Yet another failing Beast!

Stop Beating a Dead Fox, by Frank Rich via New York Magazine. (This is a long but Ailes tells the truththoroughly delightful examination on the decline of Fox News, under the heavy-handed rule of Roger Ailes. It is truly a “Must Read”.) Below is a passage that allows me to connect this to Atheism.)

Page four of four, first paragraph:

As long as Ailes is around, Fox News is likely to grow ever more isolated from the country beyond its “Nation.” If it is actuarially possible, its median viewer age will keep creeping upward. (It rose by two years over the course of 2013.) The network’s chauvinistic Christianity, whatever Santa’s race, is hardly an inducement to a younger America that is eschewing religious affiliation in numbers larger than any in the history of Pew polling. Fox News’s unreconstructed knee-jerk homophobia, most recently dramatized by its almost unanimous defense of the Duck Dynasty patriarch Phil Robertson’s likening of gay sex to bestiality, drives away viewers of all ages but especially the young. O’Reilly’s latest moralistic crusade (“Is America Going to Pot?”)—best encapsulated by a scare piece about a 2-year-old in Colorado eating “a marijuana-laced cookie”—seems almost calculated to alienate conservatives who subscribe to Rand Paul’s ever-more-popular style of libertarianism.

When Mr Rich references “median age” of Fox’s viewers, he states elsewhere that it has climbed to “68 years”! The prime demographic of A25-54 is not as deep as the Senior Contingent, the Blue-Hairs and the Right-wingers who have been “Left Behind” by Progress. I snark you not.

But even as Ailes is aging out of the media business, he is making no plans for succession. Ever more isolated from other Murdoch executives and the younger generation of Murdochs—if still protected by Rupert—he may not care that much if the ship goes down with him. His irreplaceability will only add to his legend. “Roger is Fox News,” the editor-in-chief of the right-wing website Newsmax, Christopher Ruddy, told Sherman. “Without him you don’t have it.”

As per usual, the BigBrain tyrant is not grooming an heir. In fact, an heir would be a Threat.

And that much-vaunted A25-54 males? Ailes uses Megyn Kelly, Le Bebes, as bait. My guess is the real audience is much, much closer to 54 than 25.

More attrition at work.

About that Must Read? There will be a test.👿

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  1. JTD says:

    Gay sex = Bestiality… I just don’t get it…
    Even if some weirdo wants to have sex with ducks, I don’t see it catching on as the latest fad…

    I wonder if sex with a duck is even possible…
    I wonder what it feels like…
    Are there gay ducks, too?

    All these Robertsons must be related, maybe through inbreeding…

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