The World Is Ending On Friday? Oh Well, It’s Been Nice Knowing You All…

mayan-calendar-humor-freak-somebody-out-somedayIt’s the end of the world as we know it.
It’s the end of the world as we know it.
It’s the end of the world as we know it and I feel fine. – REM,  It’s the end of the world as we know it

The world was supposed to end last year.

It was also supposed to be swallowed by a black hole created by the Hadron particle accelerator.

It was supposed to end in the year 2000.

The planets were supposed to align in March  1982, triggering mass earthquakes and massive flooding.

In 1910, Halley’s comet was supposed to release a poisonous gas called cyanogen into the atmosphere.

The number of pillars in the Pyramid of Giza number one thousand eight hundred and  eighty one, because Charles Piazzi Smith was convinced some biblical patriarch built it, all evidence notwithstanding.

Belaboring the obvious, all those predictions have two things in common. One is the end of the world. Two, they were all wrong.

This is one of those items that we skeptics find most infuriating: despite all the evidence to the contrary, other members of our species simply refuse to admit that they were not only wrong, but stupendously, incredibly, ridiculously wrong.

The end of the world is a common motif, one that predates Christianity. Because humans are trying to measure the universe in accordance with their own data subset, it’s just trying to put a square peg in a round hole. Our lives are brief, our mortalities imminent, and because our live begin and end, we think in terms of such: beginnings and endings.

But this idiocy should be ridiculed and laughed at roundly: we should never ever keep our peace when someone announces the ‘End Of Days!’ (regardless of how that has a great ring to it). It is, in its simplest form, mental pollution of the worst kind.

Why is that? Back in the days I was selling shoes (and taking too many drugs, and had a great deal vested in  nonsenses both occultic and religious), I made no efforts to work towards a future, because after all, if the world’s gonna end, why bother? Anecdotal it may be, but I’d hazard to guess that a great many people would echo that statement. There are folks out there I’d wager are simply not making any effort to enrich their lives or others. I overheard a grown woman last month at a Tai Chi class blathering about how she was going to ‘get her affairs in order’ because she actually believed this bullshit about 12/21/12 (why wasn’t it on 12/12? Who knows? Maybe the doomsayers wanted 9 more days). I stopped pushing hands, turned around, and carried on about it. At length. Most folks laughed. I dearly wanted to bet her a grand that the world wasn’t ending – a safe bet if it isn’t, right?

(As an aside, wouldn’t it be ever so fun to walk around the metropolitan areas with a sandwich board announcing in big block letters, THE WORLD IS NOT COMING TO AN END! RELAX! And betting anyone who stops to argue a goodly sum against it?)

So if it comes – it’s been n’ice knowin’ ya all. But if it doesn’t (and I’ll bet the rent it don’t), then I’ll see you next for our weekly drubbing of that ol’ time religion.

Till the next post then.

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7 Responses to The World Is Ending On Friday? Oh Well, It’s Been Nice Knowing You All…

  1. Wrote something similar myself as I never realised how many people actually really do believe this stuff. I guess its all those happy meals?

  2. Brandy says:

    The doomsayers leave me grinding my teeth to dust. Fortunately not many of the people I know are concerned with this particular prediction but quite a few do have equally as ridiculous concerns. I’m sure that many of us here can relate to the fact that posts from our friends and family on Facebook can drive a rationally minded person insane so it was with little surprise but much eye rolling that a couple of weeks ago my sister-in-law wrote, “Is it just me or does anyone else see signs of revelation coming to pass?” One of her friends commented, “What do you mean?” My sister-in-law replied, “Read your bible… holy wars, rumors of wars.” Imagine me, laughing my head off. Not only is this not original but I know that girl has never read the bible in her life and it was a bit sad to know that the only source for her to get that from would be her church. I love how the church teaches fear but can’t come up with something new so they recycle the same old trash over and over. I really like my sister-in-law on a personal level and have to keep the peace in the family so I can’t go over there and shake some sense into her as I would dearly love to do. It’s hard to remain silent when confronted with such absurdity. While on the subject of the absurd, I would like to add one more thing… Everyone knows about the horrible tragedy that occurred Friday right? Since then I have seen a lot of memes pop up about how god and prayer is not allowed in public schools and that’s why tragedies like that happen. It brings to my mind two main points. One, it is an indication of how weak they really think their god is that man-made rules would be able to keep a deity out of a building. Two, the massacre at that little Amish school a couple of years ago. I’m sure they were all on their knees praying their little hearts out but it didn’t help them did it? BTW, nice breakdown of the facts Dr. Welch, I enjoyed reading it.

  3. Chrish says:

    I never fully understood why, if you actually believe the world is coming to an end, that you would have to “prepare” or get anything “in order”.
    If the world is gone or just life as we know it is fundamentally changed then who’s going to care? The best way to handle it would seem to be go on with your life as usual and if everything doesn’t end, great! If it does no one will be the wiser.
    To me it looks like the ones who make a giant spectacle out of the world “coming to an end” are more interested in their 15 minutes than the actual end of the world

  4. Brooklyn Boy says:

    Look at the bright side – at least we won’t have to hear about Honey Boo Boo anymore.

  5. jimmer54 says:

    I read the news scroll sometimes. A few days ago it stated that a survey had been done and 1 in 6 Americans believe that the natural catastrophes world wide were signs of the end times. I bet these are the same religious kooks who have taken over the republican party. The same kooks who appointed the most assinine representatives to the Science and Technology Dept.. And deny that climate change has anything to do with it. Just some boogie man jerkin the chain.

    I was checking out one of those survival dudes once. The jist of it was that you had to be prepared with foods and all other provisions. They seemed to think that everyone would be rounded up and put into a FEMA camp. ??? I never quite got what it was that they were on about. In a disaster area a FEMA camp can be a welcome site. Food, water, shelter, some security. I know it isn’t an ideal but what would be the alternative?
    And for what it’s worth. This is a scene from the movie First Family. Bob Newhart President.
    Sound quality is bad but ok. About a nuclear attack on the U.S.

  6. keddaw says:

    This tendency amuses me no end, but I was particularly interested in the REM quote as there is a disturbing number of people who are global warming alarmists claiming the world is going to end, in fact: It’s the end of the world as we know it and I feel fine. Is a much more accurate summation.

  7. Robster says:

    Without some kind of end, the godbots have nothing to show for all their pious posturing. All the good stuff, surprisingly, seems to lob after we shuffle off this mortal coil. So if there’s no “end” there’s no benefit. All those early Sunday mornings in a hall, all those jesus flesh crackers and sips of nasty jesus blood wine, all those donations, all that dogma, hate, bigotry, dreary hymns and plain silliness for nothing. Aren’t religious beliefs wierd, what on earth do the deluded believers see in them?

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