More On The Misogyny Of Muslim–It’s 2 PM, Do You Know Where Your Chattel Is?

islamicsexistIt seems that these days, all one has to do is turn around, to find some disgusting fact about this alleged ‘religion of peace’. In this case, it’s Muslim equivalent of Wild Kingdom. Only in this case, we’re not talking about wild animals, but people

Saudi Arabia implements electronic tracking system to monitor women’s movements

In a country where women are denied the right to vote, are not allowed to drive, and are basically treated like children, Saudi Arabia has taken its next giant leap backwards by rolling out an SMS electronic tracking system that alerts male “guardians” by text message whenever women under their protection leave the country. The development has been met with outrage by reformers, who have turned to Twitter to voice their concern.

Saudi Arabia is a complete mess as far as women’s rights is concerned. It ranks 130th out of 134 countries for gender equality — a nation where only 16.5% of women make up the workforce. As devout followers of Sharia Law, all women, regardless of age, require a male guardian and cannot leave the country without written consent.

And now, judging by a flurry of incoming accounts, it’s clear that the country has covertly implemented a new system that will further serve to strengthen its control over women.

It all started last week when a Saudi man travelling with his wife began to get text messages on his phone from the immigration authorities alerting him to the fact that his wife had left the international airport in Riyadh (she was listed as a dependent on his national identity card). Concerned, he contacted Manal al-Sherif, a women’s rights campaigner in Saudi Arabia, who then broadcast the news over Twitter.

For insanity and double-standards, all you need to do is look at religion. Especially Islam, where women are considered little more than chattel – because of course, no one would ever consider doing this sort of thing to a man.

And of course, the rationalizations come pouring in:

And as it turned out, the text messages weren’t an isolated case. Similar accounts started to pour in, strongly suggesting that a new system had been rolled-out without so much as a peep from the Saudi authorities. It now appears that every guardian whose dependent has a passport is receiving a text after cross border crossings.

In response, the Ministry of the Interior has denied the allegations, saying it’s not intended to connect women with their guardians. And according to the Riyadh Bureau, the system has been in place since 2010, but now the service works without having to register with the ministry. It claims that the system is part of a larger e-Government plan to use technology in order to facilitate access to its services — such as electronic travel permits (thus replacing the need for “yellow slips”).

Pathetic. Women being treated as second-class citizens in any 21st century nation is an outrage, and should be criticized and denounced regardless of culture or heritage. Gender rights are one of those bridges we need to build, even at the cost of destroying anachronistic traditions.

Whenever any ideology proposes that some people should be discriminated against simply because they were born differently, that ideology needs to go. And if necessary, the hard way.

Till the next post, then.

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6 Responses to More On The Misogyny Of Muslim–It’s 2 PM, Do You Know Where Your Chattel Is?

  1. Indeed, all of these ‘cultural relativists’ who say ‘oh, it’s just there cultural’ – mainly on the left – totally legitimise this type of sexism. As a liberal, secular atheist I am appalled by the treatment of women under these clerics and other authoritarian nut-jobs who think that god and a prophet (or in Saudi Arabia – PROFIT) gives them the power to do whatever. When people say to me that liberation can’t come at the barrel of a gun, I simply refer them to the US Civil War. The conversation usually ends there.🙂 Good work – the Saudi regime definitely needs to be toppled and a secular society – at force if necessary – needs to be put in place (and this goes for many nations) Unfortunately there is no credible international organisation for doing this at the moment.

  2. jimmer54 says:

    This past summer a muslim woman was found beaten to death in her home in El Cajon. Near San Diego. Islam leaders were up in arms about this terrible “hate” crime. The local police arrested her husband 2 weeks ago for the crime. Not a word yet from the Islamic leaders. The comments were revealing though. Not a hate crime after all was one. So I guess that makes it a crime of love. Religion poisons everything.

  3. ChuckA says:

    Maybe…just maybe…it’s a good time to review just HOW incredibly bullshit Islam is, regarding women (and for that matter, everything else!). I think this Site link puts it together quite well:

    IMO, of course, ALL religions…in one way or another…are fucking lying, totally MAN-made-up, bullshit in their incredibly “age-old” paternalistic treatment of women. The faster the world wakes up to that easily demonstrable FACT…the better chance the “human race” has for its basic & ultimate survival.
    The final line in the following all-too perennial version of Monty Python’s classic tune pretty much, IMNSHO, sums it all up…?
    [Of course, pardon me if I add a slight addendum to Eric Idle’s final concluding line…IOW…
    skip ANY totally useless “praying” about it. 😉 ]

  4. Sue Blue says:

    I also think of forced marriages (usually involving a female teen or preteen), and female genital mutilation whenever I think of Muslim misogyny. I know, I know…both of those horrendous acts were part of Middle Eastern, African, and South Asian cultures long before Islam – or so the story goes. But Islam embraced them and elevated acts of horrific abuse to sacred rites. From Mohammed’s 9-year-old bride to infibulation of Somali girls to make them “pure” until marriage, Islam has managed to take the most extreme examples of misogyny into its religious fold. When I hear about little girls having their clitoris and labia minora sliced off with a razor blade and their labia majora sewn shut to keep them “pure” for the sake of their fathers’ honor… when I hear of young girls being removed from school and forced into a marriage with some hairy old goat thirty years the girl’s senior…when I hear of women beaten, or disfigured and killed by acid attacks for the crime of speaking up, when I hear of little girls being shot in the head for getting an education…when I hear of the these things, I want retribution. I want to see these Muslim men suffer. I want them castrated and plugged with hot tar. I want them thrown into the deepest, darkest, rat-infested hellhole prison imaginable, on a diet of rancid pork fat and contaminated water, and left to rot.

  5. Richard Bramwell says:

    The danger is we see all Muslims as barbaric primitive savages when the majority are civilised and humane and opposed to these sick practices.

  6. Sue Blue says:

    @Richard Bramwell – So where are the civilized, humane, non-misogynistic Muslims? Why don’t we see civilized, humane Muslims everywhere protesting this over-the-top misogyny? Why don’t we see some Muslim men pushing for legislation to grant women more rights instead of less? While not every Muslim male is a Taliban member on the hunt for schoolgirls to shoot, they are all guilty of allowing such excesses to occur by not openly and vigorously condemning the attitudes and circumstances that cause it.

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