If Buddha Meets Muhammad On The Road, Who Kills Whom?

buddhismmyanmarPowder kegs in orange robes:

Burma: Buddhist mobs burn down Muslim homes and shops

Fresh sectarian violence broke out in north-western Burma late on Saturday when Buddhist mobs burned down dozens of homes and shops following rumours that a young woman had been sexually assaulted by a Muslim man. There were no reports of injuries.

Myanmar’s radical monk Wirathu, whose anti-Muslim rhetoric has placed him at the centre of rising religious violence, said on his Facebook page that hundreds of people took part in the riot on the outskirts of Kantbalu.

A crowd surrounded the police station demanding that the suspect be handed over, said a police officer from the area, who asked not to be named because he did not have authority to speak to the media.

When police refused, they started setting buildings on fire, he said.

About 35 houses and 12 shops, most belonging to Muslims, were destroyed before calm was restored, he said.

Predominantly Buddhist Burma has been grappling with sectarian violence since the country’s military rulers handed over power to a nominally civilian government in 2011.

More than 250 people have been killed, most of them Muslims, and 140,000 others forced to flee their homes.

The unrest began last year in the western state of Rakhine, where Buddhists accuse Rohingya Muslims of illegally entering the country and encroaching on their land. The violence, on a smaller scale but still deadly, spread earlier this year to other parts of the country.

Obviously these folks never heard of the inherent ‘tolerance’ of Buddhism. Mobs demanding suspects without evidence is far from anything resembling rational and tolerant.

Much as I despise Islam, nobody deserves to suffer at the hands of another. That my friends, is ideological terrorism – the earmark of the religious psychopath.

Till the next post, then.

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5 Responses to If Buddha Meets Muhammad On The Road, Who Kills Whom?

  1. Stardust says:

    Buddhism’s “peacefulness” is just what some want to get out of that religion. This is another example of people just wanting to hate each other. If we totally wiped out religion tomorrow, people would find another reason to fight and kill each other. If we were all the same race, humans would find other reasons for violence. If we all had the same social status and had exactly the same houses and possessions there would be those who also want someone else’s. There is no hope for humankind.

  2. JTD says:

    Well, I’m still trying to figure out who kills who here.. I figure they kill each other but Muhammad comes out on top because he’s a proven desert savage/warrior trained for fighting, including dirty fighting… So once again Islam triumphs…

  3. tommykey says:

    When you read the comments about this in articles on Yahoo you see all of the Muslim haters come out cheering what the Buddhists are doing, as the Muslims in Myanmar obviously deserve to be punished for bad things Muslims do in other countries. It’s lost on these people the idea that oppression of religious or other minorities is wrong regardless of who the perpetrator is and who the victim is.

    I wonder though if there is some sense of historical payback going on here. Earlier this year, I went to see an exhibit of Buddhist art at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC, and there was a lot of mention made about Buddhist temples and art being destroyed by Muslims.

    Lastly, maybe the Buddhists in Myanmar can serve to divert some Muslim anger away from the United States.

  4. JTD says:

    I finally figured Islam out…

    Islam is the local Borg…or maybe the Zombie Apocalypse… They just
    move in, convert all to mindless zombies…and keep reproducing. The only
    way out is death.

    Islam Is The Religion Of Peace
    Sharia Law will be declared – You will worship Allah – You will follow the
    Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him!) – You will read and memorize
    The Holy Kuran – You will pray 5 times each day – Females will wear
    Burqas – Infidels will be imprisoned/stoned to death/beheaded – All that
    disagree with The Holy Koran will be destroyed – Resistance Is Futile
    Islam Is The Religion Of Peace…

    Something like that…

  5. Stardust says:

    tommykey said: Lastly, maybe the Buddhists in Myanmar can serve to divert some Muslim anger away from the United States.


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