More On The Madness Of Muslims: Street Patrols In London

Actually, this is exactly on point:sharia-law-explained

Extremist ‘Muslim Patrol’ attempting to enforce Sharia law in East London is condemned by England’s imams

The Muslim Patrol has verbally harassed gays, calling them“dirty” and demanding that they leave the neighborhood quickly.

A small group of Muslim extremists are patrolling the streets of East London, publicly targeting gays, drinkers and women who aren’t dressed modestly, in an attempt to enforce Sharia law.

The self-styled “Muslim Patrol” group has posted videos of at least three verbal attacks on YouTube. Out of the handful who participate in the attacks, at least five have been arrested on suspicion of harassment, according to CNN. The group’s alleged purpose is to defend Islamic morals, but numerous local and national Muslim leaders have denounced their dubious methods.

The vigilantes start their patrolling late at night and make sure that their faces don’t appear on camera. The attacks were based in the Tower Hamlets area in London, some happening right outside the East London Mosque.

In a video, the Muslim Patrol tells a woman wearing a short skirt that she “cannot dress like that in a Muslim area.” In another incident, they harass a young man, saying that he looks like a homosexual.

“What’s wrong with your face, mate? Why you dressed like that for? You need to get out of here. You’re dirty, mate,” an anonymous attacker said on a video obtained by CNN.

The patrol also accosted a man who holds a beer can while walking through the streets. An anonymous voice stops him and says, “This is a Muslim area, okay? Alcohol bad.”

Members of the group claim that these vices are contributing to the moral degradation of their neighborhoods.

“Alcohol is causing so much problems in the area, in fact it’s blighting the area. It causes crime, it causes people misbehaving and drunken disorderly behavior,” said Abdul Muhid, whom CNN identified as being a part of the Muslim Patrol.

But leaders at the East London Mosque have said that their imams have condemned the verbal attacks.

In a statement, the mosque’s leaders said that “These actions are utterly unacceptable and clearly designed to stoke tensions and sow discord … The actions of this tiny minority have no  place in our faith nor on our streets.”

That’s complete crap. This sort of behavior is not only considered acceptable, is applauded regularly in the Middle East. In fact, it could be considered the epitome of Sharia law. Groups of self-appointed ‘defenders of the faith’ running around making sure local folks are behaving themselves properly is the very foundation of the Big 3 of monotheism. Because of course religion(s) teach us we can’t trust ourselves with anything, so we need Big Daddy In The Sky to mildly scold us (all the while we’re supposed to adore this invisible babysitter), so naturally, we need gangs of crazy people running around making sure we behave.

Does that make sense to any of you? Because it sounds as crazy as a shithouse rat to me.

I’ve said it before, but I’ll repeat myself: religion is for narcissists with low self-esteem.

Till the next post then.

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9 Responses to More On The Madness Of Muslims: Street Patrols In London

  1. JTD says:

    Don’t knock the shithouse rats. I’ve more respect for those rodents than I do for these humans…

    I don’t know how these guys can call these things “dirty” when they truly believe that drinking camel piss is a cure-all!

    If they don’t like it here in civilization, they should just move back to their desert holes and pray their asses off. In fact if they have such strong faith in Allah, all they need do is pray us products of civilization away and shut their faces!

  2. ChuckA says:

    It’s all been said before, of course…”ad infintum”; but I’ll reiterate my somewhat brief view about the Western Abrahamic monotheistic religious monstrosities:
    Seriously dangerous…demonstrably cruel and sadomasochistic…mental illness.

    Somewhat tangentially, if I might…
    The older I get, the more I agree with what I consider “to be” the gist of at least one of Nietzsche’s basic conclusions:
    “Existence is absurd.”
    And, referring to: “to be”…
    that reminds me of Shakespeare; from Hamlet’s famous Existential quote; which I contend is related to the always religiously popular and endlessly arguable notion of so-called “Free Will”(?):
    “To be (exist), or not to be (exist); THAT is the question. (etcetera)”
    I contend that THAT, in fact, is the ONLY, potential, truly “Free Will” choice; which, for that matter, even Scientifically speaking, we never really get. After all, for starters, we didn’t choose to come INTO existence; and the choice of “leaving existence” is never allowed; certainly, of course, in any of the Abrahamic dictatorships. IOW, TOTAL OBLIVION (which, until I totally stopped boozing, over 27 yrs. ago, used to be my, albeit, subliminal alcoholic goal) is not allowed.
    These day…and only on certain days…immersed in some…more & more, these rather lonely days…in frequent temporary dark moods…
    I’d welcome it!
    I’m thinking, right now, however, of the rest of the Hamlet quote. You know, referring to “the rub?”
    (What!…look it up?) Yada-Zama on that ‘note’ (B double-flat?)

    Yeah, yeah…I know…what does all my BS have to do at all with KA’s Post?
    What!…It’s another “Sun”-day…
    “Just sayin'”?…
    “shithouse rats”…”WTF!”? 😉

  3. cpmondello says:

    Sounds to me like what happens when the FBI-CIA-Military-State/Local police go under cover at peaceful protests and act like anarchists. I don’t think any right-mined Muslim would do these things, let alone masked. I say right-minded because unless you are a machete wielding nut job, you care very much about what people think of your behavior when it comes to how you present your religion. If they were unmasked or didn’t try to hide their faces, I’d say they were like any number if Christian groups that do the same in the USA, and the world for that matter. I don’t know of any underground KKK- like Muslim groups that go around peaceful telling folks what to do. I don’t believe they hype, and if I see the videos and change my mind, I will definately make that known.

  4. JTD says:

    Here’s something I formulated yesterday, thinking over the Muslim Problem… I think it’s the only intelligent solution, so I’ll post it up here…

    If Muslims are shitheaded animals with their brains up their asses only believing Allah-this and Muhammad-that from their Koran, perhaps this is the only means available to reforming them.
    My own plan is just as crackpotted as can be and is 100% Prime Directive inverted, but I think it might be the Only plan… Turn their own ignorance against them to everyone’s benefit. It’s basically to recruit an Arab actor and have him put on a hologram show at the very center of the Islamic religion’s stronghold, and with enough psycho Muslim drones present to lap it all up and fully document it. Basically, Muhammad The Prophet materializes before all of them and renounces Islam! “For over a thousand years my soul has been under the command of Satan! I am free now. You must listen to me, my camel jockey followers! There is no longer any need for prayer! There is no longer any need to follow the Kuran at all! In fact, I de-holy-ize it. All women are to be treated as the equals of men, and are not to be punished! Read and believe Science! Look to the West for general morality principles! Now get off your fat asses and quit building mosques–build schools and hospitals instead!” Of course overestimating the intelligence of Muslims might cause this whole cherade to backfire. I can just see women overpowering men and ruling Turkey, since they are above punishment. I can just see the Arab world consisting of wall-to-wall schools and hospitals… And Arabs haveing lifosuction surgery on their asses so they don’t look fat…

  5. ChuckA says:

    Immediately after reading your…erm…very creative (but somewhat crack-potted?) scheme; I couldn’t help but think of this little tid-bit from “Young Frankenstein”…
    (or is it…FrankenSHTEEN?) 😉 :

  6. JTD says:

    Of course it’s crackpotted… An insane solution is required for an insane problem!
    I’m known for my unorthodox approaches and reasoning (and nobody ever listens to me, either!)…

    In this case, it sure beats genocide or whatever you call it when an undesirable faction is removed through the use of warfare or something extreme or bloody like that…

    Finally let me say that Sharia shit is spreading; the “religion of peace” is Growing… Unless something is done soon They will outnumber Us… The final destruction of the Library of Alexandria was just a tiny foretaste of Islam… Today they make threats of destroying the Pyramids and the Sphinx, and that’s only the beginning… What’s at stake here–and this bit is no laughing matter–is the whole of humanity; dragging it back to the Dark Ages and turning its back on Science and Reason…

    And I’m sick and tired of the mass media turning its back on the problem… In fact calling anyone who comes straight out and says it like it is an “Islamophobe” simply burns my mass… It’s Rational to fear a people who turn into maniacal bloodthirsty loons if someone draws a cartoons and puts the name Muhammad on it… It’s Rational to fear a people who insist that their one and only religion is the true one and you must either accept it or die (especially to those who are trying to Leave it)… It’s Rational to fear a people who are frozen in a barbaric 7th Century mindset and believe all manner of superstitious, anti-science bullshit… It’s Rational to fear a people who are quite obviously brainwashed from childhood into accepting a Non-thinking, self-destructive mindset where ancient God beliefs are the final word and none of it are to be questioned or disobeyed…with Violence and Death Threats (like beheading!) their way of enforcing their cult and ensuring the diseased spread of their “religion”!

    Ya know, we’re not dealing with just a dozen nutty guys living in a backwoods shack somewhere…

    If it wasn’t for frigging oil, the Arabs would never have gained money and technology and would be safely isolated from the rest of the world over there doing their own thing, safely locked away in the Stone Age, like good little savages… It’s because of Oil that we have all these apologists cropping up everywhere–so long as money flows into their pockets they’ll tolerate Anything…
    It’s all the more reason for the U.S. and the world to become independent of oil and concentrate on alternate energy sources like solar…

  7. Brooklyn Boy says:

    I’m not sure that the police in London are handling this right. Maybe they should let these patrols continue. I don’t think it’s going to take long before they accost and scold the wrong people and the whole idea bites them in the ass in a big way. If somebody stopped me or a family member and started with nonsense like this, it might end badly. There isn’t anything wrong with these guys that you couldn’t fix with a baseball bat.

  8. Woody says:

    Yes, the official groups of that religion condemn them. Moderate and mature followers of islam say that the group’s actions are not (real) islam.
    Like so many christians after one of them kills a physician who performs abortions.
    Like followers of Judaism when asked about the more barbaric and senseless episodes in the old testament.
    That’s not us!
    Those people, they are not real ………..(enter religious identity).

    Damn religious blankness!
    Whatever is done in the name of their particular god, it’s ok, only the actions of a few misguided spirits.
    Bullshit! It’s all religion, all your god, your belief system.Stop separating yourself from the horrible massive scam that does so much damage in this world and is still allowed to do so!
    I understand the anger, disgust and frustration that religion causes in our society and lives, maybe best described by JTD.

  9. chuckarv says:

    Here’s one guy, with exceptional “true grit” (huge balls?) that tells it like it is about Islam…
    and the other bullshit religions (Moronic Cosmological Dictatorships)…
    check out his YouTube channel for the latest:

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