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More On The Madness Of Muslims – Of Djinn And Sheikhs

The Koran shows every sign of being thrown together by human beings, as do all the other holy books. – Christopher Hitchens And people wonder why I have no sympathy for the Palestinians. Like it’s not enough they strap bombs … Continue reading

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Legislating Reality: More Proof That Evolution Doesn’t Select For Intelligence

Man, in his ignorance, supposed that all phenomena were produced by some intelligent powers, and with direct reference to him. – Robert Ingersoll, The Gods “To argue with a man who has renounced the use and authority of reason, and … Continue reading

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Texas Board of Education vs Texas Board of Education? The fundies lost ground!

Texas Board Approved Textbook Review Rule Changes, by Will Weissert, Associated Press via Houston Chronicle Among the changes approved Friday was a mandate that teachers or professors be given priority for serving on the textbook review panels for subjects in … Continue reading

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The Beast is weakening!

10 Signs Religious Fundamentalism Is in Decline, by Valeria Tarico, via Alternet. If you are a nonbeliever in the mood for a party, here are 10 reasons to celebrate. Days may be dark right now—after all, as the memes proclaim, axial … Continue reading

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Know god, no peace

I ran across a few news items about depression and religion. Contrary to “CW”, religion doesn’t have a panacea, after all; in fact, it can make things worse. Statistics show that there are many reasons why The Devoted suffer from … Continue reading

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Christian groups sue Kansas schools, say teaching science is ‘atheistic’

I say we just allow Kansas,  Texas, and all the other redneck dumbass states to secede from the U.S. and go form their own third-world nation. Face-palm An attempt by Kansas schools to adopt teaching standards for science is being … Continue reading

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Xenophobia drives the “FauxScience Bus” and stays perpetually lost

Here’s another Nigerian you can’t trust. Chibuihem Amalaha claims to have the Unarguable Refutation to Homosexuality. And he is certain he will win a Nobel prize for his brilliant research! The stupid idiot totally missed the male/female connection; ask any … Continue reading

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