass in Alligators”. We still need to stop the war machine. We need to send Obama a clear message that drones are not the answer. Not in foreign nations nor in our own. To me that is one of the most important things we could accomplish.

Oh I know how well we all love Sarah Palin. Did you see this pic?
A little humor if you don’t mind. If you look carefully enough her pic might seem familiar.
It is. Because she is an alien. What I’m about to show you is just my wishful thinking.
From Mars attacks.

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3 Responses to And Their Heads Did Verily Catcheth Afire.

  1. KA says:

    Good thing that Shit Zombie (er, um, Mitt Romney) lost.
    As to the 2 videos: not seeing it. I like how she DIDN’T call on divine intervention though.

  2. Stardust says:

    I can’t believe what a tight race it was even though Mittens blatantly and openly lied over and over again and the “party of god” didn’t give a shit about honesty and truth. They talk about family morals but show their children that it’s ok to be dishonest, it’s ok not to care about the poor and to be rich is to be worshiped. I have never seen such hateful rhetoric from friends and family over politics. And even now that the people have spoken with their votes they are even more inflamed and hellbent on making Obama a failure and they would drag themselves and their family to the pits of hell to do it. Disgusting!

  3. Sue Blue says:

    Regarding “Mars Attacks” and Sarah Palin…do you think if we played some Gene Autry tunes really loud, we could make her head explode?

    Just a thought.

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