Allegories Gone Wild–Baby Bodies

godkilledeveryShall blow the horrid deed in every eye,. That tears shall drown the wind. – Shakespeare, Macbeth

This is so horrific, so revolting…

Tuam mother-and-baby home is a scandal of church and state

The revelations of the mass grave of babies in Tuam is horrifying and the Taoiseach must launch a full-scale national inquiry, writes Susan Lohan

Perhaps you recall the row in Leinster House in December 2012 between our Taoiseach Enda Kenny and Gerry Adams over the 1972 disappearance and murder by the IRA of widow and mother of 10, Jean McConville?

In that row, Enda Kenny said: “I would love to hear you speak the truth about some elements of your past. You might someday tell the truth about the tragedy and the remorse and about the compassion that should have been shown for Jean McConville. Maybe you might do that, Deputy Adams?”

Frankly, this is what the country now requires from our leader with regard to the disappearance, death, and dumping of 800 infants and children from the former mother-and-baby home in Tuam and for every other mass grave on or near the grounds of every other former mother-and-baby home throughout Ireland.

To that end, the Taoiseach should, without delay, declare the Government’s intentions on the scope, speed, and plan of analysis for a full-scale national inquiry into how (at best) several hundred infants and children died of entirely preventable ailments while in the so-called care of State-funded, Church-run homes, in which the Church and State co-operated in incarcerating pregnant women and girls simply because they were unmarried.

At worst, we may be viewing systemic instances of infanticide and/or neglect not just at one such home but repeated throughout others, because the people paid for and tasked with caring for these vulnerable but ultimately invisible children regarded them as sub-human because of their non-marital status.

The operators of these homes, were by and large congregations of female religious orders invited to Ireland by local archbishops (as was the case for the Bons Secours order of nuns who ran the home in Tuam), by the primate of Ireland, archbishop John Charles McQuaid, or by the Irish State itself to deal with the problem of unmarried mothers.

The main concern of the Catholic Church’s hierarchy was at all costs to prevent the emigration of these women and girls to England where their children might be adopted into protestant homes — so thus began the State-sanctioned and funded system for incarcerating unmarried, pregnant women and girls in walled institutions where their sexuality would not offend or contaminate Catholic morals.

The majority of the inmates of these wretched homes recall a harsh, cruel, punitive, dehumanizing regime where they were stripped of their clothes, names, identities, self-esteem and self-determination. A class system often prevailed so those from poorer backgrounds were given the worst jobs and remained the longest at these homes, potentially for up to four years, to work off their penance.

What most never realised was that the nuns tendered for the business of running these homes and received very generous government funding, equivalent to the average industrial wage, for each mother and child in their so-called care. In addition, they profited handsomely from the forced adoptions they transacted, which saw 97% of all non-marital children taken for adoption in 1967.

With that knowledge it is unconscionable that the youngest babies, who should at least have been breast-fed by their mothers, could have died of malnutrition as is revealed on some of the death certificates meticulously uncovered by local Galway historian Catherine Corless in relation to the Tuam grave pit.

A potential explanation can be found in the account given by the late June Goulding in her book The Light in the Window, on the Bessborough mother-and-baby home in Cork, where she worked as a midwife from 1951-52.

She recounted being shocked on discovering the nun in charge of the new mothers insisted on an ad hoc system of wet-nursing where children, rather than being fed by their own mothers, who may have been working elsewhere in the home, were instead assigned to a random lactating mother to be fed. June Goulding, a young midwife, found this practice repellent and quickly grasped that it was part of the dehumanising regime designed to break down the women so they were incapable of questioning the nuns’ supreme authority.

A closer examination of the death certificates to reveal the exact ages of the youngest babies who died and a correlation with their personal files, now in the hands of the HSE, is essential at this juncture to see if any congenital disability or frailty was noted for these children at birth and what, if any, specialist medical treatment the nuns obtained for them. If evidence exists that conditions remained deliberately untreated, we need to know.

Catherine Corless also found evidence of older children in the Tuam home dying from entirely preventable infections. Other newspapers have reproduced extracts of reports from local inspectors who noted that many of the children appeared to be showing the outward signs of malnutrition and neglect. Yet the home was allowed to continue operating. Such neglect is inexplicable as most of these homes had small holdings, growing their own produce and raising livestock.

Initial research suggests that this systemic neglect of non-marital children was not contained to just the home in Tuam and suspicions arise in relation to at least three other large mother-and-baby homes, where mortality rates topped 56%, when the national average for marital children only reached 15%.

Most astonishing among this carnage is that stories of care and nurture exist for the occasional marital child who grew up in the Tuam home. In particular, for the baby son of a widower who lived in the Tuam house for many years when his father worked at the home.

He recalls no brutality and can remember gifts brought to him by Santa Claus. Evidently, the nuns did not lack the training or knowledge of how to care for children; they deliberately chose to ignore the humanity of the “illegitimate” children in their care, which Irish society, Church and State collectively, despised.

Once again, the world watches on with incredulity to hear that several Irish government ministers, not least former children’s minister Frances Fitzgerald, have known of these mass graves, have known of the brutal circumstances of the deaths of those dumped in pits rather than interred in proper graves for some time, and yet once again the regime can find no words of horror, remorse, compassion, or explanation, and worse, seem intent on minimizing any investigation to the status of an “interdepartmental inquiry”, i.e. a superficial slew of imprecise reports.

The news that the gardaí, without any exhumation of the bones, without any forensic analysis, have baldly declared that they do not intend to carry out any investigation suggests the old entrenchment of a government in fear of what might be revealed.

To our Taoiseach, I ask how long must these victims of our collective inhumanity and their families wait “to hear you speak the truth about some elements of our past”?

Or is justice to be denied the despised in death as it was in life?

Appalling. This so-called ‘religion of love’ is just as conditional as that of these people’s imaginary sky-daddy: outside the rules? Then fuck you and your baby too. All this systemic abuse, malnutrition, death? All part of their psycho god’s insane plan, no doubt.

The image of dead infants piled like cordwood is..shuddersome. Frightening. Gruesome.

Wrong. Barbaric.

Everyone responsible should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. Obviously it’s a state-sanctioned church-run business, whose foundations are built on baby bones. It is almost enough to make a humanist a misanthropist.

Till the next post, then.

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8 Responses to Allegories Gone Wild–Baby Bodies

  1. Woody says:

    When a lot of media hype and political noise was first made in my country about the stolen generation, of indigenous children taken from their mothers and adopted into white families, I grieved for the loss of the parents and their children who probably never got to know them.
    But when all of the talk was about compensation for those affected, I thought of all of the children born out of wedlock who were sent, from the UK to other countries including mine. There seems to be a great number of ‘stolen generations’ that were taken and moved to satisfy the cruel, immature religions who always ensured that they themselves kept getting the largest serve of the income and luxuries.
    They’re sickening and still pleading innocence, all of them, a horrible display, claiming lack of responsibility while they still try to sit on the highest seats of all.
    I sure am glad that the realities like this which are barley glimpsed on the news, and quickly forgotten anyway, get told in full and those responsible revealed in all of their disgusting, inhuman foulness.

    All the best,

  2. JTD says:

    Irish Catholics… Nothing new around here… Their religion will protect them from being prosecuted… If that doesn’t, then their Mafia associates will see to it… Always does…
    You’ve got an official religion on your side backing your actions with millions of brain-dead followers, you can get away with Anything…

    Meanwhile I can’t walk down my own road without my paranoid pretentious Jesus nut neighbors calling the police on me for “trespassing” near their property… Atheists are to be feared and hated…

  3. jimmer54 says:

    It also appears to be the case that the early vaccine experiments were done on these. Fucking loathsome murderers. I think you can find that article at Butterflies and wheels. On free thoughts blog

  4. carmelitaspats666 says:

    Appalling. I’ve been approaching fanatical “pro-life” advocates outside of clinics in Texas with my own gruesome pamphlets (kinda like Chick tracts only more graphic) that show just how sadistic, psycho, and anti-life, their Biblegawd really is…I’ve stunned many of them and (more importantly) distracted them from harassing/following/shaming women seeking medical attention…This is one more incident that I’m filing away in my compendium of religious wickedness. The “pro life” Catholic church also kidnapped children from mothers in Spain and Argentina…as well as removing Inuit children from their families so they could be “evangelized”.

    Thank you for this information.

  5. Infidel753 says:

    She’s right to demand investigation of the possibility that this case is not unique. Why would it be unique? How many other mass graves like this are out there?

    With all the endless atrocities at which the Catholic Church has been caught red-handed, it’s clear that it is simply a global criminal organization.

    In a just world, the Catholic Church would be banned globally, its leaders arrested and put on trial for their crimes, its assets seized to pay compensation to the victims and their families, and the whole ghastly thing permanently shut down.

    We don’t live in a just world, of course.

  6. JTD says:

    Too many people LOVE the church for it to be shut down! It’s Holy, remember, and the Pope is God’s representative on Earth… I mean this guy could take a crap on the side of the road in public and millions would probably cheer about it, while others would be stampeding to get a sample of it for themselves in the hopes it will cure/bless them…
    And I’ll say it again, the Catlick church and the Mafia are bedfellows–all this crap just ties together, right down to the Fascist mentality… Speaking of which, I’ve come across this wonderful free book called “The Authoritarians” by some psych professor who precisely Nails down the kinds of people we’re dealing with here and delves into their psyches…every characteristic and every personality trait they possessed were the same ones shared by virtually every person who bullied, slandered, and abused me all my life… From my school days to my current elitist neighbors infesting my town!

    I scored a mere 40 on his RWA test–not bad for someone “calling for genocide” and all that, eh!

  7. ChuckA says:

    Something brought to my attention (on 6/14/14) in a recent D.M. Murdock (a.k.a. Acharya S) email; which y’all will probably find VERY relevant…
    It’s a (D.M. Murdock as Narrator) YouTube (w. Petition Link) related to “Human Rights for Atheists”:

  8. Stonyground says:

    As Greta Christina asked all Catholics after yet another RCC scandal came to light, why are you still Catholic?

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