More On The Madness Of Muslims–To Compel, Or Not To Compel?

militant_atheistThis should be no surprise for anyone:

Saudi Arabia Defines Atheists as Terrorists

King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia has shocked many by announcing in a royal proclamation that under new laws, being an atheist and spreading atheist ideas is now a terrorist action. The Interior Ministry of Saudi Arabia has issued new guide lines about what exactly defines an atheist, which includes, “calling for atheist thought in any form, or calling into question the fundamentals of the Islamic religion on which this country is based.”
The changes in law have come, the authorities in Saudi Arabia claim, to prevent dissidence and unrest within the country and to better protect their law-abiding citizens. They are specifically to prevent protests and other actions that could “harm public order.” However, it is perhaps more accurate to say that there is concern within Saudi Arabia that their citizens are traveling to Syria to aid in the fighting there, and then returning with new ideas about how a government should interact with its people. The re-definition of atheist is thought to be an easy way of tarring the names of those that the government of Saudi Arabia wishes to remove and criminalizing anyone that has thought or speech that contradicts the government’s official positions.

The effects of these changes in law, however, are not limited to new arrests that may occur in the future. They also apply to those that are currently in prison in Saudi Arabia. This could greatly alter the resolution of cases against inmates that are considered dissenters by the Saudi Arabian government. On the other hand, it has been argued that in many legal cases, these new definitions have been used for a while to convict people of slight offenses.

Saudi Arabia is understandably concerned about terrorism. After all, eighteen of the nineteen 9/11 bombers were from Saudi Arabia. This move, however, has caused outrage amongst human rights groups, including Human Rights Watch, which monitors actions taken to limit the rights of citizens. The laws will merely aid officials within Saudi Arabia that are currently carrying out systematic campaigns of fear, intimidation, panic, and investigation of their own population.

Oh, fuck that.

Saudi Arabia is a foremost exporter of Wahabbi terrorists, and is a main financial backer for Al-Qaida. And they’re ‘understandably concerned about terrorism’? The KSA has a horrific record of human rights violations – let’s never mind they treat their women like shit.

The ugly fact is…until petroleum is rendered worthless, these crazy asshats are going to do whatever they please, because in our world, it is all about paygrade.

Till the next post, then.

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3 Responses to More On The Madness Of Muslims–To Compel, Or Not To Compel?

  1. JTD says:

    Ditto, ditto, and more ditto…

    The only question I have is: Has the world always been this fucked-up, does it just look this way now because of our highly-developed telecommunications, or is it simply getting more and more fucked-up by the year?

    Meanwhile, my own town is getting fucked up with arrogant RWA police officers who feel they can prowl around anywhere (especially my house) whom they Suspect of something since I’m not one of the cloned arrogant McMansion-grown conformist neighbors… If they ever found out I was an Atheist I’d probably be little better off than in an Arab country… Give any asshole some money/power/title and your ass is grass…

  2. Once again Islam shows how totally screwed its followers are.
    Organized religion is THE absolute worst human invention ever.
    This is the sort of shit the loons of the xtian Reich wing want to impose on ‘Merikkka.

  3. ChuckA says:

    “Foist”…if a might…a BIG-TIME (and most sincere)…THANK YOU!!!…in particular, to KA for all his longtime consistent efforts at keeping this Site alive and well! I’m sure I’m not alone in my sentiments…?
    And now…to blab on…
    Like, (I’m assuming) many of you, I was born into a Christian family; in particular a Catholic one. I was very religious as a kid…and even (thankfully!) an unmolested, Catholic grammar school “Altar Boy”…but during my College days at (Catholic) DePaul University, in Chicago, Illinois, whilst majoring in Music & Philosophy…(with ever increasingly occasional help from “good ole booze”)… I began to seriously question my beliefs. I’ve told my story here more than once; especially during the old “God is for Suckers” days. “Cutting to the Chase”, one of the most unmistakable things, in particular, to my ever evolving “Freethinker Mind” is the glaringly obvious, and even astoundingly prominent feature of the Western Abrahamic notion of “God”; which, of course, is part & parcel of any and all offshoots of the Biblical/Quranic faiths; that being…an even outrageously astounding level of …
    It’s, literally, “all over the friggin’ place”! 😯 ???
    In my longtime (and completely sober) perusing of various nonbeliever YouTubes; and recently focused look for particularly excellent videos RE that aspect of the Western variety of belief systems; this particular guy’s offerings, IMO, stands out above the many…
    check out this particular “ANTI-THEISM SELECTION” YouTube Playlist page of his (“UNDERLINGS”) offerings:

    AND…a particularly nice, continuously updated, associated Internet page…listed in his “The Web’s Best Videos on Evolution, Creationism, Atheism and More” video (down a bit in the above list):
    All that blabbed…
    HAPPY 4th OF JULY HOLIDAY to all my fellow American “Freethinking Comrades”!
    And…of course; to ALL AO readers:
    BE WELL…and…STAY SAFE!!!

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