Anti-Evolution Screeds–The Frightening Facts Of Denial

petardedFour more states have been added to my list of those I wish would just  fucking secede from the union:

Four US states considering laws that challenge teaching of evolution

Four US states are considering new legislation about teaching science in schools, allowing pupils to to be taught religious versions of how life on earth developed in what critics say would establish a backdoor way of questioning the theory of evolution.

Fresh legislation has been put forward in Colorado, Missouri and Montana. In Oklahoma, there are two bills before the state legislature that include potentially creationist language.

A watchdog group, the National Center for Science Education, said that the proposed laws were framed around the concept of “academic freedom”. It argues that religious motives are disguised by the language of encouraging more open debate in school classrooms. However, the areas of the curriculum highlighted in the bills tend to focus on the teaching of evolution or other areas of science that clash with traditionally religious interpretations of the world.

“Taken at face value, they sound innocuous and lovely: critical thinking, debate and analysis. It seems so innocent, so pure. But they chose to question only areas that religious conservatives are uncomfortable with. There is a religious agenda here,” said Josh Rosenau, an NCSE program and policy director.

In Oklahoma, one bill has been pre-filed with the state senate and another with the state house. The Senate bill would oblige the state to help teachers “find more effective ways to represent the science curriculum where it addresses scientific controversies”. The House bill specifically mentions “biological evolution, the chemical origins of life, global warming and human cloning” as areas that “some teachers are unsure” about teaching.

In Montana, a bill put forward by local social conservative state congressman, Clayton Fiscus, also lists things like “random mutation, natural selection, DNA and fossil discoveries” as controversial topics that need more critical teaching. Meanwhile, in Missouri, a bill introduced in mid-January lists “biological and chemical evolution” as topics that teachers should debate over including looking at the “scientific weaknesses” of the long-established theories.

Finally, in Colorado, which rarely sees a push towards teaching creationism, a bill has been introduced in the state house of representatives that would require teachers to “respectfully explore scientific questions and learn about scientific evidence related to biological and chemical evolution”. Observers say the move is the first piece of creationist-linked legislation to be put forward in the state since 1972.

The moves in such a wide range of states have angered advocates of secularism in American official life. “This is just another attempt to bring creationism in through the back door. The only academic freedom they really want to encourage is the freedom to be ignorant,” said Rob Boston, senior policy analyst at Americans United for Separation of Church and State.

Over the past few years, only Tennessee and Louisiana have managed to pass so-called “academic freedom” laws of the kind currently being considered in the four states. Barbara Forrest, a philosophy professor at Southeastern Louisiana University and close observer of the creationism movement, said that the successes in those two states meant that the religious lobby was always looking for more opportunities.

She said that using arguments over academic freedom was a shift in tactic after attempts to specifically get “intelligent design” taught in schools was defeated in a landmark court case in 2005. Intelligent design, which a local school board in Dover, Pennsylvania, had sought to get accepted as legitimate science, asserts that modern life is too complex to have evolved by chance alone. “Creationists never give up. They never do. The language of these bills may be highly sanitized but it is creationist code,” she said.

The laws can have a direct impact on a state. In Louisiana, 78 Nobel laureate scientists have endorsed the repeal of the creationist education law there. The Society of Integrative and Comparative Biology has even launched a boycott of Louisiana and cancelled a scheduled convention in New Orleans. Louisiana native and prominent anti-creationist campaigner in the state Zack Kopplin said that those pushing such bills in other states were risking similar economic damage to their local economies. “It will hurt economic development,” Kopplin said.

There is also the impact on students, he added, when they are taught controversies in subjects where the overwhelming majority of scientists have long ago reached consensus agreement. “It really hurts students. It can be embarrassing to be from a state which has become a laughing stock in this area,” Kopplin said.

Others experts agreed, arguing that it could even hurt future job prospects for students graduating from those states’ public high schools. “The jobs of the future are high tech and science-orientated. These lawmakers are making it harder for some of these kids to get those jobs,” said Boston.

Madness. Just madness. We have no better litmus test than likability for the suitability of state office? Nobody would dream of allowing an ‘alien abductee’ to be elected to office, but the down-home corn-pone delusionists seem to be a favorite in states where plausibility is measured by calluses and crimson napes, and the ability to hit a spittoon from yards away.

One of the key-notes in that article: global warming is no longer ‘controversial’ – the fact is, most of these are all non-debates (some put to rest decades ago), and we are seeing the backlash of some serious sour grapes.

This nonsense needs to be shouted down – vigorously and continuously, because making allowances for other people’s ‘feelings’ (which is just PCspeak for ‘validate my stupid beliefs without criticism’) just paves the way for these nutters to try and make more head roads into places they have no business involving themselves.

For a great spoof of this idiocy, here’s a clip, courtesy of the Family Guy.


Till the next post, then.

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9 Responses to Anti-Evolution Screeds–The Frightening Facts Of Denial

  1. Mordanicus says:

    Creationists are not really interested in whether evolution is right or not, most of them do not understand evolution theory in the first place. They are actually, I believe, concerned by the fact that their religious beliefs are losing control on society, and they blame it on “evolution” rather on the absurdity of their own religion.

  2. ChuckA says:

    Thanks, KA, for the…erm…”heads-up”!
    I could, like many of youse, go on-and-on with angry responses to the insanity…and I mean INSANITY…of the Creationist bullshit agenda.
    Just one(?) item that has always prominently “stuck in my craw”:
    Just WHERE does any REAL “intelligence” come into play in all the religious so-called “designing” crap?
    You mean to seriously inform me (Biblically?)…that that totally pissed off “God” who, in the Genesis BS, supposedly killed everyone in the whole human race EXCEPT for…
    a stupid fucking 600 year old drunk and his family. AND…all to (outrageously) have the poor totally ignorant motherfucker build a completely ridiculous boat in order to round up 2 of every fucking (land scrambling only?) species. [So much for “God’s” infinite magical power?]
    On that note…
    Here’s the Part 1 link to an excellent (& IMO hilarious) old favorite 2 part animation by: “NonStampCollector” :

    All of them, of course, to get along “just fine” (shitting, smelling abominably, starvingly drooling & constantly longing to eat some one or another passenger…including fucking Noah & his idiotic sons?…right on board with them; along with, of course, all their biological enemies…including incects, germs, microbes, and all the fucking diseases?😯
    OH…and this same “Almighty” asshole prick “God”…that “SO loved the World”…doesn’t, right thereafter, completely FIX it…like TOTALLY RE-creating it…getting rid of all the ignorance, diseases…”Bug Wars”…yada-zama…OH NO!…of course not!
    “He” simply lets it all rise up again, just like before, into the same, identical, totally fucking cruel & ignorant Cosmic state of being.
    Yeah, like…”HOLY FUCK!” ???
    Not only THAT…but continues to let one of his favorite PREVIOUSLY created asshole…so-called “Fallen Angel” gambling buddies (think “JOB”, etc.)…you know: “Lucifer”, “Beelzebub”/”Satan”/”Seth”/(you fill in the long list blankety-blank?)… invisibly roam through this insanely reconstituted World with a whole fucking flock of his other supposedly fucked up “fallen” minions…planting dinosaur bones, and fucking around with all the brand new crop of totally ignorant humans…for THOUSANDS of subsequent years… 😈
    Yeah, yeah…OK…enough already!
    I have no progeny…no “dog in the game”(?)…My 37 year long companion, who died last July 27th…Nikki (“The Sojourner”)…and I, never had any children. So…all of you fellow atheists…take the following with a (much moderated) grain of salt (?).
    amongst some other items…all these ignorant “Creationist”, Evolution & Global Warming denier MO-FOs, and their, IMO, unfortunate offspring, might just utterly DESERVE to get totally FUCKED with whatever related horror comes, somewhat inevitably, from our current US government NOT really dealing or actually doing SOMETHING SERIOUS about changing our long-term dependence on fossil fuels, etc…and very SOON!
    OK…Enough said?
    What!…”Happy fucking Super-Bowl Day!”…?
    I, personally, couldn’t care less, these days, about any sports shtick.
    [An aside: I’ve been fondly reminiscing (and have re-watched an old VHS, containing a bit of pre-game footage of Nikki, me & our dear female kitty, “Pyewacket”, of) the Jan. 26th, 1986 “Super Bowl XX” Chicago Bears vs. Patriots matchup, in New Orleans. WOW!
    Just 2 days after that, however; as a somewhat short-lived Radio Shack employee, I actually watched, in the Niles, IL store, the Space Shuttle “Challenger” break up; which put a real serious damper on all the Chicago post Super Bowl win hoopla. 1985 was, however, my (and Nikki’s) absolute best sports year.]

  3. JTD says:

    I lost my job through these assholes 5 years ago. Basically I worked in an electronics factory surrounded by Christian fundies and Muslims. Some shit about evolution/creationism came up in-passing, and I said I believe in Evolution. They started cackling about this behind my back (“He thinks if monkeys are locked up for 1,000 years they’ll turn into people!”). They saw my science and science fiction books in my car where I eat my lunch. They noticed some “demonic” cover artwork (probably an alien). Later someone asked me in-passing, “You don’t believe in god, do ya?” I said I didn’t. My circle of friends distanced themselves from me in this company. In fact word was getting around “Don’t trust him, don’t believe him…but Watch Him!” Eventually these people got nervous as hell around me and one day I came to work and was fired–on fantastically trumped-up charges. The company, incidentally is named Crestron and located in Rockleigh, N.J.
    I’m actually glad that I don’t work in that environment anymore.

  4. KA says:

    WOW JTD – that is well & truly fucked up. Did you contact the ACLU? American Atheists? That’s definitely a wrongful termination suit.

  5. Brooklyn Boy says:

    Wow JTD!
    Isn’t it amazing? The folks who believe in Sky Daddy think he’s all powerful and all knowing but all it takes is somebody who refuses to drink the fairy tale Koolaid and he is suddenly vulnerable without his legions of drooling followers.

  6. James Dixon says:

    I was all alone at the time and had No One to turn to (as in no friends left in the area, and most of my relatives deceased, with my own burden of taking care of my 80+ year old mother diagnosed with Alzheimers). It was a total setup. The guy who runs this place (Feldstein) practically Owns the local NorthVale police department. Something happens, be it a couple guys having a vocal argument on their own time in the parking lot–he snaps his fingers and gets HR or one of his underlings to call the police. They break it up. They’re charged with violating “company policy” and both are fired. That’s how this place operates. The big man is a total two-faced backstabber (potentially a Billionaire at that!) who laid off like 100 of his employees a couple years ago because they were over 50 or 60 or so (I don’t recall the facts but this was After I was discharged). He doesn’t talk about Them. Then the company is Always adverising in the local papers with Huge ads “Always hiring!” (and at least count they had 3 buildings in one area, and another complex in Cresskill, NJ). Feldstein is hailed as a great man who cares about the little guys and you can do a Google search and read his shit yourself. I think he was featured in Forbes and other cool Capitalist mags. He literally carved out his own little empire through electronics–if you ever see high-priced touch screens, huge LCD screens, and remotes in Hollywood mansions, odds are they have the Crestron swirl logo on ’em! The people under him are bigots, racists, and generally ignorant folks who got in the door when the place was still small and developing. I recall one day the man who ran this one building (a short, dumpy Hitleresque narcissist, whom i was told in confidence probably never even graduated from high school) called everyone together for a scolding about men’s room vandalism. In other words, someone wrote their initials on a stall door and he got the Northvale police (again!) to “investigate” (sent their “detectives” into the stalls and all, for crying out loud!) and threatened that anyone defacing company property would be fired on the spot for vandalism! He even instituted a rewards program to encourage employees to rat on one another if they saw someone going to the can with a pen in his hand. And all supervisors were advised to Watch their crews for pens and pencils when taking breaks! Nice place to work, eh!
    So you can see, I’m rather glad I didn’t have to spend another year in this place (after 5 years!).
    All I was able to do was screw myself by hiring a big, fat lawyer who took me for $1,000 and only managed to get me unemployment pay, and this was after a year or so of her sitting on her ass. “Want more?” she’d tell me. “It’ll cost you Big bucks.” That was that. I had it with the “justice system.” There was a hearing for this in a little cramped room in some ghetto town where the 20-something human resources stooge showed up with papers about just following orders. He said he feared for the company workers because THEY SAID I HAD A GUN! These so-called witnesses never showed up at the hearing of course, but there were forged statement papers provided from like three Spanish-speaking “witnesses” all nicely translated into English. Real childish shit like “I look at him. He scare me. I was nervous.” The judge or whatever you’d call him, naturally threw all these statements out. Oh, the reason not one of them showed up was because “they were all out of the country”–at the same time!!! If you ask me, I don’t think they even existed in the first place!
    Incidentally, a month before I was fired, my work performance was reviewed by my supervisor and I received straight “Excellent” marks straight down. But they still stuck me with “violating company policy.”

    In any case, after all this shit, I’m a loner now, semi-retired, and I want nothing to do with these bloated sweatshop factories and their ignorant personnel. All I see is the rich getting richer, and the poor getting poorer, and a proliferation of ignorance on a scale I had never encountered before in my life (and I’m nearly 50 now).

  7. Brooklyn Boy says:

    Sad to say the activities of the forces of ignorance are, by no means confined to the places mentioned in this post. But you can fight back! Here in NYC, there was a scandal of sorts about a year ago when a Department of Education memo was released, listing words that would be banned from city wide tests so as not to offend or upset certain (i.e., mostly religious) students. One of the words was ‘dinosaur’, which might have been offensive in that it might start a discussion that might ‘upset’ students who didn’t believe in evolution, etc. Well, I tracked down the DOE wanker who had authored the infuriating memo and left a long message on his answering machine. I told that my three sons (who are all NYC public school students) loved dinosaurs and often wore shirts bearing pictures of them. I asked if they would be sent home to change from now on. I also suggested that the term ‘solar system’ should be banned as well so as not to offend folks who still believed in a geocentric universe. I must not have been the only one to call. A few days later, the city announced that it had canceled the policy.

  8. JTD says:

    Fighting back often isn’t as easy as all that. (Incidentally JTD = James Dixon = me!).
    In the employment situation, your employer Can fire you if he’s a religious nut and finds out you’re Not a religious nut. That is to say, he’ll fire you for Anything but being an Atheist (attendance record, attitude, a minor mistake on the job, bad breath–Whatever) and get away with it scot-free. Simply because there’s just no way to Prove in a court of law, or anywhere else, that you were fired just for being an Atheist (except maybe if you’re literally crucified with nails driven through your hands on a makeshift cross or something!). There’s Always some Other Reason they can whip up.

    Teachings are at least out there in the open for everyone to scrutinize. But what goes on in the workplace, and behind closed doors, is another thing entirely.

  9. Isn’t surprising, and needs to be addressed seriously.
    Watch this:

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