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Ding Dong The Dipshit’s Dead– Scaly Scalia Has Left The Building.

I believe in an America where the separation of church and state is absolute, where no Catholic prelate would tell the president (should he be Catholic) how to act, and no Protestant minister would tell his parishioners for whom to … Continue reading

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2015 – A Good Year To Be Secular

As the hours and days and months all draw to a close, a winding down of events and lives, 2015 was a very good year to be secular. Religion is more and more going into decline, and the landslide decision … Continue reading

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Republicans Gone Retarded: Crazy Carson And The Pyramid Silos…

It seems simply unbelievable: that a group of disconnected schizoids, psychotics, and borderline personality disorders are elected, let alone listened to. And yet here we are, stuck with the biggest boobs in the political world, morons who never fact-check the … Continue reading

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Don’t Rest On The Laurels Yet–Christian Radicals, Still A Threat

“Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty.” –attributed to Thomas Jefferson Yes, panic-mongering is exhausting. Sometime I just get worn out worrying over these things. But these people are a very real, very dangerous threat. And here’s something that should … Continue reading

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Another Creationist Lawsuit? It Looks Like We ARE In Kansas After All, Toto…

Our creationist detractors charge that evolution is an unproved and unprovable charade– a secular religion masquerading as science. They claim, above all, that evolution generates no predictions, never exposes itself to test, and therefore stands as dogma rather than disprovable … Continue reading

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Battle Of The Books–Only One Of These Is Worth Burning, Can You Guess Which?

RELIGION, n. A daughter of Hope and Fear, explaining to Ignorance the nature of the Unknowable. – Ambrose Bierce, The Devil’s Dictionary I always seem to feel a small twinge when I hear news like this: Bible edges out Darwin … Continue reading

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Legislating Reality: More Proof That Evolution Doesn’t Select For Intelligence

Man, in his ignorance, supposed that all phenomena were produced by some intelligent powers, and with direct reference to him. – Robert Ingersoll, The Gods “To argue with a man who has renounced the use and authority of reason, and … Continue reading

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